Validated Ruthenium-103 Detection ERASED from Norwegian Radiation Data (EURDEP 2016)

[Added: The below became outdated: As of checking on Sept 10, 2016, the Ruthenium-103 data had become accessible again as it was before.  Left rest of the blogpost as-was.  It was correct at the time of posting:]

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“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.”

– 1984 (by George Orwell)

The nuclear establishment is now actively shrubbing the record clean of inconvenient detections…

In February I reported, Ruthenium-103 Detected in Norway (in mid-Jan. 2016) and luckily took a screenshot of the data:


Just a half year later, that wouldn’t even be possible anymore.  Not only do validated detections of Cobalt-60 no longer show up on the visual overview map, and zero-values (which might actually be indicators of Beta-emitting fallout) get erased (example Belgium):


… and entire data sets getting erased following major spikes (example Estonia):


… and now we can add to that list:  previously validated detections of highly suspicious artificial radioisotopes, like Ruthenium-103 vanishing…

In this case, a yellow dot still shows on the map for January 2016:


Ru-103 was detected near Oslo, Norway in January 2016.  It was the highest such detection since 2011.  The data is no longer viewable…

But when you click on it to see its data, it directs to Berrylium-7 data instead.  You can view data of some other things, but the Ru-103 option has been erased…


Like it never happened…

And on a side-note, the data gap (short week of no data gathering) over New Year’s was not an isolated incident, either…


So:  What happened at the beginniing of 2016?  Was it related to the upticks and strangest of detections that happened later in spring?  Where did it all come from?  Why the ongoing media silence?

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Orwellian times are upon us…


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