Fukushima-Daiichi having FISSION Flare-Ups? Saudi Arabia Test a Nuclear Bomb? A Major Nuclear Meltdown Cover-Up Somewhere? Which one is it???

Southern Colorado (USA) –  July 22, 2016

——- ——- ——-

Just a ramble of sorts, sprinkled with a lot of repetition, asking the damn same question over and over again.

So far no guesses for my quiz, “Name That Nuclear Plant that Blew Up this Spring“.   Okay, maybe I worded the question wrongly.   Maybe it wasn’t a nuclear power plant that blew up / melted down this spring.  It could also have been a nuclear bomb that was tested somewhere.   Right?   If ignoring Fukushima and going by standard indicators, like the measurable presence of activation product Cobalt-60 in the fallout cloud, then that’s where a nuclear forensic investigation would likely arrive at…

And actually… Didn’t Saudi Arabia say they were going to test one of their nukes this spring.  Well… some “Saudi analyst” claimed they were.  Good luck finding much about thát a few months later.  Shrubbed away as if nothing was ever said:


Except one, el naughty rumor starter:  On Feb. 29, 2016, in ““Glory Trip 218”, the Start Shot of “Northern Thunder…”“, I cited Super Station 95‘s Feb. 19, 2016 seemingly bombshell statement (at first I though was strange… that it was completely ignored by the mainstream press), “Saudi Arabia Admits it Has NUCLEAR BOMBS; Will Test Within Weeks!“.  How many weeks?  They didn’t say.  DID they?

Worthy of at least some consideration...


Total fabricated bullshit?  Or… ?

Except, that so-called “SuperStation95″… turns out to be the reincarnation of the Hal Turner radio network, an alleged “racist and holocaust denier”, who – to give it a twist – turned out to have been an informant for the FBI, for whom he was (again allegedly or reportedly – I have no clue who any of these people actually are) supposedly spying on the extreme right wing underground in the US.  To do so, he might have created some ‘fake news’ items to draw people to call in to his radio shows (and as his lines were more than likely part of a drag net surveillance trap, some unsuspecting dupes may have been identified)…  Does that make this source less than credible?  I’d say so. Yet…

!-> (There’s a treasure of links via A Green Road (AGRD)’s “Hal Turner Right Wing Shock Jock And Superstation95; How Anonymous And Justice System Took Him Down For Making Death Threats. Examples Of Racist, Anti Semitic Quotes From His Radio Show

My take: So basically, there’s a possibility that some pertinent true info was passed along through a widely discredited dubious “fake news” source.  But the kicker is: in an information war plagued by massive dis- and misinformation campaigns, many…, including various ‘controlled opposition’, sites,  as well as what we call, ‘gate keepers’, and what not… give some “possible credit” to a rather discredited site dropping the ball on something majorly important.  Due to the nature of the playing field of the information war, the association with a site known for inciteful crap does not really mean that what was referred to was completely bullshit…

If we are actually talking about a de facto “US-federal channel”, it cannot be ruled out, in my amateuristic uncredentialed opinion, that the news release was intentionally kept strictly to a channel that mainstream media, and even the more established so-called alternative media, WILL avoid.   It COULD be a set-up for automatic dismissal.  (I’m not saying it had validity, my sense is that thát cannot per se be ruled out. That’s all.   YOU, please, I beg you, THINK / SENSE / INTUIT  FOR YOURSELVES!   I don’t claim to know, so you are invited to consider all I write…  “FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY” [wink])

And then there’s also the possibility of an additional twist, namely that fake news about nuclear bomb tests was actually disseminated in case someone detected radioisotopes that resemble bomb fallout, while in fact something else may be going on.  Just bullshit compounding bullshit so that investigative journalists have a near-impossible time actually figuring out what might have happened.

If it was a nuclear bomb, where was it tested by whom, and why wouldn’t this be news?

Am I looking at evidence of thát, or am I looking at evidence of that “hinted-at”-before third possibility…, namely that the molten corium underneath Fukushima had a massive fission flare-up?  Which one is it?

It’s a little more than just strange that nothing has made the news in 2016 about extremely strange radioactivity detections, except for that early March 2016 “Helsinki Cesium-137 garage leak” story that I think was just more bullshit…  (See April 22, 2016, “Was Helsinki’s Cs-137 “Localized Garage Waste Leak” A Decoy For Hemisphere-Wide Fallout Upticks? Fukushima? EURDEP/Nullschool DATA + (Some Nuclear Occult Links)”…)

The smoking gun is that the radioisotope mix in late April 2016 again also contained Cobalt-60.  The relatively high concentration of Cobalt-60, detected at two locations in Norway in May 2016 are véry strange, worth revisiting.  We’re a few months after the super-strangeness and so it it is now clearer how odd the abnormalities were.

In the quiz, I used a gamma graph from Konya Huyuk, Turkey:


But as you can see in the one covering the same period from Salaspils, Latvia, the geographical area affected by this radioactive release is continent-wide, and appears to have begun in mid-April 2016 and peaked around April 22-27th, with the highest peaks on or near April 26th:


That this is also exactly when the highest concentration of Telurium-132 in European air samples was measured and validated  since Chernobyl cannot be coincidence.   The fact that I had discovered this within 12 hours after it was posted op the EU Radiation Data Exchange Platform (EURDEP) was a bizarre case of coincidence, though.  Also that it occured precisely 30 years after Chernobyl, APRIL 26, 2016TELLURIUM-132 Detected in Northern Germany!


Though Seehausen (WNW of Berlin) and Salaspils (SE of Riga) are, as far as Europe goes in the same general region, yet they are still about 1,000 km apart, with a piece of Russia, Lithania and Poland inbetween.  And when we consider the top data: that all the way in Eastern Turkey unusual disturbances and strangely capped peak values occured roughly around the same time (also starting before April 24, and, just as is visible at Salaspils, Latvia, beginning as early as mid-April), then the scale of this nuclear accident or mega-bomb test begins to emerge.  Whatever it was… was enormous.

Also posted on April 26, 2016:  Past 9 months Radiation Data @ JRC Station 5 in Northern Italy + some Lublin, Poland Data from which these excerpts:


jrc_station_5_northernitalia_3mo_april26_2016The data processing shift in Italy on April 13, 2016 is one of the earliest beginnings.  This remains the quest of my investigation: WHERE did the cloud come from?   Because of how high the Te-132 spike went, a source in Europe or the US can’t be ruled out off-hand.  I’ve arrived at “most likely Fukushima-Daiichi” before, but there’s a lot of room for it to have been somewhere else…

On the majority of affected monitors, this radioactive peaking period in the second half of April 2016 and early May was marked by primarily two observations: data gaps, often lasting weeks, and extremely high values, often lasting no more than an hour (“what I call “glitch dots”, and which I consider indicative of fallout moving higher-up, with a hot particle having struck a ground monitor directly), such as illustrated here with examples from Serbia, Hungary, Macedonia, England, France, The Netherlands and Russia (and tons of additional documentation on this blog in the preceding months – Click ‘Home’ and keep scrolling…)

SerbianGap_2HungarianGlitchDots_1mo_EndingMay18_2016 VeryEndApril25_2016...The presence of “glitch dots” (the kind that do not look like callibrations) may be indicative of the radioactive cloud being ‘hot’ and moving mainly much higher up.

Some observations that by themselves looked just plain odd, now they clearly fit into a widespread pattern, including examples of abnormally LOW values (likely brought about by Beta radiation affecting Gamma monitors negatively!), as well as spikes and data gaps in the weeks that followed.  Couple examples (much of this is repetition, but I’m bringing it together once more to point out how all these seemingly isolated oddities are actually parts of evidence of a mega-disaster somewhere…:

UK_Ostenreich)LaFrance_1mo_EndingMay18_2016 TwoInNederland_oneInRussiaEastOfUkraine_1mo_endingMay18_2016Now you know what ‘fallout’ actually looks like on an obviously rigged monitoring network…

It appears that some areas were affected early on, in the last two week of April, while for many areas the impact came later, much of it in the first week(s) of May.  We can also see that in data gaps in North America, such as this French monitor off the Canadian East Coast:

OffCanadianEastCoast_StPierreEtMiquelon_975_AGG_CP_France_3mo_EndingJuly18_2016And particularly in the BETA aspect of monitoring being turned off, as highlighted on May 2, 2016, ALASKA Turned Off Beta Radiation Monitoring Amidst Major Gamma Uptick (+Twitter & Gmail Communications Interference) and various other related posts.


At Fairbanks, Alaska, that Beta spike, a few days before the monitor was turned off, was at the onset of April 24, 2016…  –> See also (May 6, 2016) Another Whiff of Radiation Data… (WHERE (?!) did the MAJOR FALLOUT of late come from?)

In the (May 2, 2016) post, Metsavennad, I wondered if the origin could have been in a Baltic state…  It’s interesting looking back at these graphs.  Question is: WHEN did this start?  If it is Fukushima-related, various releases, of differing mixtures of radioisotopes, could be spread out, giving extremely confusing patterns.  Is it thát… PLUS something else that compounded that situation?  When and where was that then?  Not an easy puzzle…

DID something major happen at the Visaginas NPP in Lithuania in March, for instance?  Very clearly that monitor there got hit with a massive amount of radiation RIGHT AFTER Helsinki declared the detected highest Cesium-137 levels since Chernobyl was nothing to worry about, “just some waste package in our garage that leaked…” Uh-huh…  Extra odd: Lithuania was NOT downwind from Finland at that time.

vasiginas_lithuania_3mo_premay2_2016_eurdep_gamma narva_joesuu_estonia_3months_premay2_2016_euderp_gammasalaspils_latvia_3months_premay2_2016_euderp_gammaAnd what the hell was that in mid-February?  Is that related to the secret reason why France turned of both its monitors in the Southern Hemisphere?  Is this related to a hushed nuclear accident somewhere?  India?   South Africa?   What the hell, right?  I mean…

In hindsight, I was “on it”, this from April 23, 2016, France Turned Off Both Its Public Radiation Monitors in the Southern Hemisphere (EURDEP, Feb. 2016)…:

st_clotilde_la_reunion_974_agg_cp_lafrance noumea_nouvelle_caledonia_988_agg_cp_lafrance1Are these from various different releases, some natural, many not natural, compounding each other, or is there some massive out-of-control fissioning blob letting out bursts of radiation somewhere…?  A sinking sun on a Pacific beach perhaps?

See… I’ve gone through this many times.  Weird spikes and data gaps, odd detections, following wind patterns… arriving at Fukushima.  The mixtures and magnitues differ, but the gist is the same.  Like in spring 2015, a year before: (June 6, 2015Yup… Fukushima is Still Fissioning – A Nullschool Wind Data Analysis of May 2015 EURDEP-Finland/Germany Radioactive Air Samples.


Back to the recent past… in some areas it’s not as pronounced, although distrubances reached their peak around April 24th, as seen here in Lucern, Szwitserland:Luzern_CH_3.5mo_endingBeginningofJuly2016

As before, it gets most interesting when looking at the tiny bit of radioisotope-specific data that is available to the public.   An uptick in Cesium-137 beings shortly after April 24 @ Sola, Norway, while Cobalt-60 is detected at the same monitoring location the second week of May, when Cesium-137 is peaking:


The ratios are not to be ignored, either.  Cs-137 is now part of so-called background detections, due to its long half-life (30 years), with levels generally fluctuating below 1E-07 Bq/m^3, at least at this monitoring location.  These are tiny traces.  In early May Cs-137 spiked to almost 3.6E-07, so.. about 2.5E-07 Bq/m^3 above “normal”, while Co-60, normally not detectable, reached about 0.7E-07 Bq/m^3, giving a Co-60 to Cs-137 ratio of almost 1:3 .   Thát is FREAKY.

Freaky?  Okay, let me go on a little detour to point out how freaky that actually is.   Cobalt-60 is often not een listed in the list of radioisotopes released by Chernobyl in 1986, simply because it was merely a trace of a trace and often not even detected.   While academics like Georg Steinhauser omitted Cobalt-60 from their list of “Fukushima’s forgotten nuclides”, TEPCO’s own press releases, as well as various detections world-wide, as far away as Switzerland, do show clearly that Cobalt-60 was a significant aspect of the Fukushima catastrophe.  I take it as a hint that the nuclear establishment would seem to prefer to purge mention of Co-60 from the academic literature on the matter.  Again, see my groundbreaking research in  Any Significance to Cobalt-60 in Fukushima Fallout?

And I know from combing through the data of other monitors that this Co-60 detection can not possibly be dismissed as some medical dump or resource exploitation-related release, as it occured in combination with various other artificial radioisotopes not used, or not used together, for these purposes.  We’re looking at a release that included Tellurium-132, Iodine-131, Cesium-134, Cesium-137, Cobalt-60, as well as “enhanced natural” upticks of Lead-210, Beryllium-7 and Sodium-22 (Latin: Natrium-22, hence Na-22).  Possibly a whole lot of other stuff, but public data is hard to come by.  But the sum of all these spells: major nuclear accident or bomb test.  The relatively high Cobalt-60 presence suggest a nuclear bomb test, except for the possibility of Fukushima-Daiichi’s ongoing troubles…

Or, of course that remains possible too, some other highly messed up situation we still don’t know about yet…

For starters, the Tellurium-132 detection observed in Northern Germany at the onset of April 26, 2016 suggests that IF thát’s the case (that Fukushima is having fission flare-ups), THEN its situation is disturbingly far worse that any authority has been willing to admit so far.  Why would I think that?  It’s simple logic:   Not only is the C0-60 to Cs-137 ratio off the charts, the Tellurium-132 measurement in Germany this spring, which was ‘validated’ to boot, was 100 TIMES ( 10,000% !) higher than ANY Te-132 measuremnt in Europe in 2011 (such as in Iceland and Poland, where Te-132 was detected in the weeks following the onset of the Fukushima-Daaichi catastrophe).  In other words: it was the highest level of Te-132 detected in Europe since the Chernobyl accident in 1986.  No way around that.

At the monitoring station in Hradec-Kralove, Czech Republic, a data gap might be hiding the highest spike, but in the first half of May 2016, we see very significant upticks in Cs-134, Cs-137, I-131, as well as Pb-210, Be-7 and Na-22:

Hradec_Kralove_Piletice_CzechRepublic_Cs137_Cs134_3mo_EndingJuly17_2016 HradecKralove_Piletive_CzechRepublic_1mo_preMay18_2016_Cs137_Cs134_I131_Pb210_Na22_Be7In Estonia the Cs-137 uptick came a little later:


The only thing I’ve done with this little blog of mine (that maybe has some possible significance) is sketching a darn grotesque nuclear fallout situation that deserves scrutiny and public attention.  What the hell happened?  Where did it happen?  And who gave the order to have this major issue hushed?   Why?

Again, aside from tell-tale recent fission radioisotopes (Te-132, I-131), the Cobalt-60 detections in Southern Norway occured right with the spiking of radioCesium (Cs-134, Cs-137) and other radioisotopes that indicate something extremely significant happened.

As I shared on May 23, 2016, Cobalt-60 Detected in Southern Norway (2 Locations, May 2016!), not only did they coincide with Cs-137 upticks, like the Te-132 just a few weeks prior, they were also ‘validated’:

sola_norway_co60_cs137_data1mo_may23_2016 co60_cs137_asteras_norway_may3_2016_1momay23

Cobalt-60, a high-intensity gamma emitter with a half-life of 5.27 years, is much more associated with fallout from nuclear bombs tests.  This is because prompt super-criticalities (detonations) release a massive neutron flux that causes the tiny bit of iron (Fe-58) isotopes in the steel (included in the various nuclear bomb materials) to become the activation product Cobalt-60.  Normal Iron contains only about  0.282% of 58Fe. Cobalt-60 is primarily created artificially by a double neutron uptake inside nuclear reactors: Iron-59, bombarded with neutrons becomes Iron-59, which in turn, bombarded wth neutrons, becomes Cobalt-60, which decays to stable Nickel-60.  Co-60 can also be intentionally created by neutron-bombardement of mononuclidic Co-59.

Make sure to select ‘Air Samples’…   In the past two months, only Estonia, Finland and Norway have tested for Cobalt-60.  (Major nuclear pushers, like my native Belgium, test for NOTHING.)   Let’s have a peek…  Yup, still… when browsing through the months, the detections in Norway “still” DO NOT SHOW UP ON THE MAP !  (It’s the two in Southern Norway, if you want to confirm my findings for yourself before that’s no longer possible…):


How do they compare with detections in 2011?

On July 14, 2011 Cobalt-60 was detected at CERN, Switzerland, it’s only detection in a decade, of what was obviously part of waves of fallout coming from Fukushima-Daiichi, including many months later (in this case 4):


–> Its concentration was 2.488E-07 Bq/m^3.  The concentrations detected in Norway this past April were 2.08E-07 and 7.01E-08 Bq/m^3.  In other words:  roughly the same order of magnitude.   So if the source term were the same, and the distance were about the same, it would be expected to get a more-the-less similar concentration.  The mystery of course remains: WHERE was “the source”….?

I suppose it may not be impossible to hide a nuclear bomb if you have the IAEA and CTBTO on board, as well as suficient control over the global media landscape…

I guess…  I can put my disbelief aside…  THIS IS the level of perception management we’ve arrived at, right?  A major nuclear accident doesn’t even make it into the mainstream news anymore.  And data pointing at related signs begins to disappear

“Surely someone would notice”, right? 

ThinkPolicePosterI suppose this is as much part of the really significant news: namely that they’ve managed (whoever “they” are…) to keep something thát enormous under wraps.  “The media”, whatever that still means in these Orwellian times, has obviously been given the cue to “STFU”, which they sheepishly have obeyed thus far.

Why do I get away with saying whatever the hell I want?  Because I hit “Publish”… and then hope for the best.   ;-)  Not more to it.  And perhaps because I have zero academic credentials.  And because no more than a few hundred people view my blog anyhow.  In short:   Marginal blog.  Who cares…

I’ve intended to quit this seemingly pointless endeaver many times.  But somehow it feels too enormous of a cover-up to just return to silence about.   And hence blog posts like this one…   It’s a very strange thing to be part of:   how many are we?  A couple dozen independent bloggers, if that, looking at little puzzle pieces, pointing out that the official news narratives don’t add up, that something significant has happened, and is happening, which all these media outlets, with all their resources, just choose to remain silent about…  It’s like being ‘a dissident’ in a high-tech totalitarian nightmare…  Except that I have little to fear.   I’m isolated.  No affiliations.   The system can handle a lone isolated voice that very few listen to, let alone take seriously.

But none of that has any bearing on what happened and is happening…  And the health consequences that will eventually catch up with millions of us…

Knowledge doesn’t always empower.  Sometimes it may just drive you crazy…

— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


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24 Responses to Fukushima-Daiichi having FISSION Flare-Ups? Saudi Arabia Test a Nuclear Bomb? A Major Nuclear Meltdown Cover-Up Somewhere? Which one is it???

  1. thefoolonthehill says:

    Hi Michael

    Wow – memory hole in action!
    One thing I think we can be sure of is that if they’re removing data – it is probably damning evidence. Well saved.

    I’m going to pull together the long term JRC beta data in the next couple of days (some interesting graphs in that lot), in case it should suddenly be cleaned.
    I may make this the start of a blog – It might end up looking a bit like yours though, and I hope you wouldn’t be upset if it turns out this way. There’s a saying ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’, but flattery is not my intention – it’s more that your approach of allowing the data to clearly reveal reality is very effective and I find this inspiring. Since EURDEP are sweeping evidence away, it feels like recording data is the one of the most useful things I can do – my only final concern now is their copyright clause, and that living within Europe I could fall foul of this – still considering this last issue carefully before I actually blog anything.

    Europe is getting a fair gamma hammering again now.
    Peaks in many areas including fairly sustained here in the south west UK.
    No further rain in this region but there was a huge amount of sandy dust on the car this morning – I’m treating that stuff with caution (it’s times like this I wish I had a Geiger counter), & treated myself to a very long shower this evening.
    Whatever was roasting the U.S. over the last week or so has seemingly reached Europe in concentration now.
    This latest apparent jetstream wave appears quite a strong one, and the NETC animation of Japan certainly looks Fukushimish to me, but still sadly unable to prove it as the source.
    I haven’t looked hard yet, but I’m going to scope the remaining nuclide monitors on EURDEP for any new fission signs from this cloud tomorrow.

    Another possible fission product source, which I’ve thought and discarded once before, is a seaborne reactor going up in smoke. Either a ship, sub or something experimental. Like so much of this stuff – not being a nuke engineer (particularly very little knowledge of marine reactors), I’m not able to assess this possibility very intelligently, other than the assumption that if a really major accident occurred the thing would likely either be sunk or sink itself fairly quickly.

    This story a few days ago brought the possibility back to mind;

    and I then also found this;

    Huminity’s insanity appears to know no bounds and it ain’t us is the craziest ones!

    As ever – peace, health, safety & thanks.

    The Fool.

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