Couple EURDEP Radiation Graphs (3 months, pre-July 17)

T-Beta-Art @ JRC Station 7, Italia:


The rest is Gamma Radiation

No comments, just 3-months of graphed data for some European monitors (via EURDEP):

Waddington, UK:


Random one from Germany:



Wlodawa_Poland_3mo_EndingJuly17_2016 Krakow_Poland_3mo_EndingJuly17_2016

Sanliurfa, Turkey… A data gap… though they might have more pressing issues right now…:


Souda, Greece:


Look at the coordinates for the locations in France, a lovely country sadly not exempt from using every trick in the book to obscure apparent abnormalities:


Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic:


Muta, Slovania:


‘omissions’ is also the name of the game in Slovakia:


Hungary (see also previous blog post for a more unusual one):


Italy has wide-area data gaps, and has been flip-flopping on a couple data processing ways:



And a 2 -month graph from Southern Greenland:


Data is not per se “validated” by the authorities that supplied the data.  You can check the shown yourself via Nuclear (top menu tab) –> Online Radiation Monitors –> EURDEP (Advanced Public Map =

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2 Responses to Couple EURDEP Radiation Graphs (3 months, pre-July 17)

  1. pure water says:

    I was ready to believe that it is a flu – second this summer for me. And I am comparatively healthy person, just spending a lot of time outdoors. Last 3-4 days were a nightmare. Now I know what to do – baking soda, pectin, strong antioxidant herbal tea. Propolis and garlic are still ok, but aspirin is useless. And time to think about zeolite supply.
    Thank you Michael!

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