Couple EURDEP Radiation graphs (3 and 6 months)

Crestone, Colorado – Awesome summer weather – July 17, 2016

An uptick in Iodine-131 in the first week of July 2016 @ Nicosia, Cyprus suggests an actively fissioning leaking reactor somewhere:


Amounts are just traces and dose differences are generally extremely small, but they still suggest fallout clouds moving over véry broad geographical areas.  For instance, the upticks and data gaps @ De Blankaart, Belgium (shown below), strangely correspond with the Cesium-137 upticks @ Nicosia, Cyprus, suggesting that these rainout events also contained trace amounts of some artificial nuclides:


Increasingly unusual spikes (and Data Gaps in same period) @ Ozalp, Van, Turkey (in mountains near border with Iran):


The next graphs show 6 months, the the second one showing the latest data (ending July 15, 2015, just gamma):

  • Penhas Douradas, Portugal:


  • Recsk, Hungary:



  • Visingso, Sweden:



Same old same old.  Just sharing some things I glanced.

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The jet stream returing after a bit of a hiatus:  (This is an anomaly map, not a temperature map, so red shows “warmer than average” and blue “cooler han average”:



  • Trump picked Pence for Vice President.   Another liar… great:



Photoshop FAIL. ;-)

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4 Responses to Couple EURDEP Radiation graphs (3 and 6 months)

  1. John says:

    Hi Michael,

    Just a quick question re the air and background monitoring, do you have any hypothesis on these strange recordings?

    Could the increase in background gamma be explained by natural sources, things like the time of year, ozone layer and sun?

    Surely there’d be widespread knowledge of a major continued release by now?

    I just can’t get my head around it, to be honest.

    To me the more interesting monitoring data is the cs137 and iodine 131 figures, they are both things that cannot be explained by natural environmental sources.

    Of course there will always be some constant figures of cs137 in Europe as a result of Chernobyl, it’s the out of the ordinary upticks that should raise eyebrows.

    Iodine 131 however should not be detected given it has such a short half life and it is always indicative of a release of some form or another when detected.

    Have you noticed any more strange upticks of those particular isotopes in the past 6 months Michael, in comparison to last year for example? And do you think those increases in background gamma can be explained by environmental sources, or calibration etc? How do previous years background gamma compare, have similar observations of peaks been made previously?

    Some of the figures are crazy, almost a hundred times background gamma in some cases, how reliable are those figures, surely they can’t be accurate? How reliable/accurate is the source?

    Just not sure what to make of this buddy, it’s both concerning and confusing.

    • MVB says:

      Thanks John,

      My ponderings on the matter are barely more than speculations. There’s a couple things I think are happening:

      Due to refueling and similar small leaking of ALL NPPs, even I131 is part of what now is “background”, at least in nuclear developped regions. Very sensitive I131 detections at the monitors in Czech Republic shows that. Upticks are rare and tend to correlate with either upticks or data gaps elsewhere. Example:

      Some of the gamma spikes are so high that it’s either an instrument error or a direct hit by a hot particle. See the ‘inverse square law for ionizing radiation’ to understand that a small particle can cause a high dose rate if it’s close enough to a sensor: @

      So dose rates are always a bit dubious when dealing with particles flying around.

      As far as other strange upticks, besides the highly suspicious Cs-137 spike in Helsinki, and tace upticks of Iodine elsewhere, there’s been spikes from T-BETA-Art (Total Beta radiation from decay energies of artificial radioisotopes), and highly unusual detections of Cobalt-60, Tellurium-132, Ruthenium-103, all in 2016. The Cobalt-60 in particular has me think Fukushima is a major contributor to this ongoing mess.

      See also my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive (to be updated soon again) @

      • John says:

        Thanks for the response Michael.

        You do a lot of good work here and it’s greatly appreciated by myself, and many others I am sure.

        I try to cut certain foods out of my diet, diary etc, some vegetables, when there’s been evidence of a release, but the data is hard to decipher sometimes.

        Do you think it is at all prudent or necessary for someone in the UK to be cutting certain foods out of their diet as of right now due to recent unusual upticks in Europe?

        And do you think some of the steady raised gamma readings, taking place over weeks, can be at all explained by natural environmental sources, and how do they compare to previous years?

        Do you think the cs 137 readings are more reliable when it comes to identifying fallout type airborne activity, and are there any places you’d recommend looking at for data?


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