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Blog Stats of this relatively marginal Allegedly Apparent Blog’s “final” month of blogging activity:

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—- ” The End ” —-


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Inching Towards Speechless Again… (w/ Couple EURDEP graphs revisited)

Sunday July 24, 2016 I’m going to pretend (as an excersize) that the recent spiking this week is due to a nuclear incident somewhere.  Some active nuclear reactor let out a radioactive cloud… I’ll start with Lamia, Greece (shown a … Continue reading

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Endless Waves of Fallout… (More 3-month graphs EURDEP / Radnet)

Time’s flying… I’m using ‘radiation data’ to procrastinate on far more pressing things… ;-/   Saturday July 23, 2016 The upticks seen in the past few days are widespread. Was looking at some Lithuanian data… (via the EURDEP interface @ … Continue reading

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