A New EURDEP Monitor: “Kiev, Ukraine, France” (+ some other 48hrs graphs)

via Online Radiation Monitors.


It’s only one, but, as is the case for many EURDEP members, the EURDEP interface is better than the Ukraine’s own public network, imo.  A little odd, but France started monitoring the Kiev air apparently in the middle of June 2016:


Although… It’s EURDEP, so… If there’s anything unusual, lower-than-usual values or data gaps are to be expected…  Past 48 hours:

48 hrs

France also operates a monitor in Barcelona, Catalonia.  Both its monitors in the Southern Hemisphere were taken offline in February, likely to hide evidence of a radiological release so huge it affected monitors across the entire planet.

That something seriously went wrong in the nuclear world in the past year remains certain.  What precisely happened, whether or not it happened at Fukushima (or elsewhere “across the Pacific” somewhere else???), or how many events are compounding each other, is apparently meant to remain a secret as no mainstream media has touched upon this ongoing messy-looking radiological situation…

Various documentations of widespread abnormalities can be found in my Nuclear Blog Post Archive (which is just a list of all nuclear-related posts in chronological order).  You can also click ‘Home’ and keep scrolling down for more.   Start with my disclaimer.

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Bonus EURDEP Data:

Remember Lamia, Greece’s graphed decade ?  Bummer… This is what I call “a data processing shift”, rather obvious in this graph of the past 1 month:


How high would that spike have gone without the data processing intervention?

48 hours:


Other EURDEP graphs, showing the past 48 hours, “Standard Deviation” events, in no particular order (Much of the data may be “not validated”, but it is what showed up, as accessed today, June 29, 2016): 

“Mind the gaps”…




Broken monitor?  A 1.3 Sievert “glich dot” spike amidst nothing but zero-values:


Omission is the name of their game:  it offers the best plausible deniablility.  “Well, I didn’t know something was happening.  The monitor showed no data.”

Uh-huh… Clever…

Still, though… just enough blips of clues that if one were to take the time, it suggests something, something extremely serious.  My take is that the ongoing catastrophe at Fukushima-Daiichi in Japan is far worse than they’re willing to admit.  It had an actual “prompt criticality” / nuclear detonation in the first week, and what’s left of the coria that melted down is still fissioning.  Its uncontrollable neutron flux continues to give rise to activation products such as Antimony-124, Cobalt-60, Manganese-54 and Tritium, to name a few.

The activation product Cobalt-60 is a major reason why I point I Fukushima.  Its blatant omission from key scientific literature (Steinhauser?) and so-called research (Buesseler?) on the matter points at a cover-up orchestrated all the way into the echelons of academia.


TEPCO’s recent admission and ‘apology’ to their earliest cover-up doesn’t even scratch the surface…

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