Couple EURDEP Observations (3-month graphs)


DISCLAIMER –  Check with ‘authorities’ for perhaps more reassuring explanations. 

This “data art” is offered merely for your entertainment.

June 28, 2016

  • St. Aegyd, Austria: extreme “glitch dots” in late June 2016:

There’s been a seventh one since I took these screenshots, but these six “glitch dots” are all ‘unvalidated’ (though so is everything else at this and most other Austrian monitors, so that doesn’t per se mean anything, imo).  They went “rather high” in their reach for the 1 Sievert dose rate:


The pattern of “spikes amongst data gaps” is what I associate with artificial fallout.  My “little theory” remains that such isolated high values are caused by hot particles striking a monitor directly.  Sometimes it’s a calibration, and some of these high values might very well be instrument errors.  But it doesn’t seem like the European Commission cares very much, as their Orwellian Disclaimer dismisses everything abnormal as a calibration anyhow.

Interesting detail at the end of this 3-month gamma record: when graphing for 200 nSv/hr (0.2 µSv/hr) max, thus not showing the peak “glitch dot” values, we can spot the lower-than-usual (even zero) values around the same time these past few days (likely hinting of Alpha and/or beta radiation thus affecting this Gamma monitor):


I think the data gaps are induced by effects of alpha and/or beta radiation upon the gamma monitor.  At least that’s the impression that’s grown on me from scrutinizing some of these data sets.  (various examples of observations, see blog posts of the past year)

  • Ritsem, Sweden:  6 months of data shows spring snow melt (due to the end of ground-shielding-by-snow) in May, as well as a couple other things :


Could the data gap this past week have some connection with the spikes seen over the Alps?

  • Qaqortoq, Southern Greenland: an uptick:


The system is designed so well that when you seek more relevant data than gamma, it is rather prone to crashing, in this case keeping me from viewing any T-Beta-Art data…


May you burn in hell, responsible programmers.

Restarting (return to the disclaimer, start over) tends to help.  On the Gamma Radiation map, 2 days, Standard Deviation setting, you see the maroon dot in Austria, as well as widespread ‘standard deviation’ events across much of the Alps region:


  • The dot @ Petaejaevesi, in  the center of Southern Finland:


Looks like a half-day fallout whiff…

“A context look”, showing the past 3 months… does show that it is rather unusual, unlikely “merely natural radon progeny”, as various experts might suggest (either because their allegiance is more to their pay check than to truth, or because they never questioned the lies they were fed and thus simply parrot standard dose deceptions without any illwill on their part – or so I fathom…):


  • The dot @ Molde, on the coast of Norway…:


Looks unusual in the 3-month data record as well:


  • Data from good ol’ Baldone – Radons 1, Latvia suggests (through data gaps amidst spikes) that we’re indeed seeing a significant fallout event moving across the European landscape again…


…leaving clues from Northern Scandinavia all the way to the Mediteranean.

T-Beta-ART (Beta Radiation from decay energies associated with artificial radionuclides, which would be one of the better indicators of nuclear fallout):

  • Perhaps this Dutch data gap @ Wieringerwerf gives a clue, as it follows the record-high spikes I highlighted in previous blogposts:


  • Vredepeel, The Netherlands only saw brief data gaps (several a week when you zoom-in):Vredepeel_1moThe other Dutch monitors I checked showed nothing unusual.


  • In Italy, monitoring station JRC 1, has taken data art into an artform I’d call “layered ceilings (with corresponding basements -hehe)“:  If it’s less than 1 (which may be a lot more if presented the old way), push it down to 0, if it’s between 1 nd 2, squueze it down to 1, etc.   Not sure how the negative aspect works, though…   My main assertion is very simple: they’re manipulating the raw data to hide what would otherwise likely look like radiological emergency situations.    In the below 3-month T-BETA-ART graph, slightly Orwellian data of activity rates is offered, diving as deep as -3 Bq/m^3  (that is negative three becquerel per cubic meter of outdoor air:


  • But apparently that’s nothing, as Italy’s JRC 7 managed to spit out a curiously mirroring +20 / -20 Bq/m^3 in mid-June, as well as additional negative values since, this all coming with the obvious data processing shift following the highly unusual spikes in the second half of May (of over 1,100 Bq/m^3):


  • In the previous post I predicted that the zero-value following a data gap @ Sugny, Belgium might disappear.  Well it did.  Not quite as blatant as erasing the entire history of a monitor after a highly unusual spike, as seen in Estonia, but it’s nevertheless yet another example of EURDEP apparently scrubbing its data.  No zero values to be seen anymore, just a little data gap (so on the Standard Deviation map, the monitor no longer stands out…)


  • This French monitor near Le Havre (location of a nuclear waste reprocessing facility), may just be into dubstep this month.  Oh, that drop…:


  • Speaking of dubstep, you know how after ‘the drop’, there’s often a pauze, yes?  “Can’t wait” for the music to return from this one in Hungary:


  • Back to France, more inland in Northern France, closer to Germany @ Chaumont, the situation is clearly much better under control, with the monitor having obediently gone into data gap mode after what looks like… um…  what I call “disturbances”…:

Chaumont_52_AGG_CP_France_3moBut no worries, the French will be saved any troubling radiation data as well.  I’m sure that comes in handy to keep public opinion “pro-nuclear”…

LB0KRS924MA_41_SIT_GM_France_3moSome greetings from South-Western France:

GF0KRS934MA_47_SIT_GM_France_3moDo you see how that uptick corresponds with the data gap observed in Belgium, 800 km apart…?   Yeah… it’s not a little natural radon progeny raining down, that’s clear.  These are what I call ‘fallout signatures’, they give clues that major radiological releases occured.  Not something small and local.

And whether you’re in the EU or not, doesn’t seem to make a difference on fallout…

A whiff of data from Switzerland’s clean air in the post-Fukushima nuclear era:

Leibstadt_L_09_CH Wil_L_10_NorthernCH Ried_Oberinntal_CH

  • Some minor glitch dots in the not-so-United Kingdom:

Yeovilton_Brexitannia Aberporth_Brexitannia

Really naive, but I was shocked when the Czech Republic joined the EU, given the fact they were still using torture to squash protest anno 2000.  But that aside, looks like the upticks are on the upswing…:


Turkey, near the border with Iran had a brief return of data flow:

VanOzalp_ErdoganistanDoes make you wonder what the data gaps are hiding, no?



What’s in this cloud?  Some Cesium-137 for sure, it looks like,  with at least a whiff of Radon-220 again, and more than the usual T-Beta_Art, as far as the Nicosia, Cyprus monitor’s clues goes:


But don’t stare yourself blind at that obviously malfunctioning monitor. [sarc.]

Have a Greek So(u)da:


And that’s it for today.

As always: I’m an amateur volunteer without academic credentials, nor affiliations.  Check with the authorities that supplied the data if you want to be reassured that all is well and anyone who ever claims otherwise is probably just paranoid due to failing to grasp how safe nuclear fission technology really is. [sarc.]

See also my non-sarcastic trumping-everything disclaimer…

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