A Sprinkle of US EPA Radnet DATA (Colorado, Alaska, etc – First half June 2016) + more

June 12, 2016

Used: US EPA Radnet:  https://cdxnode64.epa.gov/radnet-public/query.do

Just checking a few monitors in the Colorado area:


A high spike on June 11, 2016 @ Colorado Springs…  and the apparent beginning of a data gap @ Denver (Radnet cuts off the dates without data if it  happens at the beginning or end of a data request period. Note the begin and end dates:)


Further West:

Data was also cut @ Grand Junction, CO:


And in the state over, in Utah, where the data flow wasn’t cut, except on June 8 (data gap), and a brief but apparent ‘fallout pattern’ can be seen on the 12th:


To the South, Albequerque has gone silent, with a data gap that began on May 28, after a rather data-gapped month:


On the coast, hints that whatever’s causing the inland spikes and data gaps “might have come from even further west”:


An uptick in the past week @ Corvalis, OR:



Not much to see in Hawaii, as jet stream blows further north:



NOte the small data gaps @ Juneau, AK:



A list of inactive EPA stations that quit updating their radiation data, via NETC: @ https://netc.com/inactive-epa.php

What else?

Nothing new, I guess…  The Wieringerwerf monitor in The Netherlands was turned off (turned its data flow off to the public, as it is likely programmed to do automatically) after the 5000 Bq/m^3 T-Beta-Art spike, which coincided, to the north in Southern Finland with an uptick in Cesium-137, AND again one of those oddly coinciding (“enhanced natural”???) Thorium-232 detections…



All co-incidental, of course…

Nevermind… ;-/

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  1. guest says:

    And, unbelievably, Sweden has recently agreed to build TEN more nuclear power plants.

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