Europe Going “Fallout Blind” as well…

June 11, 2016

Basically the below data charts further illustrate that the so-called nuclear watchdogs, the very agencies entrusted with environmental safety and alerting the population in case of nuclear releases into the environment are on top of their game… but not for what the unsuspecting public pays them to, but the very opposite:  The radiation monitoring systems are RIGGED to hide or alter the data when it matters most. 

The radioactive cloud that moved over Europe in the past few weeks has made it even clearer than already established: that if the situation is serious enough, as appears to have been the case, the most relevant data, such as T-BETA-ART (total activity in a cubic meter of air from artificial Beta-emitters), gets automatically redacted in Europe as well.

The monitor in Cyprus, not shown below, spits out (what to me looks like) useless data as far as T-Beta-Art goes, leaving 19 monitors:  14 in The Netherlands, and 5 in very close proximity in the Italian Alps (you have to zoom in on EURDEP to see them individually).  While Gamma can give hints (especially through its data gaps… and ironically-with-a-twist, its lower-than-usual values ;-/), Beta is the better one for detecting fallout.

This is Europe’s best de facto “(Beta-emitting) fallout detection network”, with 7 of the 19 monitors showing unusual data in the past 1 month (pre June 10, 2016), with short data gaps on the others:


What happens when a thick radioactive cloud moves over the continent (besides suspicious interruption in radioisotope-specific air sample analyses)?  We may get to see some data, but if the event is longer-lasting than a brief spike, the data flow gets cut, as seen here:


So far, media has remained completely silent.  Politicians have not said a word.  Everyone stayed calmly ignorant.  And years or decades from now there won’t even be any way to link upticks in cancers or various other ailments to specific radiation releases, because officially those releases…  didn’t even happen.

While a spike earlier in the month May (2016) reached a record-high 10,000 Bq/m^3 T-Beta-Art at the same monitor on the coast, this most recent one was followed by a substantial data gap, suggesting it might have gone even much higher than the previous record.  See (June 8, 2016)’s  Breaking: BETA Radiation spikes from The Netherlands to Russia + Snapshots of 3-month Radiation Graphs + (EURDEP) for details about the May-June radioactive storms passing over Europe…  Sparks and all…

The other Dutch high value, closer to Germany, inland, occurred at the very beginning of June (see 1-month data, below) and reached over 9 Bq/m^3 T-BETA-ART:


Data gaps most likely correspond with spikes that the rigged system was able to catch and hide.  This leaves just seemingly isolated high values, often near data gaps:


At the 5 Italian T-BETA-ART monitors we see the following:

In the below graphs is 1 month on the left, with the last week of that “zoomed-in”,  on the right. An apparent data processing shift is clearly how the rigging is pulled off here.  Also note the couple negative values:


See also:

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8 Responses to Europe Going “Fallout Blind” as well…

  1. Robert says:

    Hi mvb,
    I guess i am right after all……
    Keep the Patient comfortable, lower stress by shutting off the machines giving the damaging readings….
    Keep the bedsheets clean and a fresh pillow at hand.
    Of course it is normal procedure to wear full hazmat gear when tending the Patient…
    the Doctor has a cold and we dont want you to catch it…
    Now lay back and i will turn on the teevee to your favorite show….

    A bit dramatic perhaps but as lower level radiation poisoning takes time to work there is much to distract you until the cancers take hold..
    Heaven forbid that folks get a clue and actually create some chaos before they get too sick to get out in the streets..
    Having a good insurance plan seems the only defense as we will not be allowed to stop the poison


  2. Marcel Leutenegger says:

    Dear Michaël,
    thank you very much for keeping an eye on radioactivity measurements. Me too, I visit the Eurdep site but less frequently than you do. It appears that numerous stations do not show up in the map anymore, even though their measured values can be viewed _if_ one knows how to find the station. Obstruction seems effectively the operation mode for the public interface. For instance, the Verdepeel station in the Netherlands reported the measured artificial beta decays until May 22, 2013, before it was switched to zero anything below 3Bq/m3. Interestingly, this station shows up in the overview map when asking for the monthly average as >3Bq/m3 due to a single data point at 10Bq/m3. It seems that the algorithm ignores all zeroed values, which could mislead the public to wrong conclusions. That station was hidden when I asked for the maximum value.
    I backed up several time series, among others Argos in Greece showing extreme gamma dose rates repeatedly. If you like, I will e-mail the figures to you. Just drop me a note.
    Best regards,

  3. Jesse says:

    Hello Michael,
    This worries me as I’m living in Belgium, they had shut down Tihange 2 after an “emergency shutdown” as they claim and they are now even going to restart it! It is leaking so badly and has cracks.
    I’m outraged, no one has been saying anything about this and the levels are very dangerously high, but I don’t know what I can do about this, is there anything I can do right now and in the future to stop this radiation from poisoning me?
    Should I move away because they are going to make something happen at Tihange I can just feel it….

  4. MVB says:

    Dag Jesse,

    Danger is all relative, but yes… Even inhaling traces of certain pollutants will affect some people over long enough periods. Prevention would be easy in many cases, but I suppose if people freak out, the stress from freaking out might actually still be worse at first. Fallout effects tend to come much delayed.

    …Yeah, “slightly” troubling that most key politicians in Belgium claim that the “watchdog” FANC is somehow “independent and trustworthy” when FANC actually is in bed with the nuclearists (I mean, the former director of the Doel NPP now heads FANC, not sure if you can get more of a “revolving door” situation… As far as I know only the Green Party has critiqued that circus.) and they’re clearly no exception to the widespread monitoring rigging (the data gaps in the Ukkel data this past month shows that again, as well: @ ).

    How high would the spike go if we could see the data from the data gaps? No way to tell. Hence, technically it remains “speculation” that “dangerous levels” were reached. But with radioactive fallout, even traces are always dangerous for the longer term, so *I* consider what happened unusual enough to consider it a potential health hazard. The time delay in consequences is how the nuclear industry gets away with it, it seems.

    The rigging itself may not be Belgium’s FANC, but probably could have been done by IAEA-influenced EURDEP itself. Nevertheless, FANC clearly more than tolerates it.

    What you can do? I’m not an expert, and – see also my disclaimer – any health recommendation I’d make would be just for your entertainment. That being said, there’s a lot you can do actually. Chlorella and spirulina are known to help remove heavy metals from our bodies (much of fallout, such as radioCesium, are heavy metals), then there’s Vitamins C & E, as well as antioxidants, and the antioxidant booster Selenium. Pretty much it boils down to this: a very good nutricious diet and plenty of excersize is key. Basically you got to enjoy life and be health conscious. Going in hiding, staying indoors, etc. can have an opposite effect. Same goes for people who use a Geiger Counter for food choices. They may just be depleting themselves of Potassium. For heart health and immunity, supplements like Reishi might be helpful too.

    At the moment I don’t know what can be don aside from taking good care of ourselves, educating ourselves and avoiding rainouts at times of data gaps. Apart from that, I try to relax and remember that I had an awesome childhood, when fallout from the bomb test era was still coming down.

    Moving away…? You’d almost have to go somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere. I don’t know. I’m not moving south. I like where I live (in Colorado). But you got to follow your heart and intuition.

    ” they are going to make something happen at Tihange I can just feel it…”

    Or Doel. But events have certainly given the impression that something might happen. If it does, they’ll probably have a storyline ready to blame ‘terrorists’ (the kind they’d been following for awhile, seem to know everything about the moment it happens, and who conveniently die in whatever they allegedly did). I would not be surpised if “THEY” pulled of some kind of twisted false flag attack on an NPP in Western Europe. (The seeds for exactly that were already planted at the Brussels March 22 attacks; and with the references to the found CKS-SCK footage references.) There seem to be some very sick powers on the move…

    If you’re religious, pray.

  5. Jesse says:

    Hello Michael,

    That was a very detailed response and much appreciated, at least I got some solutions short term to go on and prepare myself and I will just take my loved ones with me when it hits, because I do not see this going well, I’m glad to have stumbled upon your blog because I do remain skeptical and have looked into this myself, the sudden coming spikes and then flattening again is a concern, this does not happen everywhere without a good reason, the lightning strikes are up 14x since over 5 years, that is huge, there have been many ‘events’ at Tihange and Doel but they always categorize these as level 1 events but there is no mention of how this is decided upon, and what worries me much more is when I looked into their publicized data, there has not been any data published from them in about 2 years where they previously did so quite consistently, lack of data on nuclear reactors should be unacceptable and I am stunned how our politicians allowed this to happen, I have send a mail with my concerns to fanc hoping they’ll perhaps see the light one way or another.

    But I do fear they are quite clueless that their own government can and will use this reactor as a weapon against their own citizens, many have been so indoctrinated to think their government would never do such a thing or something else that’s very severe, the disappointment when this happens will be a hard hit to all my fellow Belgians, they have been leaving the clues for this in the media and their articles for some time now, it is a sadly self fulfilling prophecies and the fear of nuclear weapons portrayed since this year in the media does worry me very much because this is usually a portrayal of what those who think they are the new gods of this world are thinking and might want to do, I have so far quite accurately predicted what their moves would be on the European and U.S. play ground and that accuracy is also what makes me sad knowing what is next will be awful.

    “the kind they’d been following for awhile, seem to know everything about the moment it happens, and who conveniently die in whatever they allegedly did” this is indeed accurate, and also what has happened today in the U.S. in Colorado [nvdr: I pressume you mean Florida], I hope you will be safe, everything I have seen so far and the evidence I have gathered shows this is once again a fake attack serving as a false flag, but people are biting on the bait because this time it is something that “benefits” them, they are willing to use the same near insane assumptions to justify as they decried in others with other events, the overwhelming polarization has simply made pointing out that this is very bad near impossible, and now they have rolled out a state of emergency in California on the basis of something fake, this will allow for drastic changes to the government over there and I’m sure eventually perhaps everywhere, but I hope it will not come to this, I am not very religious but I will keep you in mind and hope you will be alright and what ever family you might still have, the knowledge from your blog has been very valuable in trying to decide how I should go further from here because I did not know much of his and doing my research also here it all checks out, sadly.

    My apologies for the length of this but I have just had an overwhelming loneliness fall over me last few weeks and it leaves me with not many to talk to, especially today after the whole Orlando thing, I have been forced to accept that almost everyone in the end will be manipulated and manipulate and I can not bring them over to the side of skepticism and reason, even my family, they have been talking of putting me in a psychiatric hospital forcibly and so much more behind my back, merely because I told one person what I thought and what would likely happen in the coming weeks as a warning, that already felt like a stab in the back, and even now when everything I had predicted is rapidly becoming a reality I am still being looked at as crazy.

    Today has shown me what the world is really like and I can’t be any change, we’ve gone too far, it’s been a long time but I had to cry, knowing that at this point my predictions for the future are an almost absolute certainty, I am a little prepared but I wouldn’t last long even on myself, I lack some training in skills needed to survive, I don’t have the money I’d need for quite some things and keeping a fall out in mind that raises the price even more, I wouldn’t even go if I can’t save the few people I care about, but what you said is still true and perhaps all there is left to do at this point, relax and enjoy, I’m still young so why not, I see no possible positive future for me and those I love with how fast things are going now and my limited resources, that time would be better spent with them.
    And now I’m just rambling again, I should probably just stop because it’s getting too long, I guess it just gets really lonely once you see the actual reality and powers behind it all, the sheer size and cruelty of the destruction that these people have planned for us all while those around me still think I’m some lunatic

    Take care and be safe,
    Your word has reached many I’m sure and allowed them to prepare accordingly.

  6. MVB says:

    Strange… that you’d be so concerned about Tihange with an IP address only 6 miles from the nuclear power station of Doel… I know that area. You can literally see the cooling towers from there.
    Anyhow, take good care of yourself.

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