Listen to “the Russian Woodpecker” on Short Wave Radio Online

Since I don’t have a radio handy, I went looking online to see if I could hear the “Russian Woodpecker”, which reportedly retured at the end of 2013, since having been gone since 1989…   See my previous blogpost (and watch the movie!), Chernobyl and “The Russian Woodpecker”.

I found this pretty awesome online Short Wave radio receiver from The University of Twente in The Netherlands, streaming live:

!-> @

Sure enough, if you look for the distinct signal, you can find it.  Interestingly, it moves frequencies, and seems accompanied by triple-beeps and other repetitive signals.  Various other weirdness can be noticed alongside…


Here’s an example of it jumping frequencies:


Wikipedia has this:


To find the signal:

First of all, it is apperently not contineous, so you might be checking right at a moment when it isn’t being transmitted.  Or it may be at a different frequency than usual.  Zoom out and search for the dotted line in the SW waterfall setting.

Easiest, I found, is to zoom in until you see the markers.  The “woodpecker” signal often appears on or near the Jammer / “Sound of Hope”.


Then zoom out some 4 times to see more bandwidth:4zoomOuts

In this case it appeared below 11,000 khz:


If it’s some kind of over-the-horizon type of radar, and primarily meant as a nuclear war deterrent, may it be successful.

It would be incredibly sad if military rationalizing were to spin so far away from common sense as to result in a return to the use of nuclear weapons…

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Perhaps somewhat related: Zero Hedge, June 10, 2016Paul Craig Roberts: “Fellow Americans, Wake Up & Escape The Matrix”

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May Peace Prevail On Earth

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