Does BETA radiation affect GAMMA Monitors Negatively?

Al is de leugen nog zo snel de waarheid achterhaalt ze wel.” – Nederlands spreekwoord  (Rough translation of this Dutch proverb: No matter how fast the lie, the truth eventually catches up.)

June 9, 2016

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In the past few blog posts, I’ve pointed out some odd “measurements”.  It is rare to see an activity or dose rate dip into the negative.  It makes no sense and suggests two possibilities: either some factor can cause electrical effects in the monitor itself, giving rise to a negative value, or the cause for the nonsensical value lies in the (rigged) data processing (for instance some kind of formula that’s intended to hide spikes in case of unusually high nuclear fallout reaching a ground-level monitor, such as perhaps a reduction of spiking raw data to produce lower-than-normal values.  If the formula were a bit over-zealous it could even produce negative values?)

I found a few more such examples of gamma dipping down just this past day or two, which I find striking given the significant T-BETA-ART spikes on the Dutch coast (see last post for more details, but the 3-month graph is repeated here):


I suspect that BETA radiation may be involved in triggering a GAMMA monitor to show either data-forced-down-to-zero values, or DATA GAPS.   For instance, the massive 10,000 Bq/m^3 spike in artifical Beta emitters in The Netherlands 10 days ago, coincided with a data gap in the midst of an uptick/disturbances of the Gamma monitor at Ukkel (near Brussels, and home of the Belgian royal meteo service KMI) a bit to the south in Central Belgium:


Geographically (and wind pattern-related) a bit less “right next to each other”, below are two more examples of Gamma-dipping-down: Often the timing does not correlate nicely for these 3 monotors many hundred of kilometers apart (in the UK, The Netherlands and Germany), but for this weeks Beta uptick, it did:


Unrelated to the above observation, I found a massive Beta spike in western Russia on April 27, just one day after the mega-spike of Tellurium-132 was detected in Northern Germany early the 26th of April:


-> This adds further geographical context to that Te-132 detection.  Clearly this wasn’t some isoalted local mystery.  It fits observations so widespread that everything points at a MAJOR release of radioactivity having occured.

!-> The other day’s blogpost (June 7, 2016) puts a couple radioisotope-specific graphs together that illustrate this as well: included in  Down is Up: Negative Activity Rate, T-Beta-Art & Cs-137 Upticks (Eurdep data)

I might continue gathering long-term data sets.  Personally I find this boring-as-can-be by itself,  but it seems I’m one of the only bloggers doing this.  By being able to see the long term evolution of the radiological landscap so easily, you can spot patterns otherwise missed.   Extreme-sounding allegations, such as that Fukushima-Daiichi is still fissioning, something I’ve been claiming for years, and which is generally resolutely denied as “impossible” by officials (with the exception of an anomalous RT report last week) or “nonsense” by trolls, is slowly becoming documented fact.

Only continued vigilance and perseverence seems appropriate in the face of a surreal apathetic mainstream media.  Perhaps these efforts will only be valued decades from now…  I don’t know.  I’ve tried to quit this ridiculously time-consuming hobby of “monitoring the monitors” so often, but so far I always come back to it, for no other reason that feeling COMPELLED.

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8 Responses to Does BETA radiation affect GAMMA Monitors Negatively?

  1. Robert says:

    Hi mvb,
    I believe the better term is you have a monitor muse….
    Muses are terrible creatures who delight in forcing us poor humans to do all manner of activities.
    Mine is a musical one.. A vicious thing that i simply can not resist even long after my old fingers have worn out and my ears tingle with tinitus..yet it taunts me with ever more clever ruses to return from time to time and play my old guitar setup (roland jc120 stereo twin amp.fender rockpro1000 half stack amp. Gt-8 multi effect pedal. Custom epiphone guitar i have installed numerous upgrades upon as well as maintained as i am an amateur luthier as well).
    Despite my repeated pleas to be released the Muse is relentless and will be served at any cost..
    Welcome to my world and enjoy the ride to monitor madness!!
    p.s. I Think you may have a decent explaination of a possible reason why detector are going negative…

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