3-month BETA Radiation Graphs for All 17 Russian Federation (Western Russia only, via EURDEP)

June 9, 2016

Just passing along some (mostly unvalidated) radiation data from Europe. 

Unlike the radiation monitors that detect and measure only Total Artificial Beta, (T-BETA-ART), which are almost all in The Netherlands (+ 1 in the Italian Alps and 1 on Cyprus), most European “All BETA (every kind mixed)” monitors are in Poland and Romania.  Strangely they do no seem to correspond very well to known fallout events…   Two examples:



The Russian monitors, however, which in the Standard Deviation setting are all in just yellow on the map, do show interesting details when you adjust the y-axis.   When viewing 1–month Beta data for Outdoor Air, with setting: Standard Deviation, the EURDEP map also shows them all, here annotated so you can find the location of the below-graphed monitors:


Each line shows 3 months of BETA radiation data (varying y-axis):

The upticks and data gaps in mid-May till now (June 8) stand out in some locations.  The last few weeks have been data-gapped-away in some areas:



BETA_Nariyan_Mar_Russia_3monthsBEFORE_the3mo_preJune8_2016  BETA_Kirov_Rusia_3mo_preJune8_2016   BETA_Ekaterinburg_DUBR._Russia_3mo_preJune8_2016  BETA_Zasheek_Russia_3mo_preJune8_2016BETA_Vologda_Rusia_3mo_preJune8_2016  BETA_Astrakhan_Russia_3mo_preJune8_2016

Monitors that most clearly show a Beta uptick around the same time (within days) of the April 26 Te-132 measured spike in Germany:

BETA_Nizhni_Novgorod_Rusia_3mo_preJune8_2016 BETA_Rostov_On_Don_Russia_3mo_preJune8_2016






BETA_Severodvinsk_Rusia_3mo_preJune8_2016  BETA_Arkhangelsk_Russia_3monthsBEFORE_the3mo_preJune8_2016

For additional commentary, see previous bunch of posts.

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