Breaking: BETA Radiation spikes from The Netherlands to Russia + Snapshots of 3-month Radiation Graphs + (EURDEP)

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June 7, 2016 (June 8, 2016, 0:45 am UTC)



Scroll down for the two beta radiation data graphs (at the end of this blog post). [as well as seen next blog posts.]

The below graphs show three 1-month radiation graphs pasted together (3 months per line), in no particular order.  The exact location can be found with the coordinates listed unde the monitor name.   This adds to many months of documentations that without any doubt:   Something’s up!



(–> For that phenomenon, see also Down is Up: Negative Activity Rate and also March 21st’s Negative Dose Rate)



A  Wondering…

I don’t know about you, but I’m under the impression that waves of fallout are moving across the European landscape, increasingly affecting ground-level monitors.   That much of what is causing these upticks is not just “natural radon progeny” is evident from the various man-made fission products detected in the past few months, some of them in the highest concentrations since 2011, or even since Chernobyl in 1986.  Some documentation highlights of recent events was repeated in the previous blog post, here.

And along the lines of previous ponderings, I’m not so sure that “manmade CO2-driven global warming” (on which various recent news reports blame the widespread flooding and other extreme weather) is the main driver behind extreme weather conditions in Europe the past 10 days…


Krypton-85 from nuclear fission enhanced air ionization and, thus, interferes with the atmospheric-electrical system and THE WATER BALANCE of the atmosphere…

Can’t rule out that it plays some role in recent sparkiness either…  Next image below: only showing lightning that hit the ground, past 24 hours (bright colors are most recent); See latest @


To continue my wpondering…:   Krypton-85 is a major nuclear industry waste product, is a Beta-emitter, and is not specifically tested for on any of the monitors.  Beta is shielded by just a few inches of air, making a significant detection rare, because the radioactive cloud needs to 1) be at ground level where the monitors are, and 2) be dense enough to make a dent in natural background levels from mainly radon progeny.

Here’s a Beta-radiation monitor from Russia, showing only 24-hour averages, also for the same past 3 months (no data for past 5 days):


Remarkable artifical Beta uptick on the Dutch Coast:

The past month also saw the most and most unusual spikes in T-BETA-ART (Total Beta radiation from decay energies specifcally from artificial radioisotopes), monitored for in The Netherlands.  While just half a day ago, when I posted the previous blog post, I mentioned the upticks of 6 and 18 Bq/m^3, since then the upticks have risen again, showing the now second-highest on record with nearly 5000 Bq/m^3 artificial Beta:


Here’s the 3-month record:


As documented in future posts, the last spike was followed by a multi-day data gap…

(Note: Keep in mind that this is barely monitored for and this detection in The Netherlands does not in any way indicate that fallout levels are higher there than elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere.  The opposite could be true.  It is simply not possible to make such an assessment with so little data.)



-> The location of the T-BETA-ART spike coincides with a jet stream wind (250 hPa) slow zone.  This fits my hypothesis that fallout is being delivered by fast-moving upper-tropospheric wind, to reach ground level (and sometimes its monitors) in slower areas.   Interesting is also that at time of checking, one of the clearest such zones coincides with fierce lightning in north-western Italy (see lightning map above).

At time of posting, the suspected fallout zone is moving east towards/into Germany. (Use Nullschool link above for possible additional clues).  Just a thought:   Might be a good time for well-equiped scientists to do additional precipitation and air sampling for alpha, beta-, and gamma spectroscopies.   Would be interesting to pinpoint which artificial radioisotopes specifically are in the latest mix…

Partial Northern Hemisphere perspective shows a pattern that by the time you get upwind to Japan, passes over Hokkaido

2 days ago:,70.34,512/loc=5.100,52.800

When clicking through in time (3 hours or 1 day intervals), then you see that the jet stream was in place over Fukushima a few days ago.   It takes just a couple days for the fastest-moving air to blow that far at that altitude.  At time of Beta spike, a jet stream slow zone is in place at the monitor:,70.34,512/loc=5.100,52.800   Annotated Screenshot:


At time of the Beta spike, a jet stream slow zone is in place, possibly creating “atmospheric fallout waterfall conditions”.  At that time the same wind line passes over Hokkaido, north of Fukushima.  However, when looking back a few days in time, you’ll see that the fit might be more perfect than is apparent when looking at just one time window.  (The jet stream meanders a bit.  To do this with more precision would require many more screenshots to adjust for the wind moving in both space AND TIME.)

(But, basically, in short: recent detections in Europe seem to fit with my hypothis that manmade nuclear fallout from Fukushima is playing a significant role in all of these abnormalities…)

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Sleep tight.  Might want to wash the clothes you walked in the rain with, take an extra shower, run a carbon air filter indoors, and eat nutricious healthy food with plenty of anti-oxidants, etc.  Most health effects won’t show until years, or even decades, from now.   Be well.

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This blog post is part of a set of “pieces of the puzzle” in my “data thriller series” about a MAJOR radiological emergency “mystery”  My take?  I think Fukushima-Daaichi went re-critical and is spewing untold massive quantities of radioactive fallout into the air and sea. 

    I can only wish that my efforts to document all this is somehow helpful

to bring a peaceful end to the misguided nuclear era. 

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4 Responses to Breaking: BETA Radiation spikes from The Netherlands to Russia + Snapshots of 3-month Radiation Graphs + (EURDEP)

  1. Robert says:

    Hi mvb,
    Nice lightning plotting map…
    Sure would be nicer to know why and where the particle/gas? increases are coming from but with such limited data it seems a daunting task.
    I still contend there are potential releases to mask nuclear detection of military assests but we already covered that topic so i am out of ideas and even less actual information.
    With no verified detector network that works correctly ALL the time we may never know which is a possible desired outcome for some folks.

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