Anatomy of a Serbian Data Gap + RT: Fukushima Still Fissioning!

Distraction intro:  Flashmob Brussels Central Train Station.  When I’m in Belgium, I pass by here on my way to the center of Brussels. Enjoy:

Now something else:

We’re getting closer to mainstream acknowledgement that the ongoing nuclear catastrophe at the Fukushima-Daiichi complex isn’t just leaking untold amounts of nuclear waste products into the Pacific, that it is also still leaking into the atmosphere, will increasingly affect the entire planet, and, as I have been suspecting and documenting clues of for years, a true full-on STILL FISSIONING “China Syndrome” with no end in sight is the reality we’re faced with.  The sooner humanity pulls its head out of the sand, the better.  — June 5, 2016

Incredible clues about what some data gaps might hide troubling evidence of:

On April 28, 2016, I wrote: Serbia & Slovakia Turned their Radiation Networks Off…”  Meanwhile there have been lots of upticks, spikes, data gaps, and véry peculiar radioisotope-specific detectionsThe Serbian monitors came back online, and it turns out some of the most striking detections, such as a very significant spike in short-lived fission-radioisotope Tellurium-132 in Germany, Fukushima-fingerprint activation product Cobalt-60 in Norway, as well as Beta spikes in The Netherlands, and Beta monitors being turned off in the US, all occured during this data-gapped period.

To illustrate the alleged, I added a couple annotations of noteworthy things that happened elsewhere during that data gap:


If that’s just a coincidence, maybe I’m a penguin.  Click for a closer look.

The rigging of the official radiation monitoring network has become so in-our-face, the European Commission and all relevant nuclear watchdogs, even so-called environmental organizations, must either be asleep at the wheel, or under strict orders (by the IAEA?) to keep silent about this increasingly blatant betrayal of the public trust.

It is of course just a snapshot and not the whole story.  You’re welcome to go read and re-read my disclaimer a few more times, but I just updated my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive again, and in there you can find a lot more documentation of the ongoing cover-up.

References for the added annotations in the 3-month graph above include, but are not limited to:

And, again, múch more in the chronological (archive) list @


In case you missed it, my long-time suspicion that one or more of the molten nuclear cores underneith Fukushima-Daiichi is STILL FISSIONING, has – 5 years into this mess! – reached the quasi-mainstream media outlet RT, as relayed by news aggregator ENEnews:


Meanwhile, in true Orwellian fashion, as the greatest ecological catastrophe in history unravels further, all major mainstream media outlets are still pretending like nothing is happening…  If they want to recover any semblance of credibility, they’re not going to be able to stretch their marathon of denial much further.  Or so I fathom…

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22 Responses to Anatomy of a Serbian Data Gap + RT: Fukushima Still Fissioning!

  1. Robert says:

    Hi mvb,
    Just another message about netc readings..
    From nebraska to buffalo ny. Its showing 300+cpm in some sort of wave of radiation going over the northern part of the US.
    And yes, you are a unicorn…but you are our unicorn….lol

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