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A New EURDEP Monitor: “Kiev, Ukraine, France” (+ some other 48hrs graphs)

via Online Radiation Monitors. It’s only one, but, as is the case for many EURDEP members, the EURDEP interface is better than the Ukraine’s own public network, imo.  A little odd, but France started monitoring the Kiev air apparently in the … Continue reading

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Couple EURDEP Observations (3-month graphs)

  DISCLAIMER –  Check with ‘authorities’ for perhaps more reassuring explanations.  This “data art” is offered merely for your entertainment. June 28, 2016 St. Aegyd, Austria: extreme “glitch dots” in late June 2016: There’s been a seventh one since I … Continue reading

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Emptying the Draft Folder… (Some EURDEP radiation data, RT: Fukushima Still Fissioning, How did they get to “600 Tonnes of Nuclear Fuel Missing”?,…)

Crestone, Colorado (USA) – Sunday June 26, 2016 I had a couple posts in the works, but – sorry – it’s just going to take too much of my time to turn the intentions into realities.  Some of you will … Continue reading

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Decade-Long Gamma Radiation Record from Argos, Greece

June 18, 2016 Some data I did my usual thing with: pasting 3 month-graphs together per line, going back awhile (in this case starting in Dec. 2005), for the purpose of improving my ability to spot and interpret abnormalities in … Continue reading

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Geen vuiltje aan de lucht…

June 13, 2016 Some more 3-month gamma radiation graphs plucked from EURDEP (data not per se “validated”.) Just ignore the past few weeks.  I hear it helps. See also: (June 9, 2016):  3-month BETA Radiation Graphs for All 17 Russian … Continue reading

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A Sprinkle of US EPA Radnet DATA (Colorado, Alaska, etc – First half June 2016) + more

June 12, 2016 Used: US EPA Radnet: Just checking a few monitors in the Colorado area: A high spike on June 11, 2016 @ Colorado Springs…  and the apparent beginning of a data gap @ Denver (Radnet cuts off … Continue reading

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Europe Going “Fallout Blind” as well…

June 11, 2016 Basically the below data charts further illustrate that the so-called nuclear watchdogs, the very agencies entrusted with environmental safety and alerting the population in case of nuclear releases into the environment are on top of their game… … Continue reading

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