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+ 6 µSv/hr radiation spike @ Saarburg, Germany (May 24, 2016; near Luxembourg)

Online Radiation Monitors, May 24, 2016 This is the 3rd such spike in 10 days in the same region. Data via EURDEP, validated: 3 month context: Tip: Study the wind patterns.  Start just above the surface @ 1000 hPa:,49.81,1024/loc=6.707,49.386Continue reading

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Denver & Colorado Springs 2 weeks of Radnet data

Just a blip of 2 weeks of US EPA Radnet data, on which you can see a data gap around another monitor not so far away showed a spike:  Denver & Colorado Springs, Colorado. Anyone who pays close attention to … Continue reading

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Cobalt-60 Detected in Southern Norway (2 Locations, May 2016!)

Disclaimer – May 23, 2016 I have been keeping an eye on Cobalt-60, thinking that if routine testing would continue, then, given all the upticks and data gaps lately, it would only be a matter of time before this Fukushima-fingerprint … Continue reading

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Record Radiation Strikes Eastern Turkey (near Iran)

Location of spike, with 24 hour graph insert, showing a 12+ hour disturbance with a peak value (so far) of + 2 µSv/hr: Just the 24 graph (in nanoSievert, divide by 1,000 for microSievert – see Radiation Units & Conversions … Continue reading

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US Radiation Monitoring Network Becoming “FALLOUT BLIND”

“[…] ♬ And when the rain comes down Would you choose to walk or stay Would you choose to walk? Would you choose to stay? Would you Walk walk walk walk walk away  ? ♬ […]” – Blogpost Soundtrack: The Sisters … Continue reading

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Texas and Arizona Turned OFF All Beta Radiation Monitoring…

After ALASKA Turned Off Beta Radiation Monitoring Amidst Major Gamma Upticks, the Lone Star State’s very last Beta Radiation monitor was apparently shut off in early May as well, right at the time of what looks like the onset of … Continue reading

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(OT), but…

… Always interesting to see the effect of a just-published blog post on blog stats… …and the beat goes on… And then there’s those rumblings again…  screenshot excerpt: …and the beat goes on…

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