Shhh… (The Sound of 10,000 Thunderbolts Clapping)

North America, May 31, 2016

Interesting lightning show that was over Europe, eh?  (So I heard…)


Seemed to have a rather high concentration of “radon progeny” in it…  [sarc.]  (Lightning map screenshot is from couple days ago (didn’t write down the exact time); Data accessed via )

fukushhhh I’ve touched on how ionizing radiation, such as from nuclear fallout, changes the conductivity of air in the past:

!!!-> @

I do not know if it was a factor.  See also my disclaimer.  … Although: some data shared below surely is “suggestive”.  Just noting that the crazy thunderstorms correlated nicely with higher than usual radiation upticks, data gaps as well as forced-down values in many locations.

Perhaps related to that pondering is also the effect of Krypton-85 and other such nuclear waste gasses on climate.  You can find reference to this even in IAEA documents, like  Excerpt:

“The study shows that krypton-85 from nuclear fission enhances air ionization and, thus, interferes with the atmospheric-electrical system and the water balance of the earth atmosphere.”

Anyhow…  I know… some people have encouraged me to use more catchy headlines.  I could have run this one:

” 10,000 Bq/m^3 Artificial Beta in Thunderstorm Air over Europe!!! “

Haha.  [sarc.] Yeah…  Europe’s media doesnt even give a hoot when Tellurium-132 is detected in its air at 10,000% the levels reached in 2011.

Having made ‘radiation monitor watching’ a hobby, which goes well with really strong coffee and red wine (or both  – hehe), I seem to have tumbled down the corium-dug rabbit hole so deeply that the fissionion glow now illuminates the welcoming sign enough to discern it:

“Welcome to WTF Land!

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”


Care for a clue whether or not the radiation blips during those thunderstorms in Europe was all “just natural”, or if perhaps it had an artificial contributor to it?  Spoiler Alert: The artifical BETA radiation component (think Iodine-131, Cesium-134/137, Strontium-89/90, Tellurium-132, Krypton-85, etc.) basically “overpowered” the natural ALPHA component to make the latter appear as if suppressed down to zero, or < LLD.


Always fun [sarc.] to see how the monitor closest to the headquarters of Belgium’s Meteo services responds to such abnormalities:  Ukkel, near Brussels, Belgium:




Thát’s a fascinating thing (in the above Ukkel graph): that values-diving-down phenomenon, which I haven’t understood the physics behind yet:  Apparently in cases of radioactive fallout, the ionizing radiation doesn’t just make radiation measurements go up, it can also make them go ‘erratic’, including make them go far lower than usual values.   I’ve seen it too often.  There’s got to be a reason for this.  And NOT the standard excuse of “monitor malfunction”.




By the way, new ground was just broken again @ Lamia…

Lamia_3mo_May31_2016–> this 3 month graph of gamma radiation @ Lamia, Greece, adds two weeks to the longer term record found @ Rambling Along a Decade of Gamma Radiation Data from Lamia, Greece.

But that’s probably just an isolated thing [sarc.], just like at Andujar, Spain…


SOUDA_Greece    Niewied_DAustria_1Data Gaps are often not visible on month graphs.  The shorter the time graphed, the more detail becomes visible.  hungaryTwo 1-week graphs:

MalySLovak  1WeekAustria


!!!-> Important 2016 Detections:

The previous post, Another Look @ the 2016 Ru-103 & Te-132 Detections: Some Interesting Findings. + An Afterthought…  makes for a great addition to  some documented “peculiar radioisotope-specific detections”, which I documented in these blog posts (much more in my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive):

See also my most recent data-sprinkled ramble,  Fukshima Full-On China Syndrome, Still Fissioning! Just Another Opinion-Ramble, Sprinkled with Data (+ Possible Correction on Recent German Spikes; & Obama in Hiroshima – 2)

“Oh well…”

“Unless I find something truly striking” (no shortage lately…), I’ll be taking some time off from this endeaver again…

Maybe if I shut up* some media organization will get the time to catch up?

Wake me up if one does…

*haha.  Right…

— — — — — —    — — —  — — —    — — — — — —

Side-topic: Did you see NukePro / Stock’s findings on Chitin and fallout:  March 1, 2016, “Mechanism By Which Radiation Destroys “Chitin” Which Destroys The Ocean Food Chains and Bees

I think he might be on to something:

!-> @

— — — — — —    — — —  — — —    — — — — — —

And the beat will undoubtedly go on like this… for awhile. 

‘No blog posts’ will not mean nothing’s happening. 

— — — — — —    — — —  — — —    — — — — — —



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7 Responses to Shhh… (The Sound of 10,000 Thunderbolts Clapping)

  1. Robert says:

    Hi mvb,
    I am serious, i bet we can predict heavy lighting from radiation particulate observations…
    Oh wait, they shutting off all the detectors!… Back to the drawing board for me!!.
    Maybe we will get to see a super mutant hit by lightning soon.. I will watch youtube with baited breath…

  2. Sol Man says:

    Yes, please remind us how long is this bubbling caldron from hell is to ramp up for higher readings? Again, thanks much for your willingness to share your insights!

  3. Robert says:

    Hey mvb,
    You dont have to post this as i just wanted you to look at the southern part of japan.
    I just got off netc and the whole southern tip of japan is lit up with readings.
    Wonder if some emergency is going on or maybe rads are blowing in from elsewhere.
    1:35am central standard june 4th.

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