Another Look @ the 2016 Ru-103 & Te-132 Detections: Some Interesting Findings. + An Afterthought…

Colorado Rocky Mountains… – Saturday May 28, 2016

[With a two US EPA Radnet graphs added on May 29]

Taking yet another look at the “peculiar radioisotope-specific detections” of this past half year, in particular the Ru-103 in Norway (sample period: January 11-18, 2016), and the Te-132 in Germany (sample period: just 2 hours at the onset of April 26, 2016), has revealed some darn interesting details…  Check this out:

I’ll start with the Ruthenium-103 @ Åsterås, just outside of Oslo, Norway.  (First mentioned in (Feb. 14, 2016)

Here shown together with Cesium-137: you can see this first validated detection of Ru-103  since 2011 coincided with an uptick of Cs-137:


-> And, as you can see clearly as well, some folks in charge of radiation monitoring have a rather strange logic even in Norway:  After they detect Ru-103 at the highest level since 2011, they just take a break from monitoring for a couple weeks.  

(Maybe they were too busy playing cards in their fallout shelter? hehe [j/k] )

Could, of course, just be automated data processing algorithms that are making sure no “levels of concern” get reached…  (And if that happens, well.. there’s always the folks you share a building with to blame…  Right?)

Now check out the just-Cesium-137 record from this location, with my annotations added:  (March is compressed in time for some reason, but I’ve pasted the record together to show Jan 3 – May 3, 2016).  Note the incredibly well-timed data gaps, 3 times coinciding with an obvious Cesium-137 uptick ánd with extremely unusual radiosiotope-specific detections elsewhere in Europe:


Darn too uncanny to be coincidence, I’d say.

So, I went looking for clues as to what might have been detected right after January 18, during that long data gap.  Something that they don’t want us to see?    Well, check out what I foud on this monitor @ Cheb – Meteostanice Maskovska, Czech Republic:

Showing Cesium-137 and Iodine-131, same period:

C137_I131_Cheb_Meteo Maskovska_CZ_Jan2016

Very interesting, not?   A doubling of both Cs-137 ánd I-131 right then during Åsterås’ data gap!  I mean… Iodine-131?  I know these are mere traces, but… it’s the fact that, as a short-lived artificial fission radioisotope, an uptick in I-131 points at an active fissioning source, and it’s that what makes this significant.  Because the unusual detections span such a wide geographical region, a mere refueling or some other kind of just venting a little can be ruled out.  Ruthenium-103 had not been detected since 2011.  Refuelings and regular venting for various reasons occur all over the place every year.   Like I’ve said for quite awhile now: “Something’s up!”.   Both the Cs-137 ánd the I-131 uptick measured in Czech Republic were not surpassed since:

C137_I131_Cheb_Meteo Maskovska_CZ_afterJan2016

We can see that the radioactive cloud affected this monitor for about 3 weeks.  Then things quited down as far as Cesium-137 goes, but -bizarre and strikingly – there’s two more periods with significant upticks of Iodine-131: immediately following the time of the Helsinki Garage Media story (which I’ve quesioned a-plenty, see, for instance (April 22, 2016), Was Helsinki’s Cs-137 “Localized Garage Waste Leak” A Decoy For Hemisphere-Wide Fallout Upticks? Fukushima? EURDEP/Nullschool DATA + (Some Nuclear Occult Links), and just prior to the Te-132 detection in Northern Germany!

In Germany, where they do actually verify data on a regular basis, you can see (from the Bismuth-214 and other naturally ocurring radioisotopes tested at the German monitors) that they did actually do additional tests after that Te-132 detection, but no other manmade radioisotopes are listed for that site, and the natureal/ enhanced natural measurements were all normal: (I discovered this by odd coincidence the day itself (April 26, 2016):


Within less than 20 km from Seehausen, you can see a slight upticks in gamma radiation as well, possibly due to the further decay of Te-132, which decays by Beta decay to I-132, which in turn decays by gamma decay to stable Xenon-132. Example to that April 26 minor gamma uptick:


So, two wind pattern research attempts:

  • What wind pattern hit Southern Norway on Jan. 24, that also hit Western Czech Republic?
  • What wind pattern hit Southern Norway on Apr. 26 that also hit Northern Germany?
    • (And if I were to trace back those wind patterns, where would the windlines intersect, if they did?)

Nullschool…    (There’s no need for a journalist to quote or refer to me: Just double check what I point at and use your intelligence.  It’s not that hard.  Everything I refer to is 100% public, non-secret, and verifiable by yourself via the links provided @

Location coordinates:

  • 52.9 N 11.7 E = Seehausen, D.
  • 50.1 N 12.4 E = Cheb, Cz.
  • 59.9 N 10.6 E = Åsterås, N.

-> you can get the green circle in the right place by changing it in the URL.

So… starting with the correlation between Southern Norway (start of data gap right after Ru-13 detection) and Western Czech Republic (start of Cs-137 & I-131 uptick) on Jan. 24, 2016, 12:00 UTC…  Near the surface, you can tell, there’s not much wind at all: @,50.75,1024

Just a bit higher up, already at 850 hPa, you see what I call a pattern “that fits the hypothesis”,51.50,1130/loc=12.400,50.100

  • 1) both were in obvious relative slow-down zones in air layers below the jet stream,
  • 2) both were fed with air that came from the jet stream arriving from across the Northern Atlantic…

Annotated screenshot:


Are you just as curious as me to see if the jetstream really passed over my #1 suspect?


Annotated Screenshot: The red circle (top left) is Fukushima-Daiichi in Northern Japan; the green circles are the 2 monitors in Norway and Czech Republic.  The red arrows from F1 show where the jet stream blew at that moment downwind Fukushima.  The black arrows trace the wind upwind from the 2 monitors in Europe:


Fits nicely…

Added May 29: From this snapshot in time, it seems to me that the most likely place for a data gap or uptick in the US, based on my hypothesis (fallout coming down in jet stream slow-down zones downwind Fukushima on a planetary scale), would have been the monitor @ Salt Lake City, Utah (that lake-dot in the blue slow-down zone on the edge of the northern arrow line in the mid-image dip.  See it?).  Okay… Graphing for Jan. 10 through Feb. 10, 2016…  And there you have it, a spike the day before, preceded by a major data gap:


fits nicely as well…

Closer to my location, the monitor in Colorado Springs, Colorado had fast-wind higher up,  so, also fitting, at that time there isn’t much to see yet.  This one does, however, show a significant data gap starting on Jan. 26:


And that actually fits too, if you run Nullschool and click through the 3-hour periods, you can see the slow-down zone move east and south, with the onset of the data gap nicely beginning when the slow zone first reaches this monitor’s area:,64.55,512/loc=-104.490,38.500

Alright, on to Tellurium-132 land….  Northern Germany and Southern Norway, April 26…

Surface level wind… shows there still a decent amount of wind in the afternoon on April 23rd @ Seehausen in Northern Germany, but – how coincidentally [sarc.], there’s a major no-wind zone over the part of Southern Norway at the beginning of the data gap…  @,51.77,1130/loc=11.700,52.900

By the time the Te-132 is measured in Germany, there’s not all that much difference.  The slow-down is minor:,51.77,1130/loc=11.700,52.900

Yet at jet stream height, 250 hPa, you can see Seehausen (Te-132 spike) is in the slower bend, and Åsterås/Oslo (data gap) is in a slow zone:  @,62.12,1130/loc=11.700,52.900


Did the jet stream…?  Nah… Really?,70.77,512/loc=11.700,52.900



— — — — — —    — — —  — — —    — — — — — —


Come on, IAEA, CTBTO, PR specialists, corruptors of science, pro-nuclear cultists, bribed politicians, opportunistic greedy investors, sold-out editors-in-chiefs,

It’s okay.  Really: It’s okay.  You fucked up big time.  Shit happens.  It’s okay. 

That needed “moral revolution” that your frontman Obama referred to in Hiroshima… That’s only needed for you guys who’ve apparently long lost your moral compass with the onset of this misguided nuclear era.  You’ve gotten away with it because you’ve deceived most of us very skillfully.  I mean, it’s impressive the feat of deception you pulled off.  Many of your brightest even believe the lies you’ve fed them.  Maybe you even do.  But you can stop patting yourself on the back now.  The data I compile… don’t get me wrong: I’m just trying to reach you in a language I thought you’d understand.

We, who are energetically plugged in to the web of life of this incredible planet, whom many of us refer to as ‘Mother Earth’, we know the ocean’s in our blood and the mountains ‘re in our bones…  We know something’s off.  We can feel it.  We get clues in dreams and ceremonies.  You can quit the lies now, ’cause it’s game over.  And somewhere deep down in what’s left of your alienated fragmented souls, you know it too.

We will welcome you with open arms at our healing ceremonies, around the campfires deep in the jungles, in the silent meditation retreats high up in the snowy mountains.

Come and find us.


Or wait for us to come.  But meeting we will.

— — — — — —    — — —  — — —    — — — — — —


— — — — — — —    — — —  — — —    — — — — —


If you are viewing this page on any website other than it IS plagiarized.  Please let me know.  All content is copyright © Michaël Van Broekhoven, administrator of the Allegedly Apparent Blog.  Content cited, quoted etc. from other sources is under the respective rights of that content owner.  For more details, see my Disclaimer, Share Policy and Fair Use Notice  If you wish to reproduce any of my content in full or in more than a paragraph or quote, please contact me first to probably obtain no such permission…

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24 Responses to Another Look @ the 2016 Ru-103 & Te-132 Detections: Some Interesting Findings. + An Afterthought…

  1. hadia says:

    @Michael van BLESSING: your thoughts are so wonderfully clear, your descriptions of things just pure as a waterfall in the mountains can be, you keep strong as solid as a rock!
    Thank you Michael and your supporters. We all have to live our future NOW.
    Du bist unser Fels in der verdammt verseuchten radiioaktiven Brandung, Michael.
    You are our “solid as a rock “in the damn radioactively contaminated (ocean) surf.
    And since I am still the music lady here we are: [Ashford And Simpson-Solid As A Rock ] – peace.

  2. a well known Fukushima data collector says:

    Barry Soetoro’s big thing is the N.B.A., my friend. He was groomed by the C.I.A. from a very very early time in his life, and frankly, he’s nothing more than a marionette. In Europe, I saw many Punch and Judy shows but didn’t ever see anyone lash out at the puppets ever.

    the legitimacy of the U.S.F.G., for all practical purposes, ended summarily in a fusillade of shots fired from no less than ‘6’ locations in Dealey Plaza in November of 1963. Everything since that day in history, has been bullshit and lies and artifice, MVB. Imagining these guys who work for Bauer’s of Frankfurt Am Mein, hitherto named Rothschilds, coming to grips with unbelievable mendacity on all of their parts, is just not going to happen.

    they laugh all the way to the bunkers. Us? As we roast our friggin chestnuts over an open fire in the woods somewhere, imagining critters with zero empathy, zero morality, zero integrity, doing anything but being good slaves for their zio masters, is, uh, a very rich pipedream that even the best Colorado or Washington ganga could generate in our feeble minds.

    Next ‘Punch & Judy’ show I attend, if I ever see one, I’ll viciously attack it and watch the crowd look at me as if I’ve lost it. Soetoro? That miserable dickbrain hasn’t got the lucidity to be cogent let alone ashamed. And sadly, Amerdekuhnz bought that; “Change you can believe in” sorry sctick of his. Change indeed. Fifty three years of b.s. on steroids, and a nightmare I cannot ever awaken from. Now that is change I can not possibly dare believe in, MVB. Shit. :(

  3. thefoolonthehill says:

    Hi Michael.

    Excellently put.
    It’s only really my belief in ‘karma’ which prevents me turning to the dark side sometimes.
    Deep down I hope that the liars and ‘look the other way’ers get what they deserve for what they’ve done and are continuing to do – mass murder by their silence.
    I personally usually look for atonement first, then offer forgiveness after.
    There’s a scale of crime at which saying ‘sorry’ doesn’t cut it for me.
    In my mind, justice would be that for the executives, editors & politicians who run this machine (they certainly take the cash and status for doing it), for every day of not informing the public of this radiation hazard, they get to live in Fukushima precinct, eat only local produce and work in the clean-up operation on the ground.
    The higher up the chain they currently work, the further down the pit of hell they go.
    We’d soon see a change of direction in the world!
    I’d bet every house on the planet would be roofed with solar panels and have a wind turbine within a month.

    Just a quick reply to Hadia’s comment yesterday (Hi Hadia) about ominous clouds across Germany.
    Big data gap in Cesium-137 at Batina, Croatia between 6am 27th May and 11 am 28th May.
    Very ‘upticky’ & ‘data gappy’ Gamma-T readings across central Europe over last 24 hours or so.
    Coincided with big lightning;

    Frustrating (but no-longer surprising) how one is a big international news story – the other is not.

    It’s a real shame all those other fission product monitors have now been switched off – I wonder what tales they could tell…

    The Fool.

    • MVB says:

      I understand where you’re coming from. My commitment remains to ahimsa, non-harm in the Ghandian sense. As such I do not believe in punishment, or ‘deserving’. The whole concept is kinda lost on me, actually.

      Yeah, saw the data gaps sweep over Europe too. If you put the setting at 1 hour and click through, sometimes you can see data gap regions come and go.

      The lightning is unbelievably widespread, from Scotland to Spain, from the Baltics to the Caspian sea:

      Study one of my breakthrough research pieces:

      –> it touches on radioactive substances altering the conductivity of air.

      Related is also the effect of Krypton-85 and other such gasses on climate as a result. You can find reference to this even in IAEA documents, like
      quote: “The study shows that krypton-85 from nuclear fission enhances air ionization and, thus, interferes with the atmospheric-electrical system and the water balance of the earth atmosphere.

      (Wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony of civilization’s madness: to try to mitigate climate change with more of the technology that might actually be partially responsible for it in first place?)

      On the radioisotope-specific monitors, give it 2 weeks; often that data is lagged because of the process involved in the lab tests. When there’s nothing to be seen in the most recent week or two, that doesn’t per se mean a data gap. Sometimes the sampling period even spans several days.


    • hadia says:

      @Fool, though you are not a fool, because you are realizing data gapps as well!

      Yesterday I have experienced one of the worst thunder storms, though the sky was very silver colored and the rain produced that much water that my family had to skim and drain water as best we could. Our balcony(penthouse) was pretty much overflooded.
      And I can assure you the air is that much stinky, I do not have a clue. Maybe alu plus
      toxic lead substances? barium or sulfur smell – if barium could be smelled at all?
      Anyway I could watch lightning flashes going from ground to above? What was that? Germany rarely has experienced that kind of thunderstorms, before.

  4. Robert says:

    Hi mvb,
    It is expected with higher amounts of ionizing particles being disbursed throughout the atmosphere that lightning and other plasma events would rise as well.. Prime the pump if you will…
    May even find a connection between lightning “storms” and parts per million levels of radioactive materials in those areas.
    It is becoming accepted that there are effects caused by the “electric universe” theory in our upper atmosphere and having more active particles to work with would logically assist those effects.
    ( As a side note: i think Ben Davidson of suspicious 0bservers may be getting paid to turn public opinion about climate change by being able to lay blame on the plasma currents from space for weather events and that would be very convienent for some industries who wish to avoid facing change. while i wont accuse him of doing that directly, i do find it odd the “electric currents from space” statements do avoid the “heat engine” aspects of climate change. Maybe he means that space weather can ignite the “heat engine” but his webcasts seem to blame space weather for “earth spots” so i personally would like to hear him be a bit more subtle on the topic.)
    Nonetheless, i do believe our atmosphere is becoming more reactive and polluted with decay products….(barium from Chernobyl is said to be in play at this point now that the original pollution has had time to decay.) add xenon and hundreds of other elements floating around and there is quite a devils cocktail swirling over our heads.
    I Suppose the best we can do now is live in areas where the jet stream stays high up in the air column and stay out of the rain and storms.
    I do wonder what happens when a Super Mutant gets hit by lightnng…….

  5. Robert says:

    Hey mvb,
    Just wanted to mention something i just read a bit ago during one of my evening web searches..(new info on hillary clinton emails being kept in the cloud started the search)
    I do not care for the website veterans today as it is one of many sites engaged in sillyness and tomfoolery (that goes for you flat earth folks too! I will send you up in a high altitude balloon and you can see for yourself the earth is round….jeez they are dumb) okay enough of that……

    Back to the topic,,
    Veterans today has a fellow that has been posting radiation data for various cities and the numbers he is posting are alarming. Maybe the data are uncalibrated readings? But he is posting over 1000cpm for a number of cities (colorado has one of them fyi..)
    So i was wondering if you could address what is being posted?
    He also laments about the ongoing number of detectors going “dark”
    To be clear i think veterans today is a poor website for truth overall yet this fellow seems earnest about reporting radiation readings and has done so for a while and even mentioned current tellurium readings.
    So take his information with a grain of salt but with all the issues we have seen concerning radiation reporting i think it would be helpful to figure out exactly what he is up to and if it applies to real reporting on the topic.
    If nothing else it will be nice to hear your thoughts on the matter

  6. joseph b stone says:

    Kia Ora and Okie (A Blackfeet Greeting)

    Good work, a careful analysis and cautiously accurate conclusions. Hang in there and keep doing this good work. I’ll burn you a smudge, later. Next time I’m in the states, maybe we can hook up and smoke the Buffalo Pipe.

    Joseph B. Stone, Ph.D., CADC III, ICADC
    [email deleted]

  7. Robert Snefjella says:

    Michael, re article Extremely Cautionary Catastrophes: Fukushima and Chernobyl at

    This is just a note to tell you that the editor at countercurrents has allowed the rewording of the paragraph preceding note [26] which contained the misunderstanding re Alvarez and etc. Sorry about the mixup and hope this is satisfactory to you. Much appreciation for your efforts and spirit, Robert Snefjella

  8. Robert says:

    Hi mvb,
    I am in full agreement with your thoughts on the question i posed concerning veterans today and radiation reporting.
    In fact i am a bit jealous and amazed that you framed the issue and associative elements of online “liberty, conspiracy, fringe websites so much better than I..
    I mean i pretty much concluded years ago exactly what you stated but i never put so much information in so few words and that is somewhat embarassing yet powerfully uplifting.
    On the other hand as a consolation, i am feeling really proud to have you address my question!!
    I feel smarter today and that is hard to do!!
    Thanks again!

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