WAKE UP! “Peer Deep into Pandora’s Box…” (Must-See VIDEO!)

Take some TRUTH from a Japanese artist, will you…:

If the link doesn’t work, find “FRYING DUTCHMAN “humanERROR”” on YouTube (@ https:// [delete this space] youtu.be/Q5p283KZGa8 )

H/T to PlowboyGrownUp  (comment @ ENEnews @ http://enenews.com/doctor-fukushima-radiation-be-eating-holes-peoples-brains-report-military-cover-true-radiation-levels-expert-govt-hiding-disastrous-consequences-nuclear-crisis-public-suffering-radioactive-re/comment-page-3#comment-773235), and acknowledged by fellow Fuku-researcher Dr. Goodheart. -> Check out his various quite interesting documentations @ http://www.agreenroadjournal.com/search?q=Fukushima&view=classic

People of the Earth, RISE UP !!! 

We MUST stop these self-deluded psychopaths!!!

Journalists, do not underestimate your responsibility!  DO your home work and make the most hard-hitting investigative journalistic piece you’ve ever written!  Take your time, but DO IT!!!  

If not… you might go down in history like the rest of us…

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One Response to WAKE UP! “Peer Deep into Pandora’s Box…” (Must-See VIDEO!)

  1. a well known Fukushima data collector says:

    won’t have much affect in U.S.S.A., no brains to eat up really….just not enough aware enough to be considered ‘alive’ let alone ‘awake’ here. ;(

    if ONE in 25,000 people here has a clue, I’d be pretty amazed and encouraged.

    but… we both know the real answer, don’t we? long as the clicker works, and texting is still working, we have a full blown “IDIOCRACY” here, replete with the obligatory idiots. :(

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