Fukshima Full-On China Syndrome, Still Fissioning! Just Another Opinion-Ramble, Sprinkled with Data (+ Possible Correction on Recent German Spikes; & Obama in Hiroshima – 2)


Cesium-137 blowing around in the arctic air…  May 22, 2016

DISCLAIMER – Colorado Rocky Mountains (USA) – May 26-28, 2016

I know it’s overkill by now… I’ve long established the obviousness that the official radiation networks are rigged to hide much of the data when it matters most.  But at the same time, they have let an amazing amount of data slip through the nets, though.  The past couple years of on-and-off scrutinizing of some of this has failed to undo my “mere suspicion” that radioactive clouds continue to come from “Northern Japan somewhere” (or perhaps “something in the Pacific east of there”), with Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Catastrophe site remaining my #1 suspect.   But “What do I know?”…

The detections of the past half year have prompted me to have a new look at the detections in 2014 and 2015, now that I know a little bit more.  There’s no way you end up with a Ruthenium-103 detection in Norway (the first such detection in Europe since the ongoing Fukushima Catastrophe began), followed some 5 weeks later by the highest Cesium-137 detections since 2011 at several locations in Finland, coinciding with widespread data gaps, while many countries just right then in March skipped one or more weeks of radioisotope-specific monitoring (How can they be so blatant and get away with it?); and then in February more spikes and data gaps, with monitors being shut down as far as La Reunion and New Caledonia in the Southern Hemisphere; then followed in April by a spike in Tellurium-132 in Germany, highest measurment in European outdoor air since 1986, accompanied in the same past month by record gamma spikes in Russia, Turkey, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, a curious spike of artificial alpha radiation in The Netherlands, and so on… -to me- that seems like there’s way too many abnormalities for none of them to be connected to a shared radiation-spewing source. 

Much of this I documented in blog posts, all listed in my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive, of which these radioisotope-specific detections stand out:

That’s quite an interesting bunch of (mostly validated) detections.  The alpha spike as well as the detections of Co-60, Te-132 and Ru-103 have not been explained by any expert, organization or government.  The unbelievably significant data was just posted on the data exchange network and otherwise entirely ignored.  No media attention.  No politician demanding an investigation.  Nothing….  Apparently. 

Lots of noise about the Cesium-137 uptick in Helsinki, subsequently followed by its rather unsatisfactory explanation, but all the far more troubling detections have been hushed.  Anything in the German media yet about that largest-since-Chernobyl detection of short-lived-fission-product Te-132?  (Drop me a link if that happens, ’cause I haven’t come across anything.)

Those detections point at something FISSIONING, not just a waste leak (which is bad enough, but even the leaking Hanford tank farm would not release artificial recent-fission radionuclides in relatively extreme quantities half-way around the world).  Part of what makes them significant is that they occured in the past half year, which is marked by a markedly more ‘disturbed’ radiological landscape:

  • Lots of “glitch dot” spikes,
  • significant upticks, many record spikes
  • tons of short and long data gaps
  • Beta monitors being taken offline
  • Abnormalities like forced-zero data, negative dose rates, baseline shifts and other evidence suggesting changes in data processing to hide what is really happening.

Scrutinize the long-term record of the few monitors that seem to be calibrated to at least not entirely hide abnormalities (every countries seems to have a few monitors that show more than most other monitors).  Take Salaspils, Latvia, for instance.  I don’t think these correlations are coincidence.  The correlation is far too strong:

Salaspils_Latvia_3mo_May26_2016At the time of the May 9th “obvious data processing shift”, besides strong gamma emitter Cobalt–60 detections in Norway, and the major disturbances seen in the graph above for a monitor in Latvia, there was also a spike detected in artificial Beta radiation in The Netherlands.

Also, the Ruthenium-103 Detected in Norway in mid-Jan. 2016 was part of a radioactive cloud that also very clearly contained Cesium-137, as seen in Finish data from Kotka (Southern Finnish coast, east of Helsinki’s notorious garage [sarc.]):


curiously, again, there was Thorium-232 in the mix as well…  and a significant Be-7 uptick, odd in the middle of winter, not?


Before I continue , some similarities in the recent German spikes has me wondering if they were in fact just calibrations after all.  Most calibrations go to 560 nSv/hr, as well-illustrated in the Lithuanian calibration cluster in February 2016.

Of the three recent spikes in Germany I mentioned, two show a strikingly similar pattern:

Both Saarburg and the Trier-Euren spikes occured in 3 hours, with each of the 3 hours being so similar, that I think these two might actually have been calibrations after all:

saarburg_germany_spike_may24_2016 may20_2016_1week_validated_eurdep_spike-onmay18_2016_6usv-hr_trier_euren_d

-> I don’t know, but just wanted to share that bit of doubt cast on those two spikes.

I wish they had a third category besides “Validated” or “Non-Validated”:  “Calibration”.  I mean… a calibration is at least a moment they KNOW the cause of a spike for.

By not pointing it out, and then framing their disclaimer as “Most of these measurements are unvalidated, which means that defects in the instruments, electronics or software can result in erroneous values. Who visits this site regularly will notice that on an almost daily basis, one or more of the 4200 monitoring stations are out of order and show abnormally high readings. As a consequence isolated violet or red dots on the map are NOT an indication of increased radiological values. Even several violet or red dots near to the same geographical location or near a Nuclear Power Plant is not a certainty of an ongoing accident because they are most likely caused by calibration tests on the related monitoring stations.”, the abnormalities get swept under the rug.  I’ve documented some examples that very clearly were not calibrations.

Anyhow, to continue…     This is just my non-credentialed amateur opinion:   I think that the Fukushima-Daiichi Catatstrophe has shifted gears in spring 2015, as evidenced in bursts of Fukushima-fingerprint radioisotopes in Europe, most notably Co-60 in mixtures and ratios that point at no other source.   I also wonder if progress with the under-construction ice wall on site is bringing to light how far-advanced this  STILL-ACTIVE meltdown truly is.   Not only did the meltdowns lead to a full-on “China Syndrome”, the concentration of Plutonium and various activation products in the fuel geometries is such that fissioning flares up might never end.   Just as grim:  It canot even be ruled out that the corium will grow over time.  Future underground prompt criticalities cannot be ruled out either.

It is interesting that TEPCO just admitted that they’re “still hunting for 600 tonnes of melted radioactive fuel” at Fukushima.   600 tons… where could it be?  Guess that “non-proliferation” isn’t going so well…

I haven’t made the “still fissioning” claim lightly, though.  The more I research the available data, the more I find bits and pieces that add further weight to that hypothesis.

For example… artificial beta radiation is one of the better indicators of nuclear fallout. (Hence the pro-nuclear and highly deceptive US government turning off its fleet of Beta monitors…).   There’s something interesting to be seen on the JRC Station 5 monitor in the Italian Alps:

  • T-BETA-ART (Total Artificial Beta, Outdoor air, Particulates filter only)  @ JRC STation 5, Northern Italy, period Nov. 20, 2014 through May 20, 2016:

JRC5_6 JRC5_5 JRC5_4 JRC5_3 JRC5_2 JRC5_1-> Most notable is the emergence of an aparent fallout cloud in early May 2015, intensifying in mid-June, with more isolated massive burst (of a magnitude higher; note the 2 months with a different y-axis) in July 2015.   (Also visible is the relative uptick that began in October 2015, intensified in November 2015, with data gaps here and there since.  This coincides with the widespread disturbanced I’ve been pointing at.)  This is just “artifical Beta emitters”.  We don’t know which ones exactly.

But we do, as mentioned in  !-> (June 6, 2015) Pink Unicorns beach themselves on the shores of Lake Dystopia, have some data from other places that give us clues…

1) For instance: the data flow from Iodine-131 & Cesium-137 detector in Nicosia, Cyprus was turned off right then in May 2015:

cyprus_i131_cs137_eurdep_marchaprilmay_20152) Even more striking:  May 13-15, 2015 (perfectly coinciding with the first spikes in the JRC 5 Beta-Art record) @ Kotka, Finland a mysterious mixture of radioisotopes was detected, which included Cs-134, Nb-95, Mn-54 and Co-60.

ce144_co60_finland_may2015Iodine-131 was picked up in Switzerland:

i131_co60_cernswitserland_may20151The Netherlands showed artificial Beta spikes, amidst likely “enhanced natural” Alpha upticks:

wijnandsradenl_tbetaart_talphanat_may15_2015__1monthprior_croppedJust like this year, Ru-103 was also in that cloud then:


So couple reflections,


  • Though I haven’t seen I-131 detections published lately, the spike in Te-132 is at least as significant.  The FACT that the radioactive cloud in spring 2015 also contained I-131 DOES leave no doubt that “whatever is spewing radioisotopes” is actively fissioning.  Thus,  actual nuclear chain reactions of Uranium that give rise to Cs-134, I-131, Ru-103, etc.  are still ocurring, as evidenced by detections in 2015 and 2016.
  • The presence of Ru-103 (in both springs 2015 % 2016) further underscores what the significance of the presence of Cs-134 and Nb-95 already did:  These radioisotopes have neither medical nor resource exploration use.   They are tell-tale fingerprints of a radioactive cloud that escaped from a badly leaking active reactor core somewhere.
  • In addition, for Co-60 not to just get flushed out of the rubble into the water, but to be hot and volatile enough to go airborne for very long distances suggests that inside this molten corium lava-like blob, massive neutron-bombardment of steel may actually still be happening, at least every time this mini-sun has a fission flare-up…   in the land of the Sinking Sun on the edge of the mighty Pacific Ocean…
    • !–> As I pointed out in my ground-breaking investigative article, (Jan 26, 2016),  Any Significance to Cobalt-60 in Fukushima Fallout?, the detections of Cobalt-60 in these whiffs does very strongly suggest this IS all coming from the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Catatstrophe site, because no other nuclear accident in history is known to have such unusual Co-60 concentrations in its fallout and contaminated cooling water.
  • That evidence of highly unusual neutron bombardment is a major part of my wondering about artificial creation of Polonium-210.  It would be darn twisted if they were aware of this (They may not be; I do occasionally think outside the box), but one popular way for experts to belittle the significance of man-made fallout is to refer to “naturally occurring Po-210, a hot alpha emitter”…  See more about this specific pondering HERE.


As far as I’m concerned, Cobalt-60 IS thé smoking gun, and that is exactly why I think it was omitted from (not even mentioned! in)  the well-received-by-the-establishment academic study, “Fukushima’s Forgotten Radionuclides: A Review of the Understudied Radioactive Emissions”, by Georg Steinhauser, to which Dr. Ken Buesseler of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute first referred me too.    (Given this blatant omission, Ken’s over-focus on just radioCesium-134/137 and I-131, as well as glaring lack of investigating  “enhanced natural” concentrations and ratios, such as of alpha-emitter Po-210, and so forth (all of which could shed much more light on ‘what really happenened at Fukushima’ and what is happening with the Pacific Ocean ecosystem as a result of Fukushima), I suspect these two fellows are knowingly licking the boots of the IAEA…   But that aside.)

Más data…

The below graphed gamma radiation record for Kicevo, Macedonia (period: Feb. 18, 2014 – May 18, 2016) :

Kicevo_Macedonia_5.4ceiling_3mo_a.9 Kicevo_Macedonia_5.4ceiling_3mo_a.8 Kicevo_Macedonia_5.4ceiling_3mo_a.7 Kicevo_Macedonia_5.4ceiling_3mo_a.6 Kicevo_Macedonia_5.4ceiling_3mo_a.5 Kicevo_Macedonia_5.4ceiling_3mo_a.4-> Notice: the most extreme spikes in May-June 2015 are seen here as well.

Kicevo_Macedonia_5.4ceiling_3mo_a.3 Kicevo_Macedonia_5.4ceiling_3mo_a.2

-> A good week after the Ru-103 detection in Norway, we see some gamma spikes here too after January 24, 2016.  Then, right after the largest spike since August 2015, early February 2016, there’s data gaps (seen all over the world).

Kicevo_Macedonia_5.4ceiling_3mo_a.1-> And here too, a little blip right around the time the spike in Cesium-137 was detected in Helsinki the first week of March 2016…

I don’t know what else I can do.  ;-/  I thought this would have set off alarm bells all over, but it’s been pretty darn quite.


— — — — — —    — — —  — — —    — — — — — —

To come back to the thoughts at the end of yesterday’s Entire Western North America now “Fallout Blind”

So Obama’s in Hiroshima… “Cute show…”  Baffling audacity of deception…


Obama’s making sure that if the memory “needs to be refreshed”, they’ll be ready to do so.

I find it unbelievable that media outlets aren’t pointing out the utter hypocrisy more (so blatant that it’s outright creepy): there’s a rather big gap between his speeches, and his actual decisions.  He’s the most pro-nuclear president in over 30 years, who’s in fact making sure nuclear weapons will not be eliminated from the US arsenal any time soon.

!-> https://www.armscontrol.org/blog/ArmsControlNow/2016-02-09/Last-Obama-Budget-Goes-for-Broke-on-Nuclear-Weapons


continue reading at source listed above.

For the first time since the 1970s, he’s approved the construction of new nuclear power plants.  The Obama administration worked closely with Japan to cover up the seriousness of the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear catastrophe.  Japan’s State Secrets Act was reportedly “recommended” by the US.

And as far a ridding the world of nuclear weapons…

New York Times, May 26, 2016:   Reduction of Nuclear Arsenal Has Slowed Under Obama, Report Finds

The numbers, shown below, @ open.defense.gov/Portals/23/Documents/frddwg/2015_Tables_UNCLASS.pdf, show that if President Obama would have continued in the tracks of President George W. Bush, the US would be free of nuclear weapons by now, which would have given the US the moral high ground to demand this of other nations.

Instead, the current Commander in Chief has made sure that didn’t happen.   So all his talk in Hiroshima, of the need for a “moral revolution”, was just that:  Talk.  Unfortunately his policies tell a very different story than his eloquent speeches.

open.defense.gov:Portals:23:Documents:frddwg:2015_Tables_UNCLASS.pdfEXCERPT See als:


— — — — — —    — — —  — — —    — — — — — —


— — — — — — —    — — —  — — —    — — — — —


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10 Responses to Fukshima Full-On China Syndrome, Still Fissioning! Just Another Opinion-Ramble, Sprinkled with Data (+ Possible Correction on Recent German Spikes; & Obama in Hiroshima – 2)

  1. hadia says:

    “When the truth is found to be lies
    And all the joy within you dies” https://youtu.be/hnP72uUt_pU

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  3. Robert says:

    Hi mvb,
    Nice rant!
    Sure wish someone in the government would choose to the right thing and address the artificial byproducts being detected as we all know something with a halflife of days has to be produced constantly to get the type of readings we are seeing so it is only logical that the byproducts are being released continuously.
    Fukushima is my bet as those coriums bubble away day after day but i think we are observing that every radiological event is being ignored.
    The rich folk could help but they seem busy with mutant mosquitos, screwing up linux, and building stone monuments for the folk of the future who wont be able to read them anyway. I think it would be nice if some folk went down to georgia and turned them into gravel, at least that is a good use of the stone…
    Government folk are just too busy stealing what is not nailed down while they still have time before retreating into those lovely underground bunkers me and you so graciously paid for so no help there.
    Most of the normal folk are lost in the “matrix” and too emotionally brittle for us to speak too about anything other than homosexuals, housecats, and hillary clinton.
    I still think i like the super mutant angle, where we are really already changed and have no clue when it happened and we just keep lumbering along with half lidded eyes and hungry mouths…

    p.s. Hi hadia!

  4. a well known Fukushima data collector says:

    I’m not sure that even if the government came clean and told the truth, that much would change in this toilet (U.S.S.A.) because the sheeple are deeply encapsulated in C.D. (cognitive dissonance) and enamored with Kardashian’s asses to get too many neurons fired up over a grave danger to mankind.

    I did an article on VT called; “9/11: A World Swirling In A Volcano of Lies” which covers all of the reasons I think it won’t make much difference one way or the other, because, as Samuel Clemmons once said; “It’s easier to fool a person than to convince them they’ve been fooled..”, and those words are pretty much on the top of this whole thing. Per my article, my assertion is that since the TalmudVision came on the scene in a major way, it’s been more or less the same as Kubrick’s black monolith, programming the goyim primates into servile imbecility and adoration of fake shit shoved up their primate asses from the day they’ve opened their eyes for the first time, to the day they get planted. And I think that from my travels in Europe years ago, I found that on a bad day there, most european’s I ran into were 40 points sharper in I.Q.’s than their Amerdekuhn counterparts over here, but no doubt due to the TalmudVision, that number has now narrowed to maybe parity now. One guy, a german gent who I flew over the AMARC years ago, so he could do an article for Der Spiegel about that facility used to decommission aircraft, I broke bread with at dinner after the successful photo flight, and so I asked him; “Yves, what do most of your german friends think of us over here…and please be honest?”

    He smiled at me, as we were eating in a Bonanza steak house in Tucson, cheapest dinner ever, and said; “you know, we, uh…kinda think you’re all meat heads..”

    I said to him; “well thank you for the candor” and we conversed about a whole bunch of other stuff before he and my girlfriend took off and got him back to his place he was staying at. Now, this same man has his own aircraft and he’s migrated here and as far as I know, still lives in the U.S., in Los Angeles, as he apparently became a police officer, a big switch from photo journalist. My guess is just to be a ‘donut guard’ as I refer to them as, really takes a huge change in your psyche to go that route full Monty. Though I wish him well, I didn’t really get much of a chance to find out what made him come live here in ‘meathead’ land.

    Needless to say, he was right. But, having said that, being right smack dab in the center of meathead central, certainly didn’t do much to dissuade him from becoming a citizen. I’d guess he has had to renounce his german citizenship to remain here, but who knows? I was particularly glad he took up aviation, however…and nabbed his own Cherokee 140 to fly around L.A. in.

    Back to the topic: If you can show people a photo of A-11 with so many glaring problems such as shadows from any number of odd angles, and in shadow objects brightly illuminated, and no friggin stars, and a LEM sitting on a pile of fine un-disturbed dust, if you can show them that and they cannot see any number of things horrendously ‘wrong’ with that shit, then yeah, you can out and out confess to almost anything and nary get a raised eyebrow. I think most amoeba’s in petri dishes would show more curiosity to clearly ‘wrong’ things in those photos, long before we even discuss solar flares and Van Allen added to the mix. That’s fundamentally why today, Barry Soetoro and company can do anything with their gun grab hoaxing, which I also do radio shows about, and nobody bats a fucking eyeball.

    I’m really ashamed to be known as one of ‘you’ here in this brain dead country, really. I certainly never have identified with the ‘incurious’ crowd ever. The universe is full of magic and wonder, and it’s sadly casting pearls before ‘swine’ showing any of that to Amerdekuhnz as I call them.

    it’s very sad. very very tragically sad that so few are even awake from their sarcophagus sleep in their zioturd generated matrix they live in. Red pill? No, more likely a Big Mac and large fries.
    And wait, there is the Kardashians, too!

    • hadia says:

      @ Data collector: your stories are so interesting and fascinating to read. With my poor head I tried to click on VT, which of course seldomly someone over here in Germany knows (maybe some veterans themselves). Now the puzzle: Am I right that you are Dennis? Plz correct me if not, then the candidate got 0 points.( due to my increasing health probs.(real good excuse).
      Candidly speaking you are so right, because these “swines” even would not realize casting pearls before them. Kardashians are the ones, who tell you what´s on.
      Please, do not eat Big Mac MacKotz, =macvomit. too much shit in there.

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