Entire Western North America now “Fallout Blind”

May 26, 2016

Like a countdown to full-on nuclear war-like fallout conditions, the Western United States’ BETA radiation monitors have been steadily dropping away.

Just a week ago, in (May 20, 2016) “US Radiation Monitoring Network Becoming “FALLOUT BLIND”“, I reported that the number of Beta Radiation monitors has been steadily dropping since the beginning of the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe in spring 2011.  Just this last half year, it was reduced from 6 to 3 left in the western US (with west I mean “west of, but still including, Denver”), and only 14 left in the US.

The trend continues:

US EPA’s Radnet Beta data that was still visible for Grand Junction, Colorado… is apparently no longer viewable…

  • We’ve lost Grand Junction, CO:


  • Just a day after my report on the troubling trend, at the end of May 20th, we also lost the last one in the entire Pacific Northwest, Olympia, WA:


  • Thus… the very last Beta monitoring station left in the entire western US, Albuquerque, New Mexico... is the last one left in all of Western North America.   It’s become entirely useless, though, spitting out almost entirely redacted data…:


To echo the gist once again:  The official radiation monitoring systems, all over the world, are RIGGED to hide the data when it matters most!

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I know…   As I’ve touched upon so many times, such as in mid-February in “Former KGB Agent Explains Why My Blog Is Pointless. (1985 Video)“, understanding something is one thing, responding wisely is a whole other matter.  The problem takes on a whole other magnitude when most people are, so it seems, actually not really that interested in studying what’s going on in their world, to come to understanding…

And thus Earth was lost…

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Oh… and “OT” – but I don’t think Obama’s visit to Hiroshima is what it’s made out to be.

For starters, it’s beyond disgusting he would go there, like his buddy John Kerry, and not apologize for the war crime those nuclear attacks were. It had NOTHING to do with “ending World War 2”, and EVERYTHING to do with intentionally starting the Cold War, as part of a long-term plan towards establishing a de facto secular-Luciferian “New World Order”.   Honestly, I think he’s there not to pay tribute to the dead, but to the sinister heartlessness that was unleashed there.  Why?  Because they’re counting down… one monitor at a time… to fulfill their psychopathic plans…   and do it again.

Hiroshima, pretty much a refugee city full of families, where the majority of flash-incinerated-to-death were under 10 years old, is not a place you can visit and feel like, “Yup, we would do this again if we feel like it” unless you are a member of a most evil cabal that does not in any way have the best intentions at heart for humanity and kin.

I’ll leave it at that.

Related to the latter…: 

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16 Responses to Entire Western North America now “Fallout Blind”

  1. a well known Fukushima data collector says:

    I think that the U.S.S.A. needs to just put up Kardashian videos on the E.P.A. monitoring sites, and that’d be all that they need to divulge to the moron sheeple. After all, even if they didn’t redact or obliterate the data, the morons wouldn’t get a clue anyway. In a room full of idiots, does Soetoro need to hold his tongue while urinating on the dead there at the site of the most hideously unjust war crime in modern times? No. He can just chortle and chuckle, maybe even break out fresh onion like he did for Sandy Hoax, to get fake tears rolling maybe.

    not that an ‘apology’ would do much for the Japanese at this point, they know when they’re dealing with the U.S.S.A. they’re dealing with rabid dog killers who drone strike old men, women and children per Soetoro’s thursday list he goes over with yet another khazarian piece of shit handler, to determine who lives and who dies.

    long as they’re brown, and they don’t know what’s on at 9 p.m. central, who cares, right?

    hiding the data will continue. soon there’ll be none. just fake graphs, fully copy and paste jobs, maybe even blank graphs. That’s your tax dollars at jerk as I call it. When playing to a house full of morons, no need to over think, or be too elaborate for the ruse, just do it simple. blank it all the fuck out. the morons won’t notice. trust me, they’re not even looking.

  2. a well known Fukushima data collector says:

    oh, I forgot, John KOHN is another tribe member. one of the synagogue of satan gang, like Vickie Nudelmann, live to feast on the flesh of young babies and the dead elderly. Human komodo dragons, they are. monsters from hades. What KOHN and NUDELMANN did in the Ukraine recently is another war crime. Everywhere they go, they bring death and destruction. that’s their tribe. it’s about death and mass murder, for the almighty shekel grub.

  3. Robert says:

    Hi mvb,
    Sure is hard getting through to the truth…
    Detector dropouts do fit nicely in my theory of official deniability as everyone can safely claim “i did not know” while omitting (we shut off the network specifically so we would not know).
    These folks are mostly lawyers so a total lawyer dick move fits the game theory.
    I agree that the detector networks are wired to avoid certain types of reporting such as high radiation levels…(who knew they were not for that purpose after all).
    Space weather .com was shut off during a recent near miss X flare event as i expect many other sites and system will be when reporting becomes “inconvenient”. Earthquake data drops are one example
    Now there are those radiation detecting drones but who do they send data to? Not to civilians..
    I guess we need a kickstarter pitch for a homebrew detector network, heck maybe an app..
    The current crowd of activists seem harder to keep together as well..(herding cats seems easy compared to keeping them on message.. (I mean come on “gasser” at enenews; those song parodies are not as cute as you think..
    If the whining and self promotion on that site alone was dollar bills we could have had a new network up and running with chemical testing to boot.
    Add in the destructive actions of shills, trolls, .gov agents and the movement towards truth seems headed for an early termination.
    If it were not for the actual good hearted folk involved in this important work we would be lost.
    Sorry i got no other options except for someone with smarts and time to challenge the system to step up and put on the crown of thorns this matter has become for citizen scientists.
    The King is dead long live the King sort of stuff…

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  5. a well known Fukushima data collector says:

    if you remember the ‘Tsar’ bomb, the russians throttled it back out of fear it would be so powerful it might consume a lot more oxygen in the fireball than anything they could think of, so they derated it. CERN might discover some more ‘zioturd’ named particles that when translated, equate to ‘rat’s dong’ in english. Not that I’m not into science, I just think it’s likely to be a huge hole in the ground with a lot of electric bill unpaid when they shut it off due to lack of funding.

    it’s probably a lot of ‘hat’ and ‘no cattle’ with regard to danger to mankind. this new particle they named the other day, I’m surprised they didn’t name it after Barry S. and call it the ‘soetoro-qui’ in honor of the Nobel Prize winning puppet. it quit being fun when they got past ‘muon’s.

    in an age of extreme ‘debt’ and ‘imposed by LaGarde’ austerity plans for E.U. like the world we live in, who in the E.U. is paying the freaking electrical bills for CERN today?

    that thing must consume terawatts of power when running at flight idle. it surely isn’t watch spring powered for sure, nor solar.

    • hadia says:

      Hi, data collector, I know this video could not be shared very commonly, maybe only in USA,
      but could I ask you for your candid position? Is it true that foreign troups are already out there for Martial law?
      @MVB, is it a rumor that Russian troups are already around in BEAUTIFUL Colorado? Things are pretty much confusing, aren´t they? let us stay peaceful then, hmm https://youtu.be/X_MP5CRwKHM

      • MVB says:

        Russian troops in Colorado? Um… Probably as many as are patrolling Brussels. ;-) I’ll post photos if I see any. lol

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