+24 µSv/hr Spike in Hungary, Data Gaps Amidst Spikes & Peculiar Detections

Just data:


The +24 µSv/hr “glitch dot” @ Taborfalva, Hungary, was ‘not validated’, but in my non-expert opinion that doesn’t mean much when they don’t bother to validate anything at this monitoring site:


In a 3 month context, with the disturbances correlating with “peculiar detections” elsewhere in Europe:


That and a very nearby other monitor show, as is otften the case, very different details, though they share the “data gaps amidst spikes” theme, with a data gap possibly hiding similarly or even more extreme spikes:


1 month data:




1 month data from 2 monitors at the same location:


Some examples from outside of Hungary:



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8 Responses to +24 µSv/hr Spike in Hungary, Data Gaps Amidst Spikes & Peculiar Detections

  1. a well known Fukushima data collector says:

    more monkey business by the intelligence community running things, you would think that they’d at least ‘lie’ to us all and make some sorry excuse for the data gaps (expunging of data) from these graphs. Obviously the E.U. is ‘asleep at the wheel’ totally and nobody in those countries is watching this with any concern. I’d like to have once believed that if anyone would object to being roasted, it would be those in Germany and Denmark and Sweden and Norway, but clearly they too are preoccupied with texting and the TalmudVision to care. Maybe they’ve been so pre-programmed to immediately reject anything that doesn’t come from the TalmudVision or the mind control drivel on the radio.

    I’d like to discuss this stuff on an upcoming radio show on Friday, and reference this site as a reference point for the data, with your permission. It’s important enough to be brought into the show even though the first part will be about 9/11 Pentagon fakery and b.s. spewed to protect the outrageous Official Story. my preference would be to do a full 2 hour show strictly about Fukushima again, as I have done several now about this very very dire problem.

    thanks MVB, nice to know someone can see the monkey business with the data redactions and omissions the European’s are doing to prevent the truth about Fukushima from being known by the general public there. They need to know, but they are blinded and unable to see.

    • MVB says:

      You don’t need permission to refer to this blog. You can quote and refernce all you want. All I object to is copy-pasters (sploggers) who take it all just to please their audience (with stolen content). If people google Allegedly Apparent Blog, it should be in the top few results. Drop me a link if it’s posted online somewhere. Tx.

  2. a well known Fukushima data collector says:

    thanks, and I will try to give you the link so you can stream it as it is happening if at all possible. if it’s not possible for you to jump in there live on the link, I’ll also check and see if we can have you join in and speak over the phone perhaps on the toll free line for comments, that’d be very good if somehow I can get it coordinated.

    as you can imagine, they (THEY being CIA probably or FBI, more or less the same stasi jerkoffs) tend to interfere with these shows. in one case they broke into our telephone conversation during the show and laughed openly, a very blatant and ‘in our face’ way of saying they had not just the capability but the permission or authority to do so. In cases like that I usually get a few words in about them edgewise, whether they like it or not. Pathetic that the same jackasses who interfere are also not impervious to harm but somehow must believe they are indeed above it all maybe.

    anyway, Fukushima is front burner for a number of reasons. As the radiation doses in EURDEP’s jurisdiction get worse and more frequent as I believe they will now, someone clearly will start to toot on a whistle I hope and blow the lid off it and expose it in Europe. At some point as you might have guessed, EURDEP will just go offline or take many sensors off line. E.P.A. has more or less done the same thing, the only thing they haven’t done is drop heavy lead shielded bags over their sensors in the field. Maybe we can recommend which wires to cut, etc. Might be helpful even if they don’t ask. one of the things I’m very good at is being able to smell big rats when a sensor’s noise floor changes drastically, signal to noise ratio’s change without reason, meaning it was swapped out with a ‘dead one’ or the data is clearly not from a working sensor at all. Another key point is the normal distribution of data points when fake is really quite different looking, so their best bet would be to cut and paste data from the same sensor over and over again in place of the high detects, which in time we could possibly find and isolate by overlaying what appear to be ‘exact dupes’ but that’s tedious work as you can imagine.

    it would be nice to be in contact with bona fide genuine people in the jurisdiction of EURDEP to get them involved and help us get the word out. You and I both know in time that there will be a crackdown on this ‘truth’ we’re telling and that as usual, it’s not out of the question for them to take your blog offline and threaten you and myself and others who participate here in these discussions.

    my approach to them is just to work around the obstacles they put up. I’ve had NSL’s served on my banking, my e-mail shut down, and other nasties, and it still has not stopped me.

    to some of us, the TRUTH is important enough to sacrifice all for if need be. the TRUTH cannot be suppressed. It always rises to the surface of the rubbish with a brilliant shining light of authenticity that they cannot suppress or diminish. Playing this game with us is at the least, validating the importance of our work to expose the TRUTH to disinfecting sunlight.

    if we do nothing else, we surely must never blink in the face of such adversity, and in the end, TRUTH WILL OUT. It always does. History bears that very immutable fact out. TRUTH cannot be fully suppressed.

  3. hadia says:

    @data collector, well, I do not want to bath myself in any hybris, but speaking like in your latest blog above, imo is not fuly correct. Although there are some not that well educated people, SIR, you should at least also take into consideration that there are also OTHERS, who DO care and do their utmost to inform our world. (maybe not under military intellectual supervision) , but from the clear, deep state of mind and with all effort and best knowledge.
    and btw: again good health to you, personally. Empathy is also worth more than bequerel or?
    if we poor humans will fight our last war, then nature will fight its next one.

    Also you are right that the EU is in my eyes INTENTIONALLY asleep. So where from then “sheeple” should receive their information? Not via TV, believe me, nothing, but nothing has been shown on TV since 2011 about FUKU. Nothing, not a damn word. That is the betrayal we citizens are suffering from!
    Our governments keep us between Euthanasia and care.
    @MVB it is also very much appreciated if you can render any u tube or other media links regarding the FUKU and RAD issues around the globe. merci.

  4. Robert says:

    Hi mvb,
    Wow great news you are going to be mentioned and referred to by Fukucollector on a show!
    With all the care to detail you “apparently” enjoy (pun intended) folks are going to see how much they are not being told and how well you take care to gather great factual evidence.
    This and other victories are out there wthin reach so keep doing your best it is working!

  5. thefoolonthehill says:

    Sorry it’s a long one – I’m gonna give it a rest after this one for a bit.
    Reckon Michael might be having too much reading/moderating to do with these essays – it’s been interesting though. (M?).

    Re. linking the Zio cabal to Fuku, the report about the missing fuel, which has appeared all over the place since yesterday, caught my eye. Some of the comments under the RT version were extremely depressing, but useful to see how many refuse to see the writing on the wall even when writ large in the mainstream..

    The official quote, as carried on Majia’s Blog was;

    …”It’s estimated that approximately 200 tonnes of debris lies within each unit,” said TEPCO’s Naohiro Masuda. “So in total, about 600 tonnes of melted debris fuel and a mixture of concrete and other metals are likely to be there.”

    As it was quoted on RT;

    “…Masuda said. The official estimates that approximately “200 tons of [nuclear fuel] debris lies within each unit,” which makes in total about 600 tons of melted fuel mixed up with metal construction elements, concrete and whatever else was down there.”

    Those last phrases “…and other metals are likely to be there” and “whatever else was down there” …
    Hmmmm… so what could have been down ‘there’?
    I suppose Masuda could be just referring to construction steel, a bit of copper, aluminium, stainless & probably lead, some unburned zirconium from the melted fuel rods, and a few trace odds and ends from equipment. But with RT putin their spin on it, it bugs my suspicion gland.
    Brings my mind back to the wild claims of there being a weapons lab underneath at least one of the units and Japan enriching Uranium for Iran. Mininukes, anyone?
    Oops, fell down the rabbi hole again!

    Data collector, I’m sorry to hear about your having to remove things from your skin.
    I think there are hot particles all over the planet now – some people would accuse us of being radiophobic, but I would say I’m more carcinophobic, if phobic at all.
    A couple of weeks ago I was out sweating in the dry air when we had gamma peaks locally here and over about 4 hours a tiny pinhole-burn sore developed on my face which suddenly appeared and bled persistently – never known anything like it before (had plenty of spots, bites, stings, thorns, spinters, eczema, etc – but was none of those). It itched like mad, and after just washing it out & sticking a bit of tissue on it (like always works for a shaving nick) and trying to ignore it for a few hours while it just kept bleeding I ended up digging a small crater in my cheek with my fingernail and being very careful to scrape-out (sorry if this is getting graphic) and wash away the arising mess. It quickly stopped bleeding after that, despite being a 3mm hole, and has healed-up fine now without a mark to show. I think this is the reality we live in now.
    I’ve had more nosebleeds over the last year than I’ve had since childhood (used to live 3 miles downwind of a NPP – coincidence?).
    I pity our lungs.

    I had a review of the EURDEP charts & last December was a quite bumpy month, (although the last year or so hasn’t been good), so maybe a Hanford tank did add to the atmospheric stew. I suppose it is possible that fresh fission products are coming from there – they certainly seem to be having ongoing issues with tank workers inhaling fumes, the jet stream passes that way fairly regularly and those fumes aren’t stopping at the perimeter fence. I don’t have membership for NETC to look at the historic data round the site in December unfortunately.

    The final scene from the Body Snatchers movie you mention is one my friends & I refer to regularly – it’s the same here in the UK too. Everywhere I suspect. Either one has been assimilated or one is sort of ‘on the run’ with few places left to hide (my hill is nowhere near high enough to feel any sense of remoteness).

    I think the thought that EURDEP will fade from view is a very real prospect.
    After I’ve moved house I intend to get a Geiger and start monitoring & posting data somewhere.
    We need a global citizen data net – that’s a big task to tackle in this campaign.

    I liked Robert’s idea, on another thread, of ‘Radiation Anonymous’ – I definitely have a problem with radiation. I think it should be ‘Radiation Unanimous’ though – we all have a problem with radiation!

    The Fool.

  6. a well known Fukushima data collector says:

    a couple years ago, a good friend of mine and I were covering the H1N1 ‘false flag’ event, whereupon they released a gene spliced version of that from multiple locations globally, and, just like mother nature, she mutated their genetically engineered virus into a form that wasn’t really lethal any longer. We were in contact with a female lab worker in Kobe who was involved in the gene splicing of the virus, and we had enough cause to, before contact with her, suspect that the release of the virus was more intentional than a naturally occurring event. She later left the lab and went on the lam and contacted us with more information about the absolute fact that their intent had to be to kill a lot of people globally with it back in 2009. So, it’s not unimaginable to envision the T.E.P.C.O. folks being on board with weapons work, which at some point long ago used to be reprehensible if not fully illegal in Japan, due to their being victims of the U.S.S.A. and the khazarian mafia who sought to profit off of a protracted cold war financing of endless arms race.

    as for the missing fuel, 200 tons times ‘3’ seems probably about right, but we know in the case of Unit 3, that core, or most of it, went straight up in a nuclear detonation, and unbelievably, a chunk of fuel pellet actually was identified in Norway after the event, and that’s a long way for a piece of Fukushima to travel in a size that makes it recognizable as fuel pellet material, perhaps using the naked eye or mere magnifying glass not a microscope. Least the Russians intercepted their corium from Chernobyl and stopped it before it could become a ‘china syndrome’ problem on their turf. I don’t think they scratched their noggins much, being that thousands sacrificed their lives to try to contain that mess. In japan they just pump sea water on it and call it good, and talk about a fictional ‘ice wall’ that is more smoke blown than anything else. Ice wall? really? How the hell does one keep an ‘ice wall’ intact as a barrier? The CIA’s top khazarian mafia scum who wrote the batman crap used in Sandy Hoax were working full time dreaming up crap like ‘ice walls’ for us to accept, and valiant efforts to save the spent fuel pool at Unit 4 which Gunderson proved was compromised and beyond repair immediately after the blast in March of 2011. Lots of bullshit stories about valiant efforts to retrieve fuel when all evidence points to uncontrolled fuel rod fires and neutron flux problems that would prevent anyone getting anywhere near that shit, for eons, let alone leisurely retrieve fuel assemblies. With all of the spent fuel in nearby storage, by now the gamma shine and neutron issues must be such that even robot equipment can’t get near any of it. So far it looks like they built a bunch of short term holding tanks which they just pump into the sea anyways, why bother holding it at all is my question? to validate the tank farm build? C’mon, folks, this is utter horse shit and nonsense they tell us in calibrated leak after calibrated CIA leak.

    as for your facial particle, I had one on my left cheek that, just like you, I couldn’t stop the bleeding, it
    finally got to the point I had a several centimeter long wound on my face on that side which I had to hide with bandaid bandages to not repulse other drivers when in truck stops. The sudden tumor growth on my right shoulder was different, it just came out of nowhere and rapidly grew and looked exactly like any of the thousands of pictures of carcinoma’s in web indices for skin cancer searches I did to identify it. I took pictures and sent them to my co-author and radio show host so he could see that it wasn’t a pipe dream or nightmare of mine. Most people I think would be loathe to do the self removal as I did, and you did for your face particle, but you know ‘witch doctory’ won’t admit it’s radiation at all and would chide us for suspecting that. My last ‘khazrian jew’ doctor, an asshole named Blumenthal, when treating me for breathing in asbestos at LowKeyMurder as I call ‘Lockheed Martin, in Eagan, MN, where I worked, was more concerned with whether or not I was going to ‘sue’ LM over the asbestos, or what. I told him; “look, dickbrain, your job is to treat me, not query me about my possible litigation against LM here..” That asshole did nothing for me, certainly was the last ‘ quack I will ever allow to touch me or cajole me with his zioturd humor. I literally got so egregiously screwed with that episode in my life that because my insurer retroactively killed my coverage back to a month before my termination from LowKeyMurder, where once again I had to whistle blow not just about the asbestos in the air, because it was flaking off the ceiling above us in our lab we worked in, and we were all breathing it and getting sick from it, but that they were falsifying tests on a console, quite ironically, called ISIS, that is the TACCO position console on board E-2C Hawkeye AEW aircraft, 40 of them at the time, which had that piece of shit on board, effectively jamming them so bad they couldn’t use navigation aids or the ILS and Glideslope receivers, nor talk on UHF frequencies, with those two consoles on. Blumenthal being a good tribe member, must have had stock in LM, and was worried about losing value. Anytime you trust a tribe member to be a real human being, and you’re a ‘goyim’ you best think again. Purim is 24/7, 365 days a year for those assholes. My disdain for khazarian ‘body snatcher’ bastards knows no bounds…for good reasons. Never ever trust them. And never trust christians who hold them inviolate or ‘special’ as most christianity says they are ‘chosenites’ and they are in fact, frauds from Turkey, to the last asshole usurper. Most don’t have a single drop of semite blood in their veins, because they are ashkenazi’s and imposters who adopted the religion between 840 and 930 A.D., about 800 n.m. from Palestine, and they spent 12 centuries inbreeding, magnifying the worst of worse traits in humans by doing that.

    anyway, a kid at work not too long ago had a facial lesion that wasn’t acne, and I had to tell him how best to treat it. I found a regimen of hydrogen peroxide rinsing along with applications of ‘vitamin E’ from caplets directly to the wound, helped the healing when nothing else, not even antibiotic cream, would do anything for it.

    more people are going to get a whiff of jiff as I call it. a lot will simply drop dead of cardiac failure.

    this battle is now joined, but it really began when Bauer clan matriculated out of Frankfurt Am Mein as whore mongers and loan sharks. That’s when it really began, long before Fukushima.


    • hadia says:

      @Data collector, Grade A, super, except one little mistake: Frankfurt am Main. River Main. Mein means mine, my. And you are definitely mein, my mine to read now on MVB´s.You know a lot. I will change my avatar at ene…s, because the sky close to Frankfurt area looks like that now. Burning hell red. what the h is really happening?!

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