Denver & Colorado Springs 2 weeks of Radnet data

Just a blip of 2 weeks of US EPA Radnet data, on which you can see a data gap around another monitor not so far away showed a spike:  Denver & Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Anyone who pays close attention to the official (albeit often “not validated”) radiation data has seen evidence of apparent ‘algorithms’ operating within the data processing software that appears to have only one purpose: to hide as much of the evidence of highly unusual radioactive fallout events.


Would you like “a wind map clue” with that?,34.72,512/loc=-105.210,39.245

The systems are rigged to deceive the public that all is well, while in all actuality not all is well whatsoever:   We’re in the midst of a nuclear crisis the world has never seen before.  Fukushima suffered full-on ‘China Syndrome’ meltdowns, of which one or more coriums is still actively fissioning.   The cover-up must end.

Nuclear fission is neither safe nor clean.  It’s extreme disrespect towards humanity in general, particularly downwinders (which is increasingly everyone), the communities ravaged by the Uranium mining, as well as various imperilled species and future generations burdened by the spreading fallout, leaks, and growing piles of unsafely stored nuclear waste.

I’m hopeful.  But something’s got to change.

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7 Responses to Denver & Colorado Springs 2 weeks of Radnet data

  1. a well known Fukushima data collector says:

    Well, MVB, your closing on the end of this post is without a doubt exactly what had to be said. I want to add to this a bit and tell people what I have sacrificed for ‘nuclear power’ in my life:

    in 1974, I was assigned to the U.S.S. Truxtun, a Guided Missile frigate, actually what was called a ‘destroyer leader’, because she was designated DLGN-35 by the Navy. She was one of Hyman G. Rickover’s ‘breeders’ making material the weapons establishment of the United States would use in warheads. This is not conjecture, this is fact. But, it was sold to the moron sheeple of the United States (one of the few times I’ll use that name for this shit farm, btw!) as ‘clean’, and ‘safe’ and ‘efficient’ energy. I was assigned this ship because I was one of the best and brightest, not because of any other reason. My job was to be an ELINT operator, maintaining millions of dollars of Electronic Warfare (ESM/ECM) equipment. As a collateral duty, I ultimately had nuclear weapons responsibilities beyond mere security, as a ‘key holder’, so I ended up spending more time close to warheads than the average person on the ship without those responsibilities. I remember within the first week I was there, that during ‘indoctrination’ I had a form shoved under my nose that said that I fully understood; “that while I am aboard Truxtun, I will absorb no more radiation than I would on any city street anywhere in the United States..” As you can imagine, I was smart enough to know that was utter bullshit. I refused, and I do mean, REFUSED, to sign that document, handed to me by a man who later ended up designating me as a ‘key holder’ on this vessel. I was told I had to do something with the form, and I said; “here, I’m putting an ‘X’ here, that means I saw this, but I do not agree..” They accepted this and let it be, but I paid a price for my consent to remain on this fucking weapon of goddamned death. I lost my thyroid from my service aboard this ship. Currently I have a nice neat, tucked in the natural crease of my neck, scar from when it was removed, and I was under a ‘local’ anesthetic, not put under, because I had coffee that morning and confessed to that. So for me, I watched the whole two hour operation, tears running down my face, but me being very quiet as they cut on my thyroid till there was nothing left to do further biopsies in the lab with. Then, for several days I was in suspense about the outcome of that surgery, but what was worse, the staples used to close the wound popped that night and my neck was ‘agape’ when I woke up the next day because my spouse saw that and was vomiting before I woke up.

    I’m one of the few people on this planet who’s hand his hands on nuclear weapons. I’m infinitely familiar with what those looked like, and what band they had on them which indicated what they were, versus the conventional ones, which had a different color band on them. My geiger counter I had on the loading area easily told me the difference, though not one word was ever said to me about which were which. In any case, I spent ‘5’ years aboard this ship, walking past two critical reactor plants to go between my work space in Combat Information Center, and my bunk in the aft part of the ship, almost directly over the ship’s screws. Five years I got dosed. Five.

    When I had a conversation with the Chief of Nuclear Medicine at the V.A. in Minneapolis, after my surgery, after they had examined my body scan, he told me this; “you guys who served on these goddamned things really got roasted….”, to which he added; “I’ve looked at your stuff and I have to tell you, that in all likelihood, you will NOT live to be an old man..” When he saw that I was intently listening to his every word, he then said; “we see so much data that shows every single one of you on ships like this paid a very heavy price for your service…” Needless to say, I thanked him for his candor. I’ve filed for disability only to have the V.A. stipulate I go to a meeting ‘in the past’ because the envelope post marked from the point of origin in Pennsylvania at no less than a fucking P.O. box, was after the date the letter inside said I had to go be ‘examined’ for my disability. That’s the kind of government I deal with. One that is so insane as to think I can do fucking time travel.

    I’m sorry about the profanity here, but MVB is right about this nuclear shit. It is irresponsible. It’s beyond that, and as a matter of fact, this event in Japan is an Extinction Level Event, not just a mere screwup. It will ultimately result in billions of deaths, and probably the extinction of the human race. That will take time but it will be a very ugly and horrible end to human evolution, and to be honest about it, I take no pleasure in knowing this. I only feel sadness, per my Episode 97 show on YouTube, it’s not a joke or a bad dream. It’s very real. And it is very terminally so.

    Today we have jackasses in governments trying to hide this fact from us. Are they doing us any favors? Absolutely not. Every single human being on this planet deserves to know the degree to which this fuckup in Japan will affect them. This is not some silly minor error. This is something that we have no tools or technology to stop or end. Stupidly, the Japanese trusted the C.I.A. more than they trusted common decency, and put a lock down on the TRUTH about this event in 2011.

    Today, ladies and gentlemen, we are in very very deep shit. This is not fear mongering, this is reality and one that we cannot really alter very much now because the time for action was even long before the reactors went tits up. This shit should have been halted years ago, long before Bernard Baruch could convince Harry S. Truman to use nuclear weapons on a capitulating Japan.

    We now face extinction. Why? Because we have let irresponsibly criminal men and women lend us to believe they could be trusted with the keys to our future. They cannot and have not been sane or responsible stewards of this. Your indifference, your lack of caring, your ignorance about how criminally negligent the world governments have become, has been your epitaph. YOU all bear as much responsibility as do the monsters who decided to do this, using this insane technology not just to generate power, but to make devices for mass destruction. The hypocrisy and the absolute utter insanity bear mute witness to the end of us. MVB is right. But the term ‘irresponsible’ is not going to touch this. I have a better term. INTRINSICALLY EVIL fits better.

    I’ve said my piece. We got here because too many trusted MONSTERS with our future. We lost the gamble. And mankind will rue the day that the first device detonated in the New Mexico dessert at Trinity. “I have become death”, said Robert Oppenheimer. How right he fucking was.

  2. a well known Fukushima data collector says:

    something I wanted to add about the data manipulation here, and it’s simply this:

    To so deceive the people globally about this problem, to go to these ends to hide the data, and keep it from people’s eyes who wish to know the TRUTH about how bad this is, is beyond criminal.

    They know that if the public ever finds out the magnitude of this disaster, there will be hell to pay.

    I hope that whomever finds those responsible for this is not kind to them when they hang them.

    and they really should be hanged.

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  4. thefoolonthehill says:

    Hey, data collector – I’m glad you’re still here.
    We need survivors who have the energy to fight back, like it feels you do.
    I’ve watched your show – good work, man.
    You’re right I believe – this could well be an extinction event, and I don’t know what the answer is, but getting the message out has to be a big part of any solution.
    Strength to you.

    Hi Michael.
    Was interesting to see how you put this;
    “Us versus them is what got us in this situation”.
    With great respect, I disagree. I would say that;
    “Them versus us is what got us in this situation. Us versus them may be the only way to get us out of it”.
    I’m a peacemonger by nature (as I know you are too), but I’m doing all I can to rise to this battle, (I’m currently barely able to stand with a collapsing spine and my PTSD is running at near full crazy – but I’m slowly starting to find my feet out here in the Matrix) and have been doing so on and off for twenty-odd years (used to do a lot of demonstrating back in the day, and have banged the anti-nuke/anti-‘toxic corporate industries’ drums loudly at every opportunity). I feel I need to do more, but am currently failing. I almost feel embarrassed by your efforts and successes.
    I struggle against normalcy bias and indifference in the people around me, and this is very soul destroying – it’s like shouting at blind, deaf children playing on the railtracks while I can see a train coming around the bend. I’ve fallen out with a lot of people over the last five years over this issue – especially the ones with kids and grandchildren.
    They don’t want to know – as long as soap operas, football, kitten pictures and facebook keep them mesmerised there is this wall of wilful ignorance I keep charging at and breaking myself against. I sense the same frustration in you.
    One thought I keep coming back to is ‘meme’. The sheep picture made me think it again yesterday. We need a meme to sweep the world – like the freaking satanic (I’ve heard it described) ice bucket challenge, or the Harlem bastard Shake, but something which actually lands a hit on this problem. It amazes me what inanity people will get into sometimes when doom is bearing down on them. It has been done before with Greenpeace, CND – just the word/colour ‘green’ has become a rallying flag, but over time even these symbols have been subverted or hijacked.
    Like nuclear power now being rebranded as a ‘green energy’ or ‘low carbon’, etc.
    I sort of think of Fuku as the frontline in a greater war, and to fight this one in the trenches is a losers game with the kind of weapons they have. We need something big to defeat this foe – a human wave of awareness, before anything positive can actually happen – I reckon you know this, hence what you do. I don’t yet know how to go about it myself, but in between personal disasters I don’t think about much else.
    Thanks for keeping the drumbeat going – I’m moving towards taking up the bugle.

    The Fool.

    • a well known Fukushima data collector says:

      anger for me was long ago in my rearview mirror, it’s now honed to ‘steely resolve’ in that given the short time we have left here, my best guess is 25 or so years before life becomes very impossible for humankind, not because of ‘glow ball warming’ as was sold to us, morphed into ‘climate change’ now, but because too many idiot savants played with power above their mental level of responsibility and bathed the earth in death dealing radiation for a long time, culminating in this very ‘nail in the coffin’ one in Japan.

      when I quoted Oppenheimer’s bhagavad gita recital, I misquoted him, it was; “I am become death..” from Shiva the Destroyer. he of all assholes, like Edward Teller, and Albert Einstein, knew that if we went one inch over the line with this ‘death’ that there’d be no turning back. Oppenheimer’s recant of Shiva is all too very presciently correct about where this will lead. By the way, as you stated you are more or less falling apart, I too have health issues now that are directly related to the Fukushima exposure, I recently cut a tumor mass that was fast growing, on my right shoulder, off, myself, and I had to do it no less than ‘3’ times to get it to stop coming back in a week. So far, it’s not back, but I have another lump that recently formed below the skin, and it’s moderately painful, and that one I am a bit hesitant to cut out myself, though yeah, I may do that, and sew up the wound site or have someone else sew it up if I pass out. I do NOT trust the government via the V.A. to do anything but euthanize me for my other work about 9/11, and another false flag event that they tried to perpetrate in 1977, but two of us on my ship stopped, where we were evidently going to ‘accidentally’ shoot down a B-747 on final approach into Los Angeles from Hawaii one afternoon. That event is in a YouTube interview with Pilots For Truth, and we also discuss TWA-800, another ‘intentional’ but made to be an apparent accident that the F.B.I. covered up. When these events happen, you need to look at the manifest of persons on board to find out who was ‘to be dead’ at the expense of the whole planeload of people. Same goes for Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie. Clearly CIA done, the Scottish authorities had to deal with CIA personnel on the ground already, telling them not to evacuate ‘2’ flight crew members who survived the plunge to the earth in the nose section of that plane. It wasn’t ‘patsy’ Al Megrahi, it was CIA killing 7 persons on the plane coming back to testify before the Senate about CIA drug running, one of the passengers was a former Army Colonel, who had a suitcase full of CIA money as evidence. CIA made sure that suitcase got recovered, btw!

      what we are dealing with is a cabal who, for 287 years, has run roughshod over humankind with debt usury and corruption. They live outside of London, and they hold more than 860 TRILLION to over a QUADRILLION in assets, more than half of the known wealth on this planet. They are the reason Israel was created on Palestinian turf, and their name is on the main drag in Tel Aviv. They are the intrinsic EVIL that I speak of, as is their tribe. They are the quintessential threat to all mankind and animals alike.

      can we stop them? no. best we can do is decry what they do and what they are, and ensure that as the world dies, the sheeple get a whiff of jiff and understand who did it and for what.

      their attitude is this; “IF WE CANNOT HAVE EVERYTHING, YOU SHALL HAVE NOTHING..”

      if you read; “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” and “The Thirteenth Tribe”, you’ll get a very big clue who and what we are up against. These are not normal miscreants, they have spent 12 centuries inbreeding, and that malevolence which they are is very very polarized against ‘US’ in every way. Add to that the ignorance of the common person about who they are and what they do, and you have a nearly insurmountable situation where we cannot possibly undo what they have done. But this does not mean we capitulate to them. Hell should freeze over first, if you get my drift.

      linking them to Fukushima is very difficult to do, but the irony about Fukushima is that it occurred one year to the day after Japan decried that Palestine had a right to self-determination. Mileikowski, known by another name, the polack from Philadelphia furniture lore, once stated that he would destroy us if we threatened his pet project there as he and his ilk murder the real semites, who are the Palestinians.

      that’s what we’re dealing with here. a monolithic force, an ugly malevolent, brutally nasty force that thinks it is superior to all of us goyim. Unfortunately, they too will buy the farm when the lights go out over this mess we have in Japan, and future messes yet to have yet occurred. Let’s put it this way, they screwed the proverbial pooch. The Rothschilds die-nasty as I call it, gets to go down with us. They cannot possibly survive it. They’re building and buying bunkers, but for what? To serve as their tombs? At some point they must come back out. And they cannot possibly survive multiple generations below ground as they obviously think they can. All of the food and water down there will run out at some point in time.

      12 billion others, however, will die not knowing who was the root cause of the killing for the last 287 long bloody years….bloody because of one name and the names of their sayanim henchmen who, like they, believed us to be merely cattle. In a way, they were right, most are too stupid, like the line of cattle on the way down the chute to the abattoire where their lives end, suddenly and without much aplomb.

  5. hadia says:

    @data collector, “but the irony about Fukushima is that it occurred one year to the day after Japan decried that”.
    I read an article where it was mentioned that Fuku had been prepared already that one year before by zionist intellegence crew. It was said that there had been placed some “additionals” ca. one year before FUKU started.
    You brilliantly explained the story. Thank you.

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