+ 6 µSv/hr radiation spike @ Saarburg, Germany (May 24, 2016; near Luxembourg)

Online Radiation Monitors, May 24, 2016

This is the 3rd such spike in 10 days in the same region.

Data via EURDEP, validated:


3 month context:



See previous few months of blog posts (or click ‘Home‘ and scroll down) for broader context of increasing data gaps + spikes, amidst very “peculiar” detetions, including (all in 2016!) a spike in artificial alpha radiation, detections short-lived fission radioisotopes Ruthenium-103 and Tellurium-132, as well as upticks in Cesium-137 and detections of Cobalt-60.  On the latter, make sure to study (Jan. 26, 2016):  Any Significance to Cobalt-60 in Fukushima Fallout?

We’re in the midst of a nuclear crisis the world has never seen before.  Fukushima suffered full-on ‘China Syndrome’ meltdowns, of which one or more coriums is still actively fissioning.   The cover-up must end.  (This is my understanding and opinion. DISCLAIMER)

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15 Responses to + 6 µSv/hr radiation spike @ Saarburg, Germany (May 24, 2016; near Luxembourg)

  1. hadia says:

    @MVB, I am impressed that there are still some more “humans” on earth, who realize how late the clock has been intentionally set! Again, always tried to distract myself thus to forget about the “naked truth” that takes place on our earth.
    Nuclear f…. technology advances of killing, obviously is proceeding at an alarming rate. These morons still talking about testing this and that ultra-high-speed missile that would enable it to send nuclear warheads to all places around the world at hypersonic speeds, while we all are already “dead men walking” because of FUKU or other meltdowns taking place.
    What about us testing our positive fighting attitudes, via spreading the informations around the planet against “THEM”, the greedy airheads?
    Believe me guys, they will try to hide and harm us best and as long as they can.They DO fear us, that is why they are offending and insulting us people.
    @ FUKU data collector:
    I am very sorry what happened to you and that you have to challenge the medical situation living without your thyroid. I hope that there is a possibility to cope via medicine, because the thyroid is the Alpha and omega for our health.On the other hand – sorry I have to mention it – “look, what your loyalty got you(.” (but I do not want to be sarcastic).
    No, seriously, I would like to wish you a stabile immune system and a better and good health for your future. You deserve it, since you have showed the “insight” right in time. Danke. thank you for your brave behavior to speak on that issue at MVB´s blog.
    But according to my gut feeling we should expect something else completely different (do not exactly know why, only according to dreams).

    • a well known Fukushima data collector says:

      to me, after my military service, where every six months I would have to endure the ‘board’ meeting where I would be asked about whether or not I would consent to the use of our nuclear weapons on the ‘enemy’ in time of war, my answer was always conditional, which put me in a risky position because of the keyholder status. I merely held a combination to one of two safes the ‘keys’ were locked inside the ‘inner’ safe of, but without both open, getting them out could be very very tedious and hard, certainly not instantly as they wished to be the case. so when I remember those days, and the absurdity of some of our weapons being ‘suicide’ weapons because to use them meant our own ship’s destruction (ASROC) probably, it made no sense to carry more than a salvo of ‘two’ because the chance you could get the second salvo off was ‘nil’ because the first would have detonated a mere few thousand yards away, making another launch a bit of a problem.

      the insanity of even having these weapons is apparent to me. so many times in my history, we have been to the brink. Years ago, when I worked at General Dynamics building BGM-109G’s which deployed with nuclear warheads in Europe, I used to walk by a mural at the Lindbergh Field plant in San Diego and that mural was of launchers at the 45 degree launch angle, firing their loads of death while in a peaceful scene in the forest somewhere, birds in the trees, rays of sunlight filtering down to them. In reality, six minutes the incoming Russian counter strike would be there to obliterate that scene. I remember I personally put a memo into the senior VP’s in basked about how ‘insane’ that mural was, depicting the end of civilization as we know it. before these were deployed, the Russians had about half an hour to decide to launch a full retaliatory counter strike at the USSA. afterwards, about six minutes to make the same choice. Nothing like blind brinkmanship in your face like that. One of my co workers was a former Air Force Titan missile commander or launch officer, and he and I had many interesting discussions about how insane this shit really was. Later, these same missiles built at the Kearny Mesa plant, were used to blow up innocent people like Moammar Khadaffi’s daughter, and scores of others. It made me sad to think that shit that I had helped test was irresponsibly used to without justification, terminate human lives in distant countries, at the whim of psychopathic sociopaths in illegitmate rule in my country.

      When we nuked Japan, it was at the behest of a monster named Baruch who convinced a sick puppy to incinerate a quarter of a million people in two cities in Japan for no good reason anyone can think of. It’s been the PRIMARY war crime of the human species history, to do that, and yet not one nation charged these scum with genocide and war crimes under the Geneva Conventions, which it was. It was not an act of self-defense at all.

      how Ironic that this thing in Japan will ultimately be a long delayed payback to moron sheeple who jingoistically deem human life elsewhere to be ‘lesser’ than obese, fast food pounding down turds with at best double digit I.Q.’s over here.

      Soetoro went to Japan and did not apologize. They should have summarily asked him on the spot to perform ‘Sepukku’ right then and there. What an asshole.

      anyway, I once said on a radio show that maybe it’s fitting the human race end, because in all honesty, it’s become nothing less than an obscene ‘rat race’ in more ways than I can articulate here with my keyboard. my own health is failing, but I still persist, knowing that wherever my parents are after they died, they can somehow know that their son actually did what he could to put the brakes on this hellbound train for much of his career spanning 4 decades. It cost me a lot, but you know, it was worth it to be able to not avert my eyes when I do look into a mirror now and then to shave. I know a lot of people who probably secretly want to retch, but that’s not me. I stood and stand for something, and if we have any time left before I quit the fight, I think I’ll be known as a straight shooter who did what he could to stop them and get the truth out. My writings on Veteran’s Today and my radio shows speak to the fact that I never ever ever surrendered. That gives me great solace. :)

      • hadia says:

        @data collector, pretty interesting CV! What I admire most is that you can still look into the mirror and that you seem to be a straight character. Please, stick to it.

        Sometimes it bothers me really when I a listening to politicians and political commentators, explaining that there is not actually much they can do for us. And I now do understand why some of the so called doctors did harm intentionally to their patients. Like I wondered-long time ago- why a Dr. name Liebeskind (zionist name?!) xrayed my beautiful breasts as a young girl, 4 times a day!, because I believed her at that time that she “unfortunately” did the wrong x-ray foto position! Nowadays that would be called a crime, x-raying young girls just for fun!!

        • a well known Fukushima data collector says:

          my dear friend and buddy, Dr. Blumenthal, who treated me for my asbestos and toxic mold in my lungs that incidentally, killed ‘2’ co workers, now that man has a speshul place in my, uh, heart for his concerns about whether or not I was going to ‘sue’ LowKeyMurder for the asbestos exposure and lung damage.

          today, if there is a hell, that miserable zioturd son of a beyotch must be roasting on a friggin spit, being urinated on by the likes of his other buds, Stalin and Lenin, two more khazarian nightmares who would have applauded his question to me about whether or not I was going to sue my employer.

          I’m sorry your zioturd witch doctor wronged you, Hadia. Be they jurisdoctors, or witch doctors, or procto doctors, they’re all, to the last asshole, really scum, when they can do so much harm when at least the medical ones allegedly practice; “to do no harm”, but in fact, that turns out to; “enrich one’s self to the maximum to the peril of your patient / client”

          I’ve had a long life, and can only think of one khazarian ashkenazi jew who at least didn’t joy boink me without lubrication, as he represented me in a Qui Tam action years ago, against a scumball computer company that was ripping off the government (MICRON). As many of you might not be aware, MICRON got shoved off to a bottom feeder named Gores, who, along with about 80 million bucks handed to him by Simplot’s clan there in Idaho, managed to avoid the liability of the lawsuit by dumping the computer manufacturer before the government could take them down. As it would work out, 9/11/2001 occurred just about the time it went to a ‘criminal’ case and high ranking officials at the company were to be indicted for conspiracy to destroy evidence in their database, and other crimes.

          about the only thing more reprehensible in my eyes, between khazarian frauds, are practitioners of Mormonism. Vis-a-vis, they’re about as vindictive and nasty as it gets, and the term ‘satanic cult’ comes to mind when thinking of either of them.

          whether it’s defacing women with scalpels, or butchering men’s lungs with malpractice and bullshit, or flat out stealing every shekel they can, nothing on the earth can be more harmful than these two subsets of slime.

          an old joke about rattlesnakes comes to mind now: Q: “What does a rattlesnake and a man with a two inch scwhantz have in common?” (hebrew translation added for effect)
          A: “nobody sane with all sincerity, will usually fuck with either of them..”

          get a few sanhedrins of the Talmud under your belt, read the Protocols, and then, get back to me about how ‘beautiful’ their ‘adopted’ religion was. If you can get past the ‘sex with corpses’ and ‘3 year olds’, that is. They’re real pieces of, uh, work…..

          • hadia says:

            data collector, I 99% can agree with you on the medical topics, as far as many two faced physicians were concerned. I could tell you stories over stories, you would not believe, but are real, sad and true. May I ask what your radio show is named or on which channel you could be listened from Europe? I would certainly like to make a call when your radio channel is on.

            Furthermore, you are fully right describing the effect of Cäsium on heart-diseases.

            As far as the books of the Zions are concerned I have a question please: We were told at college that these books were falsed books by the bolsheviks at that time?
            and last not least, (I am very bad at math ) how many inch are how many cm ??hh

          • a well known Fukushima data collector says:

            the Protocols are real. they pretty much track what the Talmud says about how to treat us ‘goyim’ out here in the world. What Theodore Herzl did for zionism, his arch compatriots J.J. Angleton and the Dulles brothers who formed the C.I.A. out of the O.S.S. in the same year that Palestinians got screwed out of their land for these pasty faced khazarian fake jews who are ostensibly Turks and Poles moreso than any other group. As I have stated in comments here, most of them change their names, as has Mileikowski, and his other scumball predecessors in that slimebag government in Tel Aviv, even the German chancellor’s name changed to hide her true polish jew roots, albeit it enraged MVB to think I was picking on them unjustly when in fact there’s factual basis for what I say about them. Needless to say, when Nudelmann and Kohn and so many others who lurk in the governance of not just this toilet I live in here across the Atlantic from you, but who run the E.U. from the shadows of assumed aliases and name changes to prevent everyone from figuring out who they are. Go back in time and read of the founders of Israhell as I call it, all the way back to their earliest scumwad leaders. Almost exclusively polacks to the last asshole, with name changes. In any case the U.S. government has been fully infiltrated with organizations such as S.I.T.E., of Rita Katz mossad ilk, and Obsidian, a D.H.S. contractor instrumental in the gun grab hoaxes being perpetrated as shootings which never happened. Most people just refuse to understand that just like the Bolsheviks, who were khazars and who slaughtered millions of people in Russia, including huge numbers of christians, to the tune of more than 50 million or more, these guys are incredibly bad actors in any nation they alight in. It’s the reason they’ve been tossed out of more than 109 nations and countries to date. It wasn’t because they were nice people.

            anyway, no, the Protocols are real, and authentic. So is the Talmud. Read that, read the Sanhedrins (pharisees) and read their scumball ideas about how to treat ‘goyim’ and what is proper and what is not proper. That’s their holy book. It’s the biggest pile of filth that transcends anything pornographic you could ever get your hands on at the Vatican, the world’s largest purveyor of smut, hidden deep in their catecombs. Speaking of the Vatican, they turned their finances over to Bauer / Rothschilds in 1823 or so, the process took awhile from about 1821 or so onwards. But that should tell you something about why there’s a photo of the Pope on a Rope now kissing the ring of a Rothschilds publicly.

            when you think about deceit, think ashkenazi khazarian fraudulent jew, who has not one drop of judean blood in their veins. Read “The Thirteenth Tribe” and also, a more recent work by El Haik, which in essence reinforces Arthur Koestler’s work about these scum. And El Haik is one of them.

            thru history many many many ashkenazi’s have with conscience, blown the whistle on their tribe, as has Bobby Fisher, and many others. Just look up Louis.T. McFadden’s floor speech about them…and understand how Woodrow Wilson sold this nation unto debt slavery after the Federal Reserve Act was signed by him. Understand the 16th. Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was never ratified, and that the U.S. Treasury is the Rothschilds debt collection arm of a wholly illegitimate and illegal entity on U.S. soil to collect the debt. Most Amerdekuhnz are loathe to get a clue who has subjugated them and enslaved them, and it was NOT the friggin jesuits.

            Read the Sanhedrins. Try Sanhedrin 59a, and Sanhedrin 74b, and even Sanhedrin 106a, and while at it, try out Sanhedrin 54b, and 55a So much filth and so little time to expose it to those who still will not open their eyes and look at who and what they’re dealing with. Once you get a clue about how intrinsically evil these monsters are and what a threat they pose to every living thing, you’ll understand that the Protocols are being carried out today by them. Today. Not last week. Today.

            back on point about Fukushima, however, till I see proof of the transit of a Dolphin Submarine thru the Suez canal that puts it in the region of Fukushima for the event, I am a bit loathe to hang that on them. Having said that, it wouldn’t surprise me much if the actual vessel responsible wasn’t a U.S. Navy submarine that fired a torpedo into the shelf and caused it…as have been the recent spate of trans oceanic cable cuttings done by the U.S.S.A.’s navy, I still reserve or withhold judgment on these khazars for Fukushima. Stuxnet was their baby, and engineered to destroy Siemens ladder logic controllers in nuclear power plants, but that was a joint U.S. / Israeli project, and anyone who willfully sabotages a nuclear power plant, in my opinion, truly has no right to inhabit this planet with the other 12 billion of us who desire not to be enslaved or murdered at their whim. We were not born into this live to be debt enslaved or murdered as ‘stupid cattle’ as they refer to us as.

            and that’s about all I have to say about them. They’re evil and they have many sayanim helpers who aid and abet their work…who masquerade as christians when they in fact are nothing more than scum and vermin like these critters from hell are.

            ‘goyishe kup’ my ass. some of us are not.

          • MVB says:

            “even the German chancellor’s name changed to hide her true polish jew roots, albeit it enraged MVB to think I was picking on them unjustly when in fact there’s factual basis for what I say about them.”

            -> Doesn’t “enrage” me, dude. Whatsoever. I just don’t dig picking on any ethnic group just because some of its members went full-on deranged. It’s called RACISM. I appreciate some of your contributions / input / sharing here, but if you don’t knock off the racist crap, I’ll cut you off. No second warning.

          • a well known Fukushima data collector who has bid farewell to you all says:

            MVB, you always always have the right to edit my posts. Matter of fact, if you feel any of these posts are deleterious to the blog, you not only have my blessing to expunge them, but I won’t hold a grudge.

            I however will leave now. My reason for joining the discussion was to try to get the word out about Fukushima, and the threat it poses to humankind.

            I feel I have done that. and truly, not one in 10,000 American’s are equipped to logically deduce anything of any merit about matters that they should be concerned with, certainly not today and not sixty years ago either. the nation is awash with huge numbers of people who’s lucidity is borderline
            equivalence to garden variety gecko’s perhaps, no offense to reptiles.

            so, I will say goodbye now. I was warned, and MVB is right, this is his blog, but for what it’s worth, these things are happening not due to random screwups, but by design. some elite eugenicists in our midst think that the summary execution of mankind will be a good thing. I’ve traveled extensively and lived abroad long enough to know that a lot of the people are unaware about the ‘who’ and the ‘why’ these events have transpired. they weren’t accidents.

            so, in closing, I bid you all a fond goodbye. the few of you who seek truth here, seek truth because something inside you is telling you it’s time to reject all you have been programmed with. if you stick to MVB’s blog, you’ll get the truth because he is doing an exceptionally good job of analysis about what has happened and how the radiation is affecting the globe. for that, you should all be very glad you’re here to discuss this.

            we don’t have much time. contrary to reconciliation towards those who have done this, I have a much more sanguine approach to them. let them fester in what they have wrought, do not assist them, and if you do, do so at your own peril. the most deserving amongst humans are those who in stark bewilderment, believed that to self proclaim one’s chosen status was legitimate, when in fact, far as I can see, nobody is deserving of that title on this ball we share. delusions of grandeur, or ‘legends in one’s own minds’ syndrome is an indicator of something else far from superior ‘uber alles’ status. Voltaire had it exactly right. The ones who are intolerant of criticism are the false prophets, the bad leaders, the frauds. I think as we go to the next phase of human de-evolution as I call it, we should do our best to help one another, for sure those around us least fortunate, and surely, those who’s sole crime was to be born into a time and a place when it all unraveled on us because of extreme hubris and greed.

            au revoir, as french would say. seek truth, and never ever be afraid of it…no matter how pathetic and ugly it may be, for it is what it is. TRUTH is power, ultimately. Use it accordingly.

          • MVB says:

            @ “a well known Fukushima data collector”

            If the comment you left (shown below) after this I’m replying to was also yours, it went to SPAM automantically, for no apparent-to-me reasons.

            Except… I also noticed that nearly every IP address you’ve commented from is different, shifting around from downtown Los Angeles, to Paris to Helsinki and Germany. What’s up with that?

            The spam-flagged comment, time-stamped 2016/05/29 at 4:00 am was:

            as you may have been aware, I promised to cover this at the end of a 2 hour show on Saturday, but we had heavy interference, my audio wasn’t going over on the V.O.I.P. link, and they blocked my phone call to the studio, so we opted to resched for early this week same time. There have been shows where they broke our conntection every minute thru the entire show and we pressed on and did the show anyways. and in one, they broke into our voice call on phone and laughed openly at us. that took some nerve on their part but as you know, they hold all of the control cards here…we have few.

            as for the shows, they are usually posted almost immediately on JoooLube as I call it, YouTube, under The Read Deal, episode XXX (whatever) and when it gets posted either MVB can put the link up or he can allow me to because I am a firm believer of not pushing URL’s onto someone else’s web site even though our shows are really pretty bereft of adverts and such.

            I have a ‘theory’ about the bright flashes, and I could be wrong but I won’t know until I get more info from others who suffer them. As I stated, the space shuttle crews suffered them due to Gamma radiation interacting with their retina’s in that high orbit that their incompetent bosses parked them in, too close to Van Allen Radiation to be safe.

            I’m not a neurologist, I only play one in a soap opera now and then (moan) but I can tell you that some of us on Truxtun got to drink ‘wrongly diverted water’ which managed to find it’s way into the potable water tanks on the ship, giving us diahrrea and anemia, inclusive of hair falling out in clumps, etc. Hard to stop nose bleeds were part of that fun, I remember I would just on occasion end up with so much blood on my shirt before I could stop it that I would keep a handkerchief in my pocket for the inevitable nose bleeds I got that wouldn’t stop form some time. I do not remember any ‘bright flashes’ happening to my vision then, however, those are something fairly recent for me, and far as I know I don’t suffer them but once they go away you’re always thinking they’re back when they’re not. Mine may have been due to excessive nicotine inhalation as I was repairing video slot machines and poker machines in a casino for 9 months last year, but got laid off in December and after leaving that hellhole, the ‘peripheral vision’ flashes, aka as ‘optical migraines’ quit happening about three months out from being out of there, not too very long ago in March. If you or others feel the burning on your faces, there could be any number of things causing that, but ‘blistering’ as I suffered on my hand and leg on day 9 after Unit 3 blew up and the stuff made landfall here in W. WA. state, was pretty evident. And no I wasn’t in contact with toxic or caustic chemicals other than the rainwater that dripped off of my vehicle onto my hand and my right leg near my ankle.

            anyway, I wanted to pass on that I was in a book store today and people were talking about ‘thyroid’ problems, but I didn’t know them and kept out of the conversation though I have a rather easy to see scar on my throat where my thyroid had been removed decades ago, though the doctor who did the surgery did a good job of hiding that in the skin crease on my neck. You really have to look at it to notice it but it’s there.

            in any case, I hope we get the show on this week. It’s mostly about the Pentagon fraudulent faked attack of 9/11/2001, but the end of that show we’ll probably cover Fukushima and this blog if I can get enough in to do this place justice. I don’t want it to be just a drive by shooting, I think this matter is important enough to get a full two hour show in. All of my prior shows are on JoooLube or on another venue called Radiofetzer.blogspot.com going back a few years. There have been at least ‘3’ others including Ep 97 which is fairly recently done about Fukushima. I wish I could get MVB on the radio show so he can say in his own words what compelled him to do this work and get the word out. I don’t have any doubt about his authenticity nor his sincerity and we need that effort from all who can do this.

            I plan on writing a book in the next few months about how Fukushima has adversely impacted the area I live in, killing animals, trees, and really making the well water pretty radioactive now. As you might have known, our local area was in the 7 and 8 CPM realm before Fukushima happened, we’re up about 400 percent from that now, and at times we’ve had levels around 5,000 CPM back in mid 2012, with those tapering off but still not going down to the old numbers at all. I drove thru rain tonight and immediately went ‘recirc air’ when I hit that. Didn’t even want to be breathing it in if I could help it.

            thanks for writing and I hope I can stay on top of all of your posts here. MVB also has my permission any time to put info in, and I might send him my chemtrails aircraft library so he can post them somewhere. It’s important that people see these planes are real.


  2. a well known Fukushima data collector says:

    makes one wonder how the European’s are going to do the Ricky Ricardo and ‘splain this’ to the people? One more thing, regarding integrity of data on the part of EURDEP, it should be also concluded that by omission “By Deception Thou Shalt Do War” stuff going on, so may they also be
    putting out data to obscure or cover up the real data. It’s a shame that someone in the E.U. has given them carte blanche permission to so alter this data like this, monkeying with it when there is no valid excuse for that whatsoever. The key to the authetication is the mutual detections of radionuclides that would naturally follow or be present if others have been detected in the region about the same time. In addition, with the JET data to work with, that too is a validator or authenticator in the sense that it shows the delivery vehicle position over the land mass or area.

    It’d be nice to have contact with European’s who are using their GM devices and making measurements on the ground, the web seems to be bereft of any such information like that, when you’d think it would be at worst, sporadic and hard to find. I’ve been looking for measurements from European’s just by doing word searches, and of course JOOOGUL and other search engines probably have created ‘filters’ to keep us from being able to easily see those posts.

    I know people have GM devices there in Europe. Why are they not reporting? Why?

  3. rbrbr says:

    After trying to talk with people on “this issue” it seems that most don’t care at all. Or they don’t see it as any serious danger. Why bother if you “cant do anything”? I believe (like I believe in Jesus from 5th space) that simple GM counter CAN “let you do something” about it. At least to choose. To walk or not to walk, to play in the sand or not or to stand in the rain or run for your life.
    Ok I can report. Mysterious spikes happen in Poland too. Like brief 1.1 microsievert/h in Warsaw, at least twice… But that’s quite short. And of course, not validated.
    There is a need for something better than radmon.org – it already has good data processing, it’s very simple to hide a short spike if you count long enough. Some hints are on the alerts page, but that too is not reliable. Maybe something more like underground g-spektro-m network, anyone?
    If I get any data logging I hope to export it somehow.
    I hope one day we will get told about expected radio wind blows in the weather in the morning… Before kids are born deformed all over the place.

      • a well known Fukushima data collector says:

        I downloaded that a number of years ago and I have kept it on my machine for posterity’s sake for sure.

        amazingly, as I intimated in another reply to Hadia, regarding people in a bookstore, in Portland, talking about ‘their thyroids being damaged’ it took all of my self control just to not jump into that convo and ask them ‘when’ and other questions, because I had never been to this particular store before and I had no idea whom they were, but they were asians, and older asians in their 50’s or 60’s perhaps. I would think that a whole lot of lying is going on, because the doctors cannot possibly tell the truth to their patients, I’d even go one farther and presume that all MD’s and clergymen are being told by D.H.S. to report anyone who talks about Fukushima to others. National security is at risk when people dare bring up former C.I.A. Director Colby when he testified before the Senate one day, and said this; “We’ll know our mission at C.I.A. is complete when virtually everything American’s know or think they know is ‘false’…” (paraphrased him a bit).

        I believe that when you have to ‘lobotomize’ a Director of Central Intelligence to forever silence him, you know you’re living in a very very evil zioturd infested country.

    • a well known Fukushima data collector says:

      the significant threat now is the Cs-137 into both thyroid glands and heart muscles, not that the Cs-137 or Cs-134 is good for you in other locations in your body, but it’s particularly dangerous in those places for us older people.

      for younger folks, between the ‘fetus’ stage and young childhood, the risk is very great, due to the rapidity that cells are formed in their bodies. the incidents of stillborn children or those who are ‘anencephalic’ without brains, is so off the charts in the west coast of the U.S.S.A., it makes me wonder how the hell much longer can they suppress this.

      my experience here with my GM device is that it’s nice to have, sort of like a flashlight in dark areas or caverns. without it, you can literally be in a very radioactive location and not know it, and worse, in a windy day scenario where being outdoors means you’re breathing in a lot of hot particles into your lungs for no good reason at all.

      I liken this to not intentionally being blind or non-seeing in a situation where you need to see to stay alive a bit longer. at some point, having a GM device will be at the very least not too very much of an advantage because high radioactivity in food and water and air will guarantee that our immune systems get compromised or worse, we get leukemia or die suddenly from our heart’s being full of Cs-137, which by the way is causing a lot of sudden cardiac death in people who do not have any pre-history of heart issues of any kind. People in their early 40’s, apparently healthy, keeling over pushing a lawn mower leisurely thru the grass on their yards.

      San Diego’s morgue has detectors at the door where corpses are brought in. They did not put them there for added neato cool looking’ness for sure. They put them there to see what is coming in before it gets put on ice. I’m sure that San Diego is not the only city doing this now.

      One guy who we nicknamed ‘Walther PPK’ (walter) who lived in the Portland woods for a couple years, made my meter go off one day as he raised the room ambient at the V.A. home at Annapolis (Retsil) WA. as he came over to talk to me. Ambient before he came was about 13 CPM or so, with him there, it rocketed to over 95 CPM. I couldn’t find the words to tell him he was ‘hot’ but radiologically quite ‘hot’ for sure. I doubt he was like me and had ingested an Iodine caplet that came out of a lead canister, when I got my thyroid scanned before removal. I think he was in way too much Fukushima rain for way too long.

      Right outside my door here in 2014, the readings were 4000 CPM for more days than they weren’t. Though not nearly that high today in 2016, you can rest assured the radioactivity found it’s way into the lower lands, into the aquifer, into the well I get water from and measure and see it raising ambient by 8-10 CPM in short count intervals. This is not the plastic. It’s the water.

      Food, it’s in the 40-50 CPM realms or higher for some dairy stuff. We’re not talking banana’s, or potato’s. This is cucumbers, carrots, other stuff like radishes, squashes, etc.

      even my ginger ale I like to drink has a radio signature beyond what it should. same with the cheese I sometimes buy. Can we avoid it? no, but we can maybe make good choices on ‘lesser than’ decisions using our meters. I used to like to walk on the beaches at Ft. Worden and get bits of colored glass in the sand, now I don’t go into the sand at all or walk on the beach. I don’t think I need to tell anyone why.

      Though the native american’s I used to work with on a reservation not long ago had warnings conspicuously posted ‘not to take the crabs’ out of the Hood Canal nearby, they still did that. One co-worker and friends harvested geoducks and clams without even considering what ingesting these things would do to not just them but whomever they gave them to. The ‘red blob’ or ‘algae bloom’ was the official b.s. reason for the prohibition being ignored, but the natives still would harvest this stuff whenever they could. One even had listened to my one radio show and knew the issue. I told him; “it’s your own choice..”

      if sheeple knew how their ‘blindness’ meant deformed children or children born without brains (most people here act like they’re anencephalic without good cause) they’d probably think about it a bit but they just don’t care.

      it won’t happen to me, it always is someone else. or, if it were dangerous the government would tell me the truth about it.

      I would think in Poland, people are too busy trying to exist to remain alive, like cows being herded to the chute, maybe on some level they might know something is amiss, but in many ways I think they’re just not intelligent enough to have a clue about the dangers of radiation in their food, their water, and their air. Maybe extinction is best when so few are bright enough to fear it. People dropping dead from sudden cardiac failure may not be enough to get their attention, babies being born without brains or major limb deformity, same thing. Yeah, maybe extinction is best. Darwin was right. Only the fittest will survive, and the rest, well, we know that answer, don’t we?

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