Cobalt-60 Detected in Southern Norway (2 Locations, May 2016!)

Disclaimer – May 23, 2016

I have been keeping an eye on Cobalt-60, thinking that if routine testing would continue, then, given all the upticks and data gaps lately, it would only be a matter of time before this Fukushima-fingerprint radioisotope would get picked up again.

!-> The significance of this neutron activation product, Cobalt-60, is explained in more detail in my groundbreaking research, see: (Jan. 26, 2016):  Any Significance to Cobalt-60 in Fukushima Fallout?

Normally a monitor turns yellow on the EURDEP Advanced Map (rather than its light blue “below detection limit” dot).  Sneaky little devils!:  The whole map only showed light blue dots:


Because I think we’re dealing with full-on ‘China Syndrome’ and still-fissioniong molten coriums underneath Fukushima-Daiichi’s nuclear catastrophe site, this has been and remains my #1 suspect for causing the major radiation upticks and strange detections this past half year.  Thus, I found it hard to believe that no one has picked up Co-60 yet.  So, eventhough the map told me that there was nothing to be seen, I decided to check all the monitors individually anyway.  Lo and behold, TWO actually measured, and validated, Cobalt-60 this past month!

  • May 2 – 4, 2016, VALIDATED Measurement at monitor# NO3001, just outside of Oslo, @ Åsterås, Norway, where Ruthenium-103 was also picked up in January (2016).
  • May 6 – 13, 2016, VALIDATED Measurement at monitor # NO3002, at Sola, southwesten coast of Norway.

These detections coincided with a significant uptick of Cesium-137:

Co60_Cs137_Asteras_Norway_May3_2016_1moMay23 Sola_Norway_Co60_Cs137_data1mo_May23_2016

Noteworthy also:

  • In both cases the concentration of Co-60 is only about half  that of Cs-137, meaning it is in the same order of magnitude.   This was also the case right after the Fukushima disaster began, for both on-site groundwater samples and far-away detections, such as in Finland.
  • On May 9th, there was a significant Artificial BETA Radiation Spike in The Netherlands.  This is significant because most nuclear fallout emits Beta radiation rather than gamma.
  • During the same period several Beta monitors in the US were shut down.

The radioactive trace whiff that blew over Finland just last year, in May-June 2015 also had this Co-60 to radioCesium ratio (same order of magnitude), ánd that one back then also contained Iodine-131, Cesium-134, and Niobium-95, among other validated detections.

Everything points at Fukushima having fission-flare-ups significant enough for its fingerprint radioisotopes being picked up all the way around the planet.

In a nutshell:  This is what I think is going on:  One or more of the molten coriums at the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Catastrophe site are in full-on ‘China Syndrome’, and it is STILL ACTIVE.  This molten fissioning lava-like blob could be anywhere from a few hundred meters deep to several miles.  Deep underground hydro-volcanic explosions (when the lava-like corium meets a water layer) are leading to burst of releases.

Sweet dreams, everyone…


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37 Responses to Cobalt-60 Detected in Southern Norway (2 Locations, May 2016!)

  1. thefoolonthehill says:

    Hi MVB.

    Well spotted with that fingerprint – Fuku sure does seem to have long, mucky fingers!

    I’ve been trying to imagine what could be going on underground there, and hydrovolcanic dirty steam flashes could well be a part of the picture, but I keep puzzling over the fission products.
    It is purely guesswork for me (a basically-educated, crazy fool), and probably for the ‘experts’ too.
    I would think any self-heating lava which got through the reactor basemats would likely have fairly quickly sunk through the wet, muddy first 300 metres, albeit cooled by the underground river washing all that lovely stuff into the Pacific, but would have surely been slowed by the harder sandstone below that.
    This may also be where corium could then accumulate enough to re-fission.
    My last comment I referred to Pu-239 having a relatively low critical mass, but of course it’s probably mostly oxides and other salts of Plutonium and Uranium and their daughters which are down there (possibly some quite exotic stuff too due to seawater type salts likely being present) which may not be as easily fissile as when pure metals, but a little reading of stuff like this;

    gives some idea of the multitude of ways chemical and small nuclear reactions could be progressing down in the depths.
    Of course it may all still be within the reactor buildings where it melted from the reactors, and is just burping and farting there – I don’t see how there can be much in the way of containment to prevent the gaseous/aerosol products escaping to the atmosphere even if the concrete floors have caught the cores.

    Until I see validated, live, online, onsite, below & above site alpha, beta, gamma and nuclide monitoring showing the place to be in cold shutdown (sorry, had to stop typing while I giggled uncontrollably), I think the place is a stinking mess and there should be daily televised floggings (metaphorical ones would do, if actual ones are forbidden for legal reasons) of Tepco execs, government officials and nuke industry supporters until this disaster is stopped.

    Love the sheep picture – I sent it to my shepherd neighbour who thinks I’m nuts to bother thinking about all this stuff, but couldn’t explain why my rainwater pond completely died last summer.

    Having had a shitty week, and in the absence of knowing what else to do yesterday, I wrote a haiku to help me and others cope with existence;

    Born, learn, love, live, die.
    Explore/enjoy. Laugh, don’t cry.
    End same whatever…

    The Fool.

  2. a well known Fukushima data collector says:

    one of the bloggers who participates frequently at the ENENEWS site, Majia, spends a lot of time watching the FDNPP live video feeds, much in the way I did when the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico was spewing it’s huge volume of oil and methane into the sea. In any case, she spotted a pretty good view one night there that showed what appeared to be a fairly good sized and significantly large steam blowoff that was amber colored perhaps due to the on site illumination being that color, In any case, she posted the findings there and warned ‘down winders’ on the W. Coast of the U.S.S.A. of the soon to be coming to them fun juices in the atmosphere. Anyway, for what it’s worth, Majia is one of the few people I believe is genuine at the ENENEWS push factory, and she does make a good contribution with her observations. The steam plumes aren’t happening because mice are passing gas in the FDNPP basements.

    your theory holds a lot of water, MVB, and unfortunately for mankind, this ‘water’ that’s finding the coriums is being picked up in the JET and propagated far and wide from FDNPP. Gunderson more or less on at least one occasion has said as much regarding the ongoing fission, and at least one other person called the coriums; “the worlds largest uncontrolled chain reactions” on this planet at one point.

    This is precisely why the Iodine 131 detections keep on happening now and then with a great deal of regularity, indicating ‘fresh’ fission not something from 5 years ago now. The short half life of about 8 days really makes it a prominent clue all the way back to December 5, 2013 observations posted on Enenews at one point.

    Could this be the surreptitious reason that civilians in Belgium have been issued iodine prophylaxis to protect them, not for ‘terrorism’ as they cited, but because they too are seeing ‘something fissy’ going on?

    CIA ran the cover story all over the earth that the alternate target of the terr’ists ( ‘faked’ terror b.s. that all video feeds proved were old footage not of Belgium but of the airport in Russia ) who ‘ahem’ carried out the Brussels attack were contemplating doing nuclear power plants, and hence ENENEWS pumped that garbage out as if it were reality, never having done the work to look at how fake these staged horse shit attacks really are. Having said that, I don’t think the Belgian government has money to blow on ‘placebo pill’ dispensing, but who knows? When you see the monkey business with EURDEP’s data, you have to understand one thing, and that is that they don’t want the population in Europe to be too very keenly aware that FUKUSHIMA is on their doorsteps now, and unlike a vampire, it doesn’t need an invitation into your ‘home’ to come in.

    Too too bad that in the grand scheme of things, what will happen is that E.P.A. will most likely collude with European counterpart regulators and come up with a ‘x10’ higher limit for European exposure too, like they have been doing here very surreptitiously, all the while justifying it under ‘terrorism’ reasons. Maybe they can have an ‘underpants’ bomber try to get on a plane with a load of Uranium in his undershorts?

    By the way, back when the E.P.A. announced thru it’s NPRM channels that it was going to raise the limits here in this sorry gulag and hellhole, a lot of us took the time to go there to their website only to have our comments surgically scrubbed.

    CIA is not anyone’s friend, and so far it’s apparent that the suppression of the detects in EURDEP make it abundantly clear that the European equivalent or field office of CIA is doing what it can to suppress and push it off on fake terror suspects and crisis actors re-used and recycled from other staged hoaxes in the U.S.S.A., one of them apparently an alleged N.B.A. guy.

  3. hadia says:

    no more sweet dreams, sweet dreams made of strontium, barium, caesium, plutonium. good night earth. good morning people.

  4. thefoolonthehill says:

    Hi datacollector.

    Hope Mvb doesnt mind cross-chatter?

    Just following up on your observation of a large mushroom cloud at Hanford last year in a prior comment section.
    Genuinely interested in approximate date or other details if you are willing to share.
    Hope you’re.not offended/patronised, but do you think definitely nuke-type cloud or could it have been a possible thunder tower.
    No challenge from me – just seeking knowledge – that could have been a major release of badness to take account of in the charts.

    The Fool.

  5. MVB says:

    Fukushima Decommissioning Chief Admits 600 Tonnes of Melted Fuel “Missing”

    h/t !-> @

  6. tt says:

    take a look at Kocelovice and È. BUDÌJOVICE Czech monitors, Slovenia monitors and other in south Germany, Austria, Italy etc.. Peaks well aboute 0.2uSv/h or data gaps.

    Italy has interesting data:
    ITVVF0031 – LATINA1 (Italy) and IT0070 – TUSCANIA (Italy)

    and Finland is off the chart.

    Interestingly – normal gamma levels in Poland, avg. 0.12uSv/h on my sensor with occasional spikes (one minute max) up to 0,65 uSv/h – but this could be hardware related (the counter is DIY). More accurate MAZUR 9000 shows avg of 0,11uSv/h and no significant peaks. All monitors indoors.

    What amazes me is that there is only three(3) I-131 and CS-137 monitors on Eurdep (!!!) and beta monitors only in Poland and Romania.

  7. MVB says:

    There’s many more than 3 for Cs137 & I131, dozens, including in Norway, FInland, Estonia, Croatia & Cyprus, but when fallout’s coming down, they tend “data gap” away, making it look like there’s less monitors. Here’s what the I-131 network would look like if they used it: EURDEP’s I-131 Monitoring Network: Operating at a Fraction of Capability


    On Eurdep, if you put the setting at “Standard Deviation”, you’ll see much of Italy, and north into eastern Europe and further lit up for the past day or 2 day period. Lots of unusually high spikes coinciding with precipitation bringing “something” down, it looks like. Will be interesting to see if some agencies test for the traces in this latest fallout front.

    On the most northern monitors, the slow increases and “standard deviation” upticks tend to be spring snow melt. You can tell the difference if you graph a couple years.

    Tx for your contributions.

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  9. a well known Fukushima data collector says:

    at the time I was in a heavy truck driving freight from a ’round robin’ run that started in Kent, WA. out to Post Falls, ID, then to Sunnyside, WA (grandview WalMart DC) and then back to Aberdeen or in some cases, all the way up to Bellingham and again.

    I don’t know if I can zero in on the date but it made me wish I had my digital camera out and on the dash because it would have given me a date time stamp on it. It was winter, November of last year, and I could probably check my electronic logs to see exactly the time and exact date, but I am very familiar with thunderheads or maturing thunderstorm clouds, and this one was probable one more of those but this one was the type you typically see in summer months, very odd for winter for sure, and very strange that it’s base was directly over the top of the Hanford site, making it even more strange.

    I mentioned it to my co-driver after we fueled at the DC at Grandview, and he of course wasn’t clued in on anything about the Hanford problem at all, so he gaffed it off and didn’t want to really get into it. Some people like the ostrich position…what you don’t look at cannot hurt you.

    as you are aware, a typical mature thunderstorm has the typical ‘anvil’ shape taper at the top of it, but this one looked like a huge explosion occurred and the local visibility in the area there was down to about a mile or less, which was very strange to see that kind of obscuration of vision when that kind of fog formation while not being out of the question, hadn’t occurred in many many runs I had done at precisely the same time last winter in that area. I would have made a measurement with my meter had I had it on board, but my co-driver absolutely ‘forbade’ me having it on the truck even…so I didn’t bring it after asking permission to have it on board (it was his truck, not mine).

    I’d like to not think that a tank ‘blew’ there but a few months ago, a worker at Hanford made the comment that he felt the ‘explosion’ risk was high. I didn’t know if you were aware of a huge chain reaction that resulted in human fatalities when a stirring machine allowed a bunch of Pu to be so amalgamated that it formed enough of a critical mass that it ‘flashed’ over and the energy release killed a couple of workers, certainly not a nuclear detonation but I would not rule out the fact I was an eyewitness to a tank explosion at Hanford that morning, which resulted in the degradation of visibility by what was like fog, but also was more like smoke than fog. May have been from some form of equipment trying to keep agriculture from freezing, but that ‘smoke’ which had a very odd smell to it, might not have been a good idea to breathe, and I shut off the air intake into the cab of the truck and went full ‘recirc’ when I saw that cloud and saw the reduced visibility ahead of me, keeping much of it out of the truck.

    I thought I had put that date and time into my own ‘log’ journal, if I find that data I will be glad to share it, but maybe someone has archived data from that time window. Coincidentally, there was a rollover crash earlier that morning on I-90 just outside of Spokane, about 16 miles west of Spokane, and that was in the news, by Highway Patrol, so that may help us zero in on the date, it was the same day. I drove by the rollover just seconds after it happened, and noted that other truckers had come up on C.B. and were on cell phones reporting it before I could even think about taking the rest area ramp just past that rollover.

    thanks for commenting. if I witnessed a tank explosion at Hanford that day, it had to have been such that it rocked the area with one hell of a shock wave is my guess…even if it wasn’t a nuclear detonation as it looked like. It had the mushroom cloud shape, not typical of thunderheads at all.


  10. a well known Fukushima data collector says:

    sure the precip is bringing it. a couple of years ago, I was out in rain with my GF and she said; “let’s get to the car now..” and so we did. I joked; “you’re absolutely glowing!” and she frowned, but we both knew it really wasn’t too funny, she was the one who ordered my meter for me because my mail had a tendency never to get to me ever or come opened due to monitoring it, which is a nuance in Amerdekuh now we’re a full blown police state. If for any reason there is an occluded or stationary front with long long bouts of precip, those poor saps are really getting bjoinked under that crud. My guess is that fewer people have GM’s in Europe overall. One friend of mine stateside who took my recommendation on which one to get, had to go to no less than ‘6’ vendors or so to get ‘2’ of them. One he gave to his GF., for her use. good plan.

    mine is in a camera pouch, extra batteries, ready to go whenever I go out. My big fear is that law enfarcement might confiscate it and accuse me of being a ‘terr’ist’ for having it.

    years ago the movie ‘Alien’ had the teaser; “In space, nobody can hear you SCREAM!”

    well, in W. Washington State, it’s true here too. Like the final scene in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” where Jeff Goldblum thinks his old buddy “Donald Sutherland” is still human, then Sutherland shrieks at him and points….

    rain almost ubiquitously brings radiation here now. some days more than others, but on certain occasions, it’s downright withering how much comes down in it.

    best policy is to stay out of it, don’t walk in it, don’t dilly dally around in it, if you get wet, get showered now and rinse it off. don’t let it soak in if you can avoid it.

    and avoid tracking it into your home on your shoes, if at all possible.

  11. thefoolonthehill says:

    Many thanks for coming back on this one, datacollector.
    I can’t find an accident report for the rollover you describe between Spokane & Sprague in last November. The closest I can find is December 4th west of Sprague;
    Looks like you get some rough winter driving conditions over there, especially for being out in a truck.
    It was the rash of Hanford tank leak stories and workers inhaling toxic fumes over the last year or so (and historically) & the widely recently reported explosion risk which made me focus on your observation. I don’t doubt for a second that you could have witnessed a major release given the other details you describe – you get a good view of the Hanford area from the I-90 (it’s been interesting to explore the map of the surroundings there – some beautiful landscape & great place names – ‘Dynamite’, ‘Geiger Heights’ – appropriate!), such a pity to have that blot in the middle of it.
    I guess it could have been a big ‘dirty steam-up’ type incident where a tank overheated and flashed, hydrogen explosion happened, or a criticality occurred and in icy weather such a cloud would likely rise fast and high – I’ve seen plenty of mushroomy steam clouds from coal power station cooling towers in the right atmospherics. Even without a big bang, a big fizz could be just as, if not more nasty and if there was a bad smell too, that adds cause for great concern. I’ll have a closer look at monitor data later for signs there.
    What’s going on at Hanford makes my blood run colder the more I read about the place.
    I too often automatically think Fuku whenever there are rads in the air in Europe, but while Fuku is an obvious ongoing shitstorm I don’t like to be complacent in my assumptions. Fuku could be providing a very good smokescreen for all manner of other releases – it could almost be an amnesty in some nuke executives’ minds where they have an opportunity to lose all sorts of crap (either by accident or on purpose) and allow the finger to naturally point elsewhere. I’m still really worried about all the evidence for fresh fission going on somewhere over the last few months – that mystery still isn’t certainly pinned on any one culprit despite Michael’s (and others’) huge efforts.
    We know for fairly sure it’s raining out of the Jet Stream – but ‘from where?’ is the itch which begs to be scratched.
    The media silence is most perturbing.

    Sounds like you have the same problem with ‘ostriches’ that many of us do!
    Tough thing to crack that one – sometimes I just think those who refuse to know deserve the consequences – it’s their children I feel really sorry for though.

    Good luck with you claim – persistence is the key I think. I know what a battle it can be dealing with those systems – going through something similar myself currently. You write well, so I think if you battle them on paper with plenty of evidence you’ll get there in the end. Nil carborundum, sir.

    Take care.
    The Fool.

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