Record Radiation Strikes Eastern Turkey (near Iran)

Location of spike, with 24 hour graph insert, showing a 12+ hour disturbance with a peak value (so far) of + 2 µSv/hr:


Just the 24 graph (in nanoSievert, divide by 1,000 for microSievert – see Radiation Units & Conversions for additional help; Data can be verified via EURDEP’s public “Advanced Map”, one of the options @ Online Radiation Monitors.  Note the European Commission’s all-mighty disclaimer (aka “Not all shown measurements are validated.  Anything suggesting abnormal radiation levels is just your imagination.”)  Note my DISCLAIMER, too:  I’m just a laptop-wielding mountain dweller, entirely unaffiliated with the freak shows that pass for ‘governments’, any and all institutions, experts, or goat fuckers, for that matter.  Everything I post may be taken for entertainment.   But you are, of course, at liberty, to take it some other way as well…


Here’s the 1 month:


  • And here’s the past 6 months with the y-axis at 0.3 µSv/hr to show the natural variability range better:



Just like the spikes and data gaps at various monitors in Europe and the US, this is obviously, again, extremely unusual.   Monitors high up in the mountains often pick up on radioactive clouds driving over better.

A look at wind patterns shows it lies on the jet stream path, with a slow-down in the 500 hPa height, and very little wind below that layer: See it move at nullschool, with Özalp, Van, Turkey (38.7 N, 44.0 E) marked: @,48.36,1024/loc=44.000,38.700

You can follow lines, right?    Here’s a larger view:,92.78,272/loc=44.000,38.700

It’s what I call, “uncanny”…


Care to have a peek at what this monitor showed in spring 2011?  Tada:




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14 Responses to Record Radiation Strikes Eastern Turkey (near Iran)

  1. hadia says:

    @Michael von Belgica:Spikes over Kurdistan-Turkey and near Iran”…I am glad that our grandchild (new born baby) is not in Eastern Turkey at the moment, but Iraq Kurdistan=Northern Iraq presently.
    Since your “disclaimer” is mainly talking about “ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES”, I myself came to the conclusion that I am going to take it as ENTERTAINMENT then as well.Why should I as a good housewife worry any more about salmon, tuna, crabs, fish etc swimming in the ocean. I am living in beautiful Germany, we got kuckuck-clocks, black Forests, beaches, lakes, beautiful mountains as you got in Colorado. So f… the ENTERTAINMENT, long live the ENTERTAINMENT. Don´t like salmon fish, anyway. So I dig cream pies and cakes, like cake on the ocean.. Enjoy yourselves folks all over the planet.

  2. pure water says:

    I read your posts for life preservig. Thanks!

  3. a well known Fukushima data collector says:

    I have a theory, MVB.

    I pondered this new phenomenon with regard to inexplicable and large spikes in radiation in oddly great distances from Fukushima, and as I have been an aviator since 1978, commercially so since 1981 with and advanced physics understanding, I would like to say that on a certain level, this new behavior of unprecedented radioactivity might indicate a severe problem with regard to both the etiology and the possible amelioration, if any, that may allow us to get a grip on how and why these are occurring.

    recently there was an article about a significant low altitude aberration of the JET, or jetstream as we know it as. It’s not unusual to see the deviation in one axis, and for reference purposes we’ll call the
    lateral or horizontal change the ‘Y’ axis for now, and the ‘X’ being the vertical component, and the ‘Z’ axis as the 90 degree offset from the ‘Y’ in either direction. To understand this, you can envision a plot as all three axis plots are, and that it’s not unusual for the jetstream to make radical course changes or ‘dip’ into the southern hemisphere of the U.S. in the ‘hole’ as I call it over mid continent, but we’re now seeing extremely high velocity changes in speeds down very low, which as you are aware, in aviation weather, makes turbulence over mountains perilous on the downwind side or leeward side of these high mountain ranges, causing significant downdrafts that, to be honest, having flown thru some, made it impossible with full power to stop the sink rate of my aircraft when flying too close to these peaks and not being cognizant of the downdraft issue and huge huge sink rate.

    My ‘theory’ is that something has now changed in the way the JET behaves, in such a manner that these aberrant ‘plops’ of radiation may in fact be locations where the jet takes a proverbial dive for the mat (surface) and deposits radionuclides onto the surface, instead of allowing it to slip around the planet with the upper level air masses. As your excellent pictures show, the complex air patterns are almost impossible to predict even with advanced tools and supercomputers maybe, but, for what it’s worth, the Norwegians made a pretty good stab at postulating the plume from Fukushima based on JET modelling for sure. They didn’t exactly get it right, but they did such a good job of making the attempt, that it’s clear that the only thing that nobody took into account was this new issue where the otherwise ‘high altitude’ jetstream behavior is severely changed and altered in a way that in some way, due to topography, may in fact possibly be somewhat predictable as downdrafts are on the other side of high mountains and mountain ranges with high velocity air movements.

    Having spit all that out, the presumption that ‘what happens in the upper atmosphere, stays in the upper atmosphere (vegas) is not really true because the old adage; “what goes up, must come down” really is maybe a lot more true than we’d like to have believed. The willy nilly use of D.U. warheaded munitions by the irresponsible Pendejo-con bastards who decided to seed the globe with depleted uranium particles in the upper atmosphere, is playing itself out again with regard to the Fukushima radionuclides from the Unit 3 and possibly S.F.P. of Unit 4 if we trust anything T.E.P.C.O. says about what survived and what did not survive and exactly what the fueled or defueled status of Unit 4 truly was in March when the quake hit Fukushima. What I am getting at is that due to things we probably could not easily predict, some of it makes some meteorological sense to me as an airman with a lot of experience flying in the air mass above the ground.

    In short, what I think we are seeing is, for lack of a better term, the stratification and maturation process of an upper atmosphere seeded with death from Fukushima…and other plant accidents kept secret from us (vis a vis, one in russia we have discussed so far here).

    If my supposition is correct, in time we can understand to some degree what may happen with air flows over mountain ranges and the carriage of high altitude radionuclides rapidly down to the surface by this new or relatively new change in the behavior of the jetstream discussed above.

    Which brings up a point. IF for some unknown reason, Chernobyl’s new sarcophagus construction fails to complete, and the structure collapses, or we have a major ‘prompt uncontrolled criticality’ due to MOX fuel in reactors being used as breeders for weapons use, this new behavior of the JET is going to be the deal breaker for us shrugging off what is in the upper atmosphere floating relatively benignly around the earth until it takes the ‘dive’ to the mat like a prize fighter with a bunch of bribe money in a secret account somewhere for throwing a fight.

    One more Fukushima, or two, or three and holy mother of you know who, if this phenomena continues to do this globally, no place on the planet is really truly safe except in areas with flat topography maybe. In time we can reasonably say that the new jet deviations in the ‘Y’ axis are the real problem beyond all problems even after you take into account the never ending poisoning of the Pacific and in fact all of the oceans by the endless radiation spew going on from Fukushima.

    We do really have to get a good grip on prediction of land fall of these ‘downbursts’ for lack of a better term for them. This exacerbates the issue with avoidance in both hemispheres for sure, and even the D.U. that’s up there is not exactly a non problem at this stage. Toying with MOX fuel at any rate is so iresponsibly wrong that it really should be dealt with by the I.A.E.A. if that agency has any integrity at all now. We have a planetary emergency beyond all describing if this continues as I believe it will, and to worsen it by playing global ‘chicken’ with MOX fueled reactors, is a very bad bad stupid moronic plan for mankind. I cannot possibly overstate this issue, MVB. Really.


  4. a well known Fukushima data collector says:

    one correction where I later in my last reply mentioned ‘Y’ axis, I meant the vertical axis which I used, as the ‘X’ axis, but my intent was to say that for whatever the dynamics that cause it, the coalescence of radionuclides into a ‘plop’ for lack of a better term for it, or ‘landing’ in airman’s terms, means that it would be nice to be able to build a form of gamma and beta radiation long baseline interferometer on the earth that would allow us to track KeV burst emissions either from the ground, or with specially equipped satellites in geostationary orbits around the earth as are the GLONASS and GPS system birds. I don’t know if standard long baseline interferometry could be utilized, but it’s a nice concept if there is any possibility that we could in fact do that somehow using existing tools we have both on the ground and in the skies. At some point I envision specially equipped high altitude U-2 platforms maybe reconfigured for other than spying missions, to do aerial survey work. Who knows maybe hypersonic vehicles or reconfigured X-37’s which I helped certify years ago, might be able to help, if not doing other nefarious and wrong headed crap like placing weapons in space as I think they currently are being used as now.

    as I type this, there must be some characteristic of these coalesced blobs of death that would allow us to with fairly decent accuracy, plot past movements in the atmosphere, and to some degree, come up with some criterion for behavior models that allow us to make some ‘rubber rules’ that for the time being allow us to get better with time with landfall predictions before, not after the fact.

    not unlike London during the war, when V-1’s (buzz bombs) suddenly went quiet, britons knew it was time to go find shelter now. in our situation as someone else stated, we should, even if we cannot halt or stop the impending and inevitable land falls of these blobs of radioactive crap from coming down, we might at least with some degree of certainty tell those just about to be ‘hit’ that it’s time to stay under cover and not be out if they can avoid it. Not all of us can just hop on Air Farce One and fly off to another continent to weather the merde storms that are coming to a locale near ‘you’ (all of us eventually perhaps).

    one more thing, we need to get some voices behind a global effort to ‘de-cloak’ the Fukushima silence being maintained by the world’s governments and CIA/MOSSAD folks. even a dozen well placed scientists who are aware of the problem would have powerful voices if they chimed in like Arne Gunderson has, and did whatever they can to get world leaders to do several things:

    1.) agree that Fukushima is a very grave danger to all mankind and the planet, which it truly is.

    2.) impose a moratorium on ALL new nuclear plant start ups, and re-starts on existing shut downs.

    3.) aggressively decommission all nuclear plants because they are inherently unsafe.

    4.) find a qualified body to hold trials for those responsible for the known reconfiguration of ANY
    power generating plants for MILITARY USE no matter where they may be, and that this
    penalty is no less than life imprisonment without possibility of parole, if found guilty and
    convicted by lawful judicial authority (if any of that indeed exists any longer, which it may not).

    5.) propose plans to ‘intercept’ the coriums if possible, and isolate them at Fukushima, and to
    form a global partnership to assist Russia in the further containment of Chernobyl’s rapidly
    degraded condition, and halt all CIA sabotage operations that jeopardize all life on this planet.

    6.) cease the use of MOX fuel wherever it may be in use, and implement plant shutdowns at all
    nuclear plants that have no E.C.C.S. capability that ensures adequate core cooling in the
    event of the primary cooling apparatus failures in every nuclear power plant across the earth.

    7.) propose all N.P.R.M. announcements that the E.P.A. and other bodies allegedly who are in
    a fiduciary loop to ensure public safety, are prominently posted and published in conspicuous,
    easily accessed locations, and that any proposal to ‘increase’ radiation safety and exposure
    limits such as what the E.P.A. tried to pull recently, are discussed publicly and without gross
    untruthful deviations from the original Smith-Mundt act that was recently gutted to allow for
    unrestricted lying to the public about life and death issues not just in the U.S. but in every

    whether this blog is pure entertainment, is not the point. what is the point is that those of us who
    are capable of getting the word out to the sheeple, we must endeavor to do what we can to put the brakes on a very very hellbound train…no disrespect to Savoy Brown.

    • hadia says:

      wow, wow, wow, who is that guy “a well known Fukushima data collector”? I have been reading very very very much during the last years. I have been watching hundreds of videos during the last years. I have been talking to many people during the last weeks, months and years.
      But you, my greatest respect, really got your “brain cells” still gathered very well! You seem to have some great ideas and thoughts.(nd you are a PILOT)? Hey, Sir, what about Chemtrails?! they are full of plutonium dust, aren´t they?
      And luckily, you also encourage the ones, “Who love entertainment”.); to keep on fighting and open up the “sheeples´” eyes.
      To me the bigger issue is why such corruption-cartels like the nuclear industry with their obvious incompetence is allowed to continue with the destruction of mankind and our planet Earth?
      Thank you MVB and thank you to “a well known Fuku data collector” for your great “Entertainment”. (just kidding, with this word/vocabulary ((because I am still under shock, that MVB went swimming in the ocean after Fuku and ate salmon)), (isn´t that an absolute contradiction Michael, to your wonderful work full of positive efforts?) plz take my apologies, in case I were misunderstood. peace and health to all of us.

      • a well known Fukushima data collector says:

        chemtrails are real, lots of good solid photos of modified aircraft, in my personal photo collection, prove that. I also have to state for the record that normal ice crystals from jet combustion, have a tendency to dissipate rather soon, usually within half an hour or less in most cases, and when they persist, you can thank Everdeen Air (misspelled), aka as C.I.A., and other contractors probably, for their contributions to this, which no doubt is manifold in purpose, everything from ‘weather modifications’ to as recently was divulged but could be disinformation, the wholesale aerosol dispersal of ‘lithium’ in the upper atmosphere to keep the proletariat very calm in these trying times.

        but yeah, chemtrails are reality. you can take that to the bank. what you can’t take to the bank is exactly the whole realm of chemicals they are laying on the earth from aircraft. but you can bet that the sheeple will never be told why they’re spraying. that’s a beeeg secret, just like other things that implicate a very out of control and illegitimate, uh….governance.

        for the other issue, the light flashes, I did address this in another post today…or try to.

        may the odds be forever in your favor, folks :)

  5. Robert says:

    Hi mvb,
    I like pilots….they always are thinking ahead, looking at the instruments for telltale signs or changes.. Makes them great Observationist.
    Space weather may be a possible cause of the jet stream sinking and moving around as it is reported that with the sun at a minimum there is greater impacts from interstellar space and with the Earth’s magnetic shield weakening there may be a compression factor to the upper atmosphere from “Space Plasma”.
    As we know, ionized air currents can be enhanced with ionizing particles…so guess what is highly ionized?
    The radioactive particles from Fukushima and Chernobyl…..
    So how much ionization has occurred and what would be the predicted effects?
    Google “Electric Wind” and see how high tension electric currents can cause localized fast moving air….

    • a well known Fukushima data collector says:

      my distrust of much of the ‘accepted’ seyence (science) being taught to us from early on, is such that now decades after the mind programming, it took several years to ‘disgorge’ (vomit) out the b.s. and get back onto a sandbar of basic scientific truths that though may later at some point be proven to be ‘incomplete’ at least gives me a better idea that in the seeking of truth, and understanding, one must at the very least try to keep the blinders off in the analysis because now and again the most apparently ‘stupid’ explanations end up being the most likely to be validated in the end. Occams seems to apply more often than it does not, albeit like a lot of rules even Occams cannot be universally vindicated to illuminate the path to real truth about what has happened.

      as for the electromagnetic compression of air, I call it ‘electro-magnetic venturi’ for lack of a better term. as air molecules are indeed influenced by magnetic fields (‘H’) and even their brothers, electrical or ‘E’ fields, concentrations of heavy magnetic flux, perhaps that which is felt even 350 miles ‘inside’ the Van Allen Radiation belts, could be part of the reason that an unseen or not readily visible form of compression by flux field, could be occurring. Not too long ago a higher than usually orbited Shuttle crew encountered severe radiation problems that manifested in ‘bright flashes’ when eyes were closed, meaning that they had to quickly get them out of the higher orbit or fry them over time in that lower inner portion of Van Allen. Anyway, for practical purposes we can say 80,000 feet is more or less the ‘edge’ of the atmosphere bordering space, and I don’t off the top of my head know where the top and bottom of the so called ‘ionosphere’ really is in absolute altitude above the earth, but it’d be ludicrous to even begin to infer that only air masses can cause the deviation of the jetstream, or JET.

      to push the JET down to altitudes below 10k feet, means that there is a possibility of a very very big ‘trough’ or ‘low pressure’ beyond the norm, meaning that it would be much more of an influence of the delta variation from HIGH PRESSURE to LOW PRESSURE on the barometer, caused a high speed drop that created such a massive vacuum that like any other mass of air, it would compel the JET to rush to the void or the deficit and try to fill it.

      by the way, the news item if it was true, imparted that the high winds on the surface were unusually fast for ‘non hurricane’ situational stuff, and though it’s not likely anyone launched any balloons to articulate it, or quickly built a special radar that can track the velocities in the air as are used to characterize winds aloft in other locations, it’s pretty likely that ground stations saw the trough or LOW PRESSURE suddenly appear, if I’m right, and then anemometers saw the air velocity increases. If this was caused by a higher altitude ‘compression’ push by concentrated magnetic flux higher up, that wouldn’t surprise me much. Anyone who’s owned an IONIC BREEZE air purifier at least should have a basic topical understanding that flux fields and static fields can push air at a pretty good clip, and that push no doubt isn’t just field interaction on the air maybe.

      back on topic with the upper magnetosphere we call Van Allen, mapped by an Iowa Professor who used a bunch of rockets launched to do this, we thought the lower edge of it was about 650 or so miles above the earth, but over the years there is no guarantee that this is ‘static’ in any way, meaning it may have changed. It didn’t go away, it just isn’t maybe the same Van Allen belt that the professor characterized with his testing decades ago.

      Speaking of Van Allen radiation, NASA has at least one seyence-tist that at least understands and I concur, that a Mars Mission is problematic because of this incredibly concentrated band of flux and radiation above the planet. I guess NASA found the ‘master switch’ back in 1969, and better yet, found the one for SOLAR FLARES and shut those down also when A-11 mission went. Needless to say, seyence as I call it is replete with contradictions, and Van Allen Radiation is reality…in spite of what some people who are scientifically ‘illiterate’ and ‘brainwashed’ may wish to believe otherwise.

      this new phenomena regarding the deviation of the JET and the sudden rapid disposition of radiation on the surface, was in a ‘dream’ I had about three years ago that I vividly remember, and though I don’t claim to be clairvoyant at all really, I am not too very surprised that ‘what goes up just stays up’ is not valid at all…and that the lack of wisdom in presuming that it will remain in high orbit and ‘out of our hair’ proverbially, is a bad bad bad idea.

      We have a big problem. a lot of metric tons of highly radioactive and lethal core ejecta from Fukushima is now going to come home to roost…and it wont’ be calling the tower for permission to land…sadly.

      • hadia says:

        @all MVB bloggers: could anyone then answer me the question, why my family members all reported same symptoms of seeing “immense flash lights” while half-asleep? during the last 3 weeks´nights?Btw: we are all normal down to earth humans. I would really appreciate a correct gentle hint on that question. thanking you in advance.

        • a well known Fukushima data collector says:

          well, in the cases of the astro-nuts as I call them, it was due to exposure to, most likely, X-radiation from Bremssralung effect, where their shuttle was parked in an orbit way too close to Van Allen to be too very smart nor safe. Gamma rays on the retina really can cause this too, based upon what is known about humans in too close of proximity to high levels of radiation. You’d think that those wunderbar volk at NASA (needlessly asinine stupendously absurd) who pulled off their ‘coup’ in 1969 and fooled the world (except the Russians, probably) with their flight of fantasy by Kubrick, would have understood that it would be a very good thing to have radiation monitoring in their shuttle UNLESS they thought that might worry the purdy widdle haids of the crew with constant alarms up there in what could only have been a ‘guinea pig experiment’ going so very high as to be in Van Allen Radiation field proximity. I know that just before the first shuttle blew up due to O’ring failure, they had, bit by bit taken out the sensors that monitor that and also, removed ejection seats from the vehicle, and didn’t bother to tell the telemetry monitor and operator that massive engine nozzle gimbaling on the good engine to correct for the ‘compromised’ one, and thrust differential of such magnitude, that something horrible was wrong, and meant it would have been nice to tell the crew to blow the explosive bolts ‘manually’ as they also took out the software routine to do that automatically… and separate and try for a glide into the water maybe. I just know that on my own vehicle I constantly take out safety factor stuff, to save weight and push the envelope, it’s oh so…exciting….and fun! NOT! I have a special place in my heart for such lying bastards such as NASA clearly is/are, and for those who would apologize for the huge hoax they pulled in 1969, when all indications are that they didn’t go further than lower earth orbit, something that ‘3’ astro-nuts were cyanided in A-1 on the pad for complaining about, as well as their inspector general they were reporting to, murdered with his wife and two daughters for decrying.

          without knowing where you live or your relatives live, I’d have to think that if your home is anywhere near the lesser coverage from our ozone layer that now is with a pretty good depletion zone or ‘hole’ in it, maybe they were being affected similarly by radiation getting thru from space. I know that personally I had been working in an environment that caused me to be suffering ‘optical migraines’ where in my peripheral vision, I was getting bright flashes in my peripheral vision at certain times, but I was breathing in heavy nicotine in an environment that I otherwise would never work in. Once I left, the optical migraines diminished over time, so that solved that puzzle, it was purely from exposure to cigarette smoke more than perhaps any other factor. I’d guess that this problem is ‘not what your relatives are reporting, however. One more thing, we should never ever trust the powers that be to ever tell us the truth about any hazard, because, as you might have guessed, you and your family’s sole purpose in life is to CONSUME, not complain or whine. So, get out those credit cards, dammit, and get spending! deadbeats like us are the root cause of the financial collapse for hoarding our money. :)

  6. Robert says:

    Hi mvb,
    Hi Hadia, maybe there is extra radiation in their environment as our pilot friend described about the astronauts experience but i wonder if they live in earthquake territory as there are flux fields that get generated by quartz crystals in rocks that may cause flashes.
    Or they may simply be having the rods and cones in their eyes firing off due to normal nervous system effects. Sometimes if i rub my eyes too hard it causes “flashes” not sure why but pretty sure it is only due to me rubbing them(i am not rubbing the eyeball directly fyi…you know when you close your eyes and rub them when you are tired or they feel
    Beyond that i am out of suggestions..

    • a well known Fukushima data collector says:

      do these people live anywhere near fracking going on?

      • hadia says:

        Hi, Data collector,hi R, and hi MVB,
        I am sorry, just went through the mail and noticed that you took your valuable time to reply. thank you anyway. I am living in Baden-Württemberg area in Germany. And yes, these eye flashes were combined with tinitus, so I personally got “evil thoughts”, because I have heard from some anti-chemtrailers that they are kind of being attacked all in Europe now.
        I cannot confirm it so far regarding myself and my family members. BUT:
        yes, also friends of mine confirmed they had the feeling like their face would burn after walking outside in the forests. So maybe this could be any kind of radiation or toxic dust in the air.
        And yesssss, Data collector, they are spraying us to death, 24/7 with all kinds of aerosols and all the ignorant sheeple tell me how wonderful this sky is being watched by them!!
        Fortunately, more and more are waking up now in Germany regarding the chemtrail issue, because our sky is not lying and they are getting sick in high numbers.

        Luckily, here in Germany they have no fracking ops, as far as I am informed.
        data collector, can I watch your “radio or video interviews” as well from Germany?
        Good luck, guys and stay safe.

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