US Radiation Monitoring Network Becoming “FALLOUT BLIND”


And when the rain comes down
Would you choose to walk or stay
Would you choose to walk?
Would you choose to stay?
Would you
Walk walk walk walk walk away  ?


– Blogpost Soundtrack: The Sisters Of Mercy – Walk Away

The United States’ EPA Radiation Monitoring Network (Radnet)’s has only 140 listed public monitors…

  • 136 monitors show data for the past month (which barely constitutes ‘a network’ given the vast area left unmonitored.  In contrast, The Netherlands has more monitors than all of North America combined)
  • Of these operational monitors, even just for the first half of May 2016, about 1/3rd show substantial data gaps, likely hiding highly unusual measurements.
  • Of those 136, only 14 monitors still report Beta radiation data.  Since Canada and Mexico’s networks are even worse (or non-existant / not viewable to the public in near-real-time), that’s it for all of North America.
  • Since Alaska’s Beta monitoring was cut last month, and Arizona’s and Texas’ Beta Monitoring were axed this May 2016, that only leaves Olympia, WA; Albuquerque, NM and Grand Junction, CO as the only 3 remaining Beta monitors in the entire Western United States.

!-> See also, (May 18-20, 2016 – Completed!) US EPA Radnet data: First Half of May 2016, All Monitors, Graphed

Pure Beta emitters include: Strontium-89 & -Strontium-90, Tritium, Carbon-14, Krypton-85, Ruthenium-106, Sulphur-35, Bismuth-210 (which decays to alpha-emitter Polonium-210), etc. (Noteworthy: The EPA quit testing for Tritium in 2012; also: Strontium-90, skyrocketing in Fukushima’s groundwater is practically left unmonitored downwind/downcurrent);

Significance of Cutting Beta Monitoring

4341-4Besides the fact that a significant aspect of nuclear fallout consists of pure beta emitters, which go completely undetected by the gamma monitors, many radioisotopes decay in more than one step, often including involving a mix of gamma, beta and/or alpha decay pathways.   The radioactive decay of Iodine-131, for instance, is majority-beta-decay.   Tellurium-132, detected in Northern Germany less than a month ago, is also primarily a Beta-emitter.  Even the radioactive decay of Cesium-137 occurs for 95% through Beta decay.  (Because it also emits 5% gamma, it can be detected in a gammasprectroscopy, and if the fallout cloud is dense enough also affect gamma monitors).

In short:  Nuclear fallout, from a meltdown accident or bomb detonation, emits mainly BETA radiation.  This makes it far more dangerous when inhaled or ingested, where it can cause localized mutations in cells and various other effects that can express themselves, often years even decades later, as leukemia, cancers, heart diseases, immune system disruptions, etc.

By cutting Beta radiation monitors on the one hand, and redacting the remaining data on the other, we the people are left in the dark on the current fallout realities.

We’re on our own.


Black planet
Black world
Run around in the radiation
Run around in the acid rain
On a
Black planet




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8 Responses to US Radiation Monitoring Network Becoming “FALLOUT BLIND”

  1. Jack Schick says:

    A lot of dedicated work you are doing. Congrats.
    Makes me want to insist that you produce your pages here in Hard Copy also,
    in anticipation of total electricity failure.
    Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome-
    the abandoned kids left with only a graven message in the cave wall-
    the legend of Walker someday to return.
    Carrington EMP and then no more access to all that good work you did.
    Some folks are more “survivalist”, and they envision a rebuildable future
    here on earth, despite the impending doom.
    You can see now the Wisdom of the Great Pyramid-
    as the band “Yes” put it,
    we stand surrounded by Million Years-
    Geology proves in the stratigraphic record,
    that “The Very Elements melted with a fervent heat”
    just like it says…
    So these RADNET or RAT-net monitors or Official Non-Monitors are part of
    this question of “WHO RULES Bartertown?”
    Why, of course, it’s MasterBlaster!
    Check out that scene in the movie for a Mel Gibson-is-a-genius moment.
    Thank You again, MVB.
    I’m gonna recommend ya
    to the Spirit in the Sky!
    LT CDR Jack Schick
    Signals Intelligence
    Spec Wizard Division
    HMS Plumb Ornery
    …Tally Ho!

  2. femalefaust says:

    for this comment i thought i would excerpt heavily from stock over at Nuke Pro:

    ” Environmental Protection Agency officials confirmed 99 of 135 beta-radiation sensors in its RadNet system—which monitors in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico—aren’t working and have been turned off. Officials blame electromagnetic interference from sources such as cellphone towers and said efforts to resolve the problem have been unsuccessful. …The EPA said the move was a cost-saving measure and that remaining radiological resources in Western states are sufficient to deal with emergencies.” (Read more)

    its a fucking crime.

    love the work with Radnet data. something i have played with as well, though not successfully. if i remember correctly, there’s one screen where you have to be in the nuclear industry to access data! in the above post stock (who of course qualifies, though he does not address that issue specifically), describes how he, too was working on making Radnet more access-friendly:

    And the reality is that for normal people, aka citizen scientists, parsing through the EPA database is a nightmare. It takes 2 minutes just to download a set of 400 data points, and those only cover like 2 weeks. It would be a full time job to do this for all 135 sites. And then a complicated assembly process to put the data into excel and combine it, and graph it. In other words, the EPA has effectively made it impossible for anyone not operating under grant money to be able to make sense of the “publicly available data” (Read more)

    he had it all working & then three days later they changed it…

    coincidence. no doubt.

    sigh. good thing tech is getting cheaper. we can use all the help we can get.

    ps so nice to hear Sisters here. love it when personal favorites intersect, like this blog and that album…

    “…I keep no time to cry…”

  3. Robert says:

    Hi mvb,

    Just a thought,,,
    If the detectors are offline then where is the money going?
    I aasume these instruments have been paid for long ago but the operational costs of monitoring, repairs, etc.. are a part of a budget to do so and in the event of shutdown then are we still paying folks for no work product?
    I am offering bit of a specialized argument but i make it just to add to the array of approaches to challenge the institutions tasked with maintaining these instruments and misappropriated funds is an easy allegation..

    Now that said, i think anyone here or at nukepro, radchick,nukeblogspot, enenews, etc… are well aware this is just another phase of the government misdirection..
    As in all things governmental there is a culture of insuring they maintain a plausible ignorance to avoid making admissions that would force change.. This is important as once something is “officially” recognized the government has few options.. Maintaining public ignorance allows much more freedom to avoid issues and this works in almost all areas of governmental activities.. The old “I did not lie” phrase is the gold standard they struggle to mantain.
    Private detector networks can be ignored as “unreliable”, private scientist can be labled “rogue” but have one official be shown as having direct knowledge we are being dusted with radiation and now they are in trouble. Lawsuits, settlements, remediation programs, source identification, etc..
    I still feel it is the plan to encourage folks to live for today, go shopping, buy houses, avoiding alarming them at any cost.
    In missouri it was the attorney general who let the information slip about the hidden nuclear dump site in st.louis which i view as an act of courage and human morality of the highest order.
    But even then the EPA wants to keep control of the site and to date nothing has been done…. Army corps of engineers could dig the entire site up in a month but for some odd reason there is no activity at how or why that is occuring is a mystery and if you could figure that out I think you would uncover a bit of why NOTHING is being done anywhere involving nukes, dump sites, radiation readings, failed reactors…
    But we all know the first issue is Fukushima….
    The rest are small matters, even the explosions at the WIPP facility, but Fukushima is ongoing, pumping out radiation in the ground and air everyday, all day, all year, for centuries to come..
    Which brings me back to the what i think is the real secret….
    There is nothing they can do about stopping the sea water radiation or stopping the emissions that follow the jet stream to our front doors.
    A choice was made to make the patient comfortable..
    I dont even disagree with that choice on some levels.
    Live life for the moment and enjoy the time in relative peace and contentment until you get told you have a rare,(or common) cancer or associated disease…

    Or know the truth, quit buying meaningless products, protest the inaction of the government, learn the .gov killers will be turned on you and your family when you try to make real change, learn the whole deal is a lie they knew about a long time ago..(remember the story about Obama and a large group of folks swiftly leaving for south america days before the initial Fukushima radiation plume was to hit washington D.C.?) learn to join with others in a pitched battle against the criminals in government, learn that properly made molotov cocktails will really burn a tank crew to death, learn that radiation poisoning ended up being the least of your problems in this country…

    Or pay your bills, turn on the teevee, grab a drink, have a pacific fish dinner, kiss your spouse or lover goodnight if you still have lips, and have disturbing dreams of bruce jenner in a dress….
    Choices, choices…..
    Many folks do not care the choice was made for them and many choose easy living despite being aware of the real issues, some of us are truly angry but powerless, everyone else able to make change or war is under surveillance.

    We should start a (“Radiation Anonymous) group…
    “Hi, i am robert, i have a radiation problem..
    “Hi robert!” Says the group.
    “Now let us say the chant…” We a bow our heads and i loudly proclaim…
    ” Give me the strength to die with dignity from the things I can not change, the courage to allow others to die peacefully in ignorance, and the wisdom to not know anything the government does not approve of”………….;> or…..
    All hail Atom! He is coming with the clouds! We await the Holy Division! (For you fallout4 fans)

    Thanks mvb i had a long one this time…lol

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