Sangre De Cristo Mountains by Crestone (SLV Spring 2016)

It helps to look outside… at the incredibly beautiful place I’m in…  

Recent rains have turned the valley green (Though much can change in just one month, doesn’t look like it will get as wet as last year, that was record breaking -> See  More Nature Photos (SLV, Southern Colorado – First half of June 2015)), while it still fell as snow higher up.  Photos were taken on May 17, 2016, from the bends in T road between Moffat and Crestone in Southern Colorado (USA):


Other photo blog posts from 2016 in include:

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3 Responses to Sangre De Cristo Mountains by Crestone (SLV Spring 2016)

  1. Robert says:

    Hi mvb,
    Are those the sangre de christo in new mexico? (The only ones i know of) looks like the view is looking west though.
    I lived in sante fe and then later in espanola for a few years back before all the californians and rich folk moved in.
    Great living up on the high mesa.
    First time was good, living was easy, rents were cheap, and you could title a car almost over the phone…(big scandal with that later on)
    Second time i liked Espanola better as rents were crazy in santa fe and all the rich folk were driving all the normal folk off with the cost of living. The women ran that town and always were fun to go dancing with.
    Taos was always a bit odd even before the “hum”
    Alberquerque always sucked… weather and overly “policey” and now sounds like a totalitarian shithole as most of the cities in america are…

  2. Robert says:

    Oops,, i skimmed the text and missed it was in southern colorado… Must be the age catching up to me so just ignore my post k?

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