US EPA Radnet data: First Half of May 2016, All Monitors, Graphed


May 16-20, 2016

For this blogpost, I graphed 2 weeks of selected data (Beta + Gamma ranges 2, 3, 4 & 5; where available) for each of the 140 monitors accessible through for the period May 1 through May 17, 2016. 

Note: always check the x- and y-axis.  When a data period starts with a data gap, Radnet will not graph that part.  Look closely, it’s not always obvious.

 The US Government has this disclaimer for the below-shown  data:


Want to know what’s really going on?

OFFICIAL NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: The data contained on these pages does not constitute an official position, review, statement or confirmation of integrity by the Environmental Protection Agency. It is not for use in any official manner unless reviewed and approved by an authorized agent of the Environmental Protection Agency.

In short: The data the US government supplies to the public does not necessarily have integrity.  (Yeah, I figured, given the track record of some other things coming from this government… ) 

But anyhow… for what it’s worth…  The theme of the current ongoing “Data thriller series” hasn’t changed yet:

Which nuclear disaster site(s) is/are spewing massive amounts of various fission products into the air lately?  IS IT coming from the Fukushima-Daiichi catastrophe site?  If not, then WHERE is it coming from?

(!-> See also European measurements in 2016 of Te132, Ru103, & Cs137, and various documentations of the recent upticks, such as 10 years of data from Lamia, Greece, and various other related posts.)


!-> Via my page Online Radiation monitors.

!-> For some pointers to do this yourself, see my (July 4, 2015) post, How to scatter plot the EPA’s Radnet data  (still mostly correct.  They’ve fixed some problems since then, left most as-was…):

In the alphabetical order (by state, then by monitor location), as found on that first-mentioned US EPA Radnet query scroll-down option.  No annotations added.  I didn’t graph the other gamma ranges as I haven’t found that to add much extra detail.  Note the absence of Beta monitoring at most locations (most of it dropped after Fukushima began spewing i spring 2011, some dropped more recently, like in Alaska, as well as Texas and Arizona, as well as the data gaps in ranges 2 and 3, which may be hiding highly unusual detections.














































May 18, 2016

Alright, they made this surreal time-consuming…  It’s só bad, it seems done on purpose.   But, anyhow, all that means that it will take me longer.  So, to continue…













May 18, 2016 (I can only do a bit of this every day, as the system seems designed to encourage ‘giving up’.  Soooo slooow…)

Anyhow, continued (same May 1-17, 2016 period):





Pfff…   Not to mention the crashes “due to internal errors” (which apparently take years to fix…).  I’ll finish this another day, I suppose…


May 19, 2016 A few more: same period.   (The second half of May will need to be done seperately.  One of the issues with Radnet is that they don’t allow for graphing more than 400 data points…) 
















But carrying on…

































































 — That’s ALL of ’em! —

Now IF I (or you?) had the patience to do this … for every monitor (as shown above), for every 2-week period… since, let’s say, since January 1, 2011, maybe then something significant could be figured out about the recent detections of highly unusual radioisotopes in Europe, as well as the origins of what makes monitors go silent (data gaps)…

SUGGESTION:  If one were to create enough long term graphed data records… and then scrutinize how spikes and data gaps move through space, while watching wind and weather maps correspondingly, then it may be possible to narrow down the hunt for one or more spewing nuclear disaster site(s).

At least to general regions like: “Northern China/Japan/Russia/Ukraine”,  or “Southern China/India/MiddleEast”,  ” Europe/Turkey”, “North America”, or “elsewhere,” (or so – the classifications would emerge from the research), and with decent probability.   Now I think, “Fukushima-Daiichi”, but I can’t call that much more than a guess.  As people have commented elsewhere: could be a nuclear military vessel somewhere in the Pacific too.   Lots of possibilities indeed…

So: I don’t know.  But we all know, however, that the CTBTO could figure it out very easily and quickly.  They could be sipping their coffee in the morning while watching the latest maps of radioactive clouds swirling around the world on their screens as their super-sensitive sensors and super-computers process the latest information.  My interpretation of the complete media silence means that at the very top of the nuclear cartel (IAEA & Co)  know exactly what happened when and where.  (Otherwise there would be vocalized concerns for “What’s going on?!, Where is this coming from?!”   There isn’t a peep to be found anywhere.)   And the tiny bit of data allowed to shine through their smokescreens is perhaps just part of an experiment to see if we’re truly the complete idiots they hold as for.   (I think we may be “complete idiots” indeed, unless we prove them wrong…)

Many institutions could figure it out too.  The Austrians and Swiss ran some great models the first month of the disaster .  The Norwegians did a great job and were the last to quit, yet also véry early on, just 2 months in, on May 13, 2011, as reported in my blogpost the day after, “NILU abandons Fukushima forecasting: reliable data blackout cited. (The return of Zardoz…)

If a significant detection of Ru-103 in Norway, a relatively massive spike in Te-132 in Germany, or a spike in artificial alpha radiation in The Netherlands, and records being set amidst data gaps all over the place (all in 2016), all apparently fail to get any politician concerned, nor get any journalist off his/her ass, nor even rouse academia’s curiosity… then -when it comes to nuclear matters – probably nothing ever will again…

In my little mind, I’m beginning to see a world in which “the future has arrived.”  It is dystopian.  It’s as if the West, once a bastion of free press and investigative journalism, and by current-day extention most of the world, has become a high-tech version of the Soviet Union of the 20th century.   Like the Pravda then, most media outlets will just censor themselves to avoid the to-be-expected heat.

I’ve come to believe that only *a cancellation of the likely stand down order, directly from the nuclear industry top*, could change the complete media blackout.   And thus it doesn’t matter what I write here.  I think this blog is mainly just entertainment to them, on the one hand, and a dissident voice to fine-tune their censoring algorithms with, on the other.  They got it covered.

I’ve seen it before, like at the end of 2014, when the Zaporizhia NPP suffered a major incident and either had a partial meltdown or had to vent masisve amounts of radioactivity into the atmopshere… Like recently, I documented evidence of the radioactive cloud like no other source… but in the annals of official history, there never was a release of radioactivity into the environment…  “It never happened”.

It’s so unbelievably sad to witness.  No backbone to be found anywhere…?   Does that mean that, essentially, all governments, universities and media outlets can be blackmailed somehow?   And in the worst case scenario, a country’s non-compliance may result in what?   A “nuclear accident”, “nuclear bombing”, “terrorist attack”, all of the above???

When you dig deeper and deeper, and tumble down this molten-corium-dug rabbit hole,… very few possibilities remain “impossible”…   ;-/

Anyhow…  So…   My impression is that this radioactive cloud of late had its origin all the way from across the Pacific, and that it shows up on monitors at ground level only there where 1)  the jet stream slows down enough 2) air layers below it slow down too 3) air layers are mixing (more so inland than on the coast, it seems. -> Example from Alaska.), and of course, 4)  there has to be a functioning monitor right then and there.   Even monitors a mile or less from each other can have véry different detections due to how chaotic dispersion patterns are. (fluid dynamics, weather & microclimates, geographical differences,…), then add slightly differently calibrated monitors, possible differences in data processing,… etc., and it becomes véry difficult for the lay person to figure out what might be happening…

The main problem (or at least that’s my impression) is that the official radiation monitoring systems, which clearly have superb equipment, appear to be operated with the objective of covering up abnormalities, rather than exposing them.

… Giving thanks for cute kittens, rainbows, and apple pie.


— — — — — — —    — — —  — — —    — — — — — — —


— — — — — — —    — — —  — — —    — — — — — — —


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4 Responses to US EPA Radnet data: First Half of May 2016, All Monitors, Graphed

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  3. a well known Fukushima data collector says:

    The CIA has a pretty tight grip around the throats of all media, and in fact any organization with a voice in this U.S.S.A., and will do anything it can to suppress this information, per your observationi; “It’s so unbelievably sad to witness. No backbone to be found anywhere…? Does that mean that, essentially, all governments, universities and media outlets can be blackmailed somehow? “, it’s not blackmail, it’s total infiltration. CIA embeds are in virtually every part of the system now, and it’s not just Wolf Blitzer and our buddy, Mr. Greenscreen, Anderson Cooper, who staged fake interviews in the hoax called Sandy Hook, one of many hoaxes being run to convince the mindless moron sheeple that all guns are evil and that they need to be banned. Next, they’ll be putting out information whereas all of us have our lips permanently sewn shut so we cannot speak and share information, that’s more or less what the Snowjob disclosures have been about, stifling dissenting opinions because the NSA is all seeing and all knowing. A couple years ago I met with people in Vancouver to present my truth about 9/11, particularly the fraudulent Pentagon hoax blamed on a plane that never hit the building, with a Bluffdale resident who lived within eyesight of that facility in Salt Lake City. I told him; “do you really think they would let us see diagrams of the place if on some level the facility weren’t more or less a ‘dummy’ that had such outrageous demand of cooling water that this factor in and of itself meant it was a very very red herring?” His reply was; “well that thought hadn’t occurred to me..” Of course, not after Snowjob who couldn’t possibly have had the apriori access to so much network information as a contractor, manages to sneak off to Russia to use Glenn Greenwald as his limited hanout propaganda spewing valve. Time after time we have seen at least in the recent years, blatant efforts such as the Seymour Hersch validation of the Abbotabad fake raid to kill a man who died in December 2001 of ‘marfans disease’ bullshit stories to legitimize a wholly fake event, ostensibly by RAND CORP jews who have been feeding tripe to the American moron sheeple for decades under the PU-litzer Prize banner. I don’t know why he and Noam Chomsky don’t get together and do a Vanity Fair piece about people who think Fukushima is a threat to the globe as being rank conspiracy nuts who live in mom’s basement and have no life other than to push fear porno at the world. No doubt that will happen someday, maybe not so obvious as much of the crap oozing out of the U.K. as ‘journalism’, raking people who believe in these ‘conspiracies’ over the coals. In time I do expect CIA to just out and out declare us all to be nut cases for thinking the government would allow such a lethal and never ending tragedy in Japan go on and on now for more than 5 full years unabated. Certainly TEPCO hasn’t done anything to get those coriums contained, as far as I know they apparently have neither the gumption to locate them, or for that matter come up with a plan for containment to prvent continual contamination of the world by this disaster. It’s one thing to shit in your own living room and pretend the turd isn’t there, but to do it to the whole planet, that’s another matter altogether.

    Anyway, they (CIA) suppressed the gravity of S.O.N.G.S., and the Russians caught the U.S. intentionally trying to sabotage their nuclear power capability of ROSATOM with faulty fuel assemblies, which for all practical purposes, when properly weighed, posed another grave danger to the entire planet if any of those were put to use in any reactor in any facility in Russia. These very same CIA people were flown to Japan to talk to that government to goad them into passing draconian laws to stifle information flow to the world about the grave nature of the Fukushima disaster. Smell a rat yet?

    Now, to go to the closure, we now have a lot of upper atmosphere contamination in the skies above this globe that still is a factor for future years, because last time I checked, nobody sprayed any ‘radiation B Gone’ in the upper reaches of the atmosphere with all of these weather modification planes they use to poison the earth as they attempt to play ‘mother nature’ and do indeed alter the weather using them. Not that this is doable but it makes one wonder if they have chosen to ignore the gravity of Fukushima and the impact on mankind itself and untold billions of humans globally who are unaware of the threat, how can they be so uncoupled with the fact that they too are vulnerable? How can they not know that?

    I think that the recent mods to the White House in the last couple years to add not just a fortified lower level part of it, wasn’t just done on a ten year plan, but probably came about when someone with a working brain in this miasma of merde we call a government, realized the threat is dire and grave and that some measures must be taken, not just to ameliorate the radioactivity in the Washington D.C. area, but to provide an added fortification in the even that when the unrest happens, they’ll have the cover to hunker down till they can evacuate via secret tunnels to a waiting helicopter or vehicle taking them far away from that strife.

    These levels you have graphed above show that we have a severe problem that is NOT HANFORD, not to underplay the urgency to have dealt with that problem 35 or more years ago, and that problem is a global, not merely a northern hemisphere problem. We have passed our ‘On The Beach’ moment, MVB, and the world more or less is waking up but not fast enough, and sadly, with no way to force the global governments to take action and do something meaningful, even futile as it is, to stop the onslaught of more radiation from Fukushima.

    Information control, limitless propaganda spews about potassium in banana’s and potato chips being more harmful than Fukushima radiation, coupled with a ‘I could care less’ mentality of most of the moron sheep in the U.S.S.A. and other countries, means that, for lack of a better analogy, we are truly very much like four legged animals shot thru the heart and lungs and still standing before we collapse, foaming red blood from our nostrils.

    I think you and I both know that when the U.S. government can, with bad intent, ship faulty and defective fuel assemblies to ROSATOM and not think of the ramifications globally of another Chernobyl or another Fukushima, and then try to surreptitiously raise the acceptable levels by a factor of ’10’ as the E.P.A. has recently proposed, post Fukushima, this is homicide with intent, pre-meditated, pre-planned. And with great malice.

    And it’s being done by the U.S. government’s shadow governance, the CIA. It would appear that there is a global depopulation agenda being played out here and they’re not really doing much to hide that from the moron sheeple who know more about Kardashian’s asses than Fukushima.

  4. a well known Fukushima data collector says:

    one more note I wanted to post, you don’t have to publish if you so wish not to, but it would be interesting to see if the data points correlate in regions at all, meaning, I see spikes to peaks ‘up’ and the same thing in the other direction, and the periodicity no doubt equates to ‘some naturally occuring situation or phenomenon’ for these to be so very evenly spaced. I just glanced at the data but supposed it was due to night / day cycles and the lack of ionospheric shielding keeping radiation from space from being out of the picture but indeed as I have surmised the upper atmosphere isn’t really able to fully protect us fully, and hence this would explain why on some very bright summer days the radiation I had seen with my meter was alot more than I would have otherwise expected.
    so, what I am getting at is that regionally these peaks and nulls must coincide with either air mass movement or night / day cyclical changes maybe? if that is indeed so, I would pretty much expect to see some null to peak correlation shifted in time from 90 degree angle of incident solar radiation on the local surface of the earth in each region. been awhile since I programmed any kind of
    toy to do data correlation but as you might guess, the peaks and nulls would if my supposition is right, an authenticator or ‘anti aliasing’ device of sorts which should allow us to look at the data and tell whether it is ‘bullshit and or manipulated’ vs just a bunch of crap the E.P.A. cranked out and fed to us. I’ve been into data analysis and interpretation for a long time, and far from being a total wizard, I am also pretty keenly aware of emergences of patterns and when I see those, I try to see if the overlaps vs a standard 24 hour time deviation based upon longitude, would maybe be visible if we could plot the data that way.

    I don’t know if I am barking up a right or wrong tree but I am speculating that even with the gaps, we could possibly do our own interpolative generation of data that allows us to surmise what the data they culled or omitted would have looked like had they not expunged it, notwithstanding really inexplicable levels. just like any data, as you are aware, points which are really well outside of anomalous would probably have to be attributed to equipment failures or very unusual events with regard to the sensors on the ground being able to see such spikes that do not correlate to anything seen by other sensors in the regional analysis of this data.

    and yeah, you are right that even stations that are as little as a mile apart could have radically different data baselines, there also should be the presence of the ubiquitous periodic ‘sawtooth’ data in there that we see in so many of the charts.

    can we see if the period of the nulls and peaks seems to correlate with sunlight / darkness and or shielding of the earth’s dark shaded side from radiation coming from one key location in space, meaning our Sun?

    last but not least, is any of the GOES or other geosats used for weather and depicting significant weather patterns in the upper atmosphere, especially clouds and moisture specifically, if overlaid on top of the data, show any interaction between the weather we can see and the data in any of the charts, relative to presence of visible moisture?

    thanks, MVB. and I hope you don’t find me to be a bore here. Just brainstorming about the data I was looking at. I sure wish I had a quick and easy way to load the CSV data points and then take into account distance and earth’s rotation in a 24 hour cycle so I could overlay all of it for at least a three month period, and this includes data from other than E.P.A., which is highly suspect anyway.


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