Artificial BETA Radiation Spike in The Netherlands

May 16, 2016

“Mysteriously” coinciding with major radiation upticks across the world, as far as I know documented on this blog like nowhere else, this bit of data shows we are indeed looking at nuclear fallout moving across the landscape.


Unlike Gamma radiation, which requires heavy shielding to be stopped, Beta and Alpha radiation can be stopped by just a few inches of air or paper, so a particle has to strike a monitor directly for it to even be detected, making this a very significant (and rare!) detection. It is almost harmless UNLESS ingested or inhaled.  In that case, even small amounts can cause health problems many years or decades later.



Unlike JRC Station 5 in Italy, and Nicosia, Cyprus, which always seems to pick up tiny amounts of Beta-Art & Alfa-Art, the network in The Netherland very rarely does.  And it is relatively massive spike, coming less than two weeks after a spike in Tellurium-132 was detected in Seehausen, Germany…

The data shown above and below was not validated (NV), but in my non-expert armchair opinion that doesn’t mean all that much.  The Netherlands rarely ever ‘validates’ anything anyhow.  You have to be in Germany for insanely disturbing ‘validated data,’ which the entire mainstream media still completely ignores just the same.

DISCLAIMERS:  Via Online Radiation Monitors -> EURDEP (!-> note their disclaimer: @ ), and mine: @

The data details, with some annotations added:


Just to echo what I’ve been saying for quite awhile now: In short: EVERYTHING POINTS AT A RECENT MAJOR NUCLEAR DISASTER UNFOLDING.  

I really don’t think it’s all that unreasonable to ask: 

WHERE is this coming from?!

Drop me a comment if you know more.  Thanks.

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[Added] Correction:  The Beta spike was ‘ART’ (artificial), but the Alpha uptick was ‘NAT’ (natural) (in the last annotated screenshot it was initially incorrectly labeled ‘ART’ as well, which in this case I presume is what they would call “enhanced natural”, meaning caused by a manmade release of radioisotopes that also exist in nature (such as Radon-220, for example)


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24 Responses to Artificial BETA Radiation Spike in The Netherlands

  1. joseph b stone says:

    Remains interesting to observe these documents and see nothing emerge from the media – sigh

  2. hadia says:

    @Michael, still I don´t know anything! Wanted to plan vaccation trip to NL and Belgium, but?! I guess not advisable to travel there. So we stay in Germany, because it must be one of the savest countries at the moment with Tellurium 132 found there (sarc.) or?

  3. MVB says:

    Personally I would not let any of this influence my travel plans. It’s not the potential health risk of these whiffs of late that concern me, but the apparent fact that the oversight agencies are turning a blind eye to this. It may be something like an INES 2 or 3, maybe worse, but NOTHING has been declared that anywhere. That’s odd. That’s actually part of why I suspect Fukushima.

  4. hadia says:

    @Michael, according to INES scale, how would you then classify FUKUSHIMA please?

  5. MVB says:

    I called Fukushima an INES-7 event 2 weeks before the authorities admitted it was that, back in 2011:

    Two years ago, in 2014, due to the ongoing leaking into the Pacific, I called it an INES-8 (off-scale, as the INES system only goes till 7):

    Experts will catch on some day. This ongoing catastrophe is uncharted territory. The sooner they quit the sugarcoating and deception, the better a chance there will be to turn things around.

  6. Robert says:

    Hi mvb,
    Just a thought but one potential reason for an “unreported” release or multiple releases of “low level” radiological materials is the masking of nuclear weapon movements.
    In my limited experience i have come to understand that strong nuclear sources emit particles that normally can not be shielded from detectors.
    Correct me if i am wrong but i thought it was neutrinos?
    Anyhoo, in a game theory model of pre-positioning nuclear devices one way would be to mask the signatures by polluting the enviroment, creating false readings, and allowing the nuclear weapons to be moved in the chaos.
    Considering the apparent NATO and American encroachment of Russia through eastern Europe there very well may be “nukes on the move” that need cover from Russian surveillance.
    A cargo truck is just a cargo truck until a hidden radiation detector alerts as it passes by so having a high baseline reading in the environment may spoof those system enough to slip weapons in new positions.
    I have few alternate theories as to why high readings from any part of the world would go unremarked and considering the suicidal nature of recent American military strategy i feel i may be close to the truth.
    Nonetheless we all can hope it is an accidental release being covered up which is far more preferable than a first strike being prepared by the american military loonies snuggled in the underground bases they built just for this purpose…
    Dont get me started on the crimes committed against americans by the american government in the race to insure C.O.G (continuation of government) at any cost…dig them up, make them live up here with us and this nuclear holocaust threat ends on that day…

  7. MVB says:

    The neutrinos might get through most shielding matter, but they’re practcally undetectable, unless you build a big neutrino detector.
    So I doubt this is a factor.

  8. hadia says:

    @Robert: normally I would reply: to have a good idea, stop having a bad one! But the actual situation of NATO, as correctly described by you above, leads us to think vice versa.
    I lately listened to a video on u tube, where nucleaer devices (weapons?) were rolling via simple trucks on ordinary roads in Scotland.
    Furthermore, (since I am giving voluntary language classes) some of my students informed me that they watched obviously military personal in extreme coverall suits and with masks running around on a well-known military area base in middle-northern Germany, which would be known as stored nuclear ammunition base. Since, these students are still very young, but (not dummheads at all) they questioned me, if I knew if this had a special meaning. They found these circumstances pretty strange. Anyway, I advised them to move to the Southern hemisphere, because they had more sunshine there.)

  9. Robert says:

    Hi mvb,
    Thanks for the counterpoint to the neutrino aspect. I agree that the detectors are massive and usually far removed so not very useful. Muons were my next thought but again, hard to install equipment near any routes that may be used for transporting weapons and i think they take a long time to build up enough events to detect anything anyway.
    It is just silly that nobody is reporting on the higher than background reading worldwide and with no information the speculation can become just as silly.
    But maybe that is the point…
    The World trade center was a clear standard demolitions implosion event as well as building seven(7) yet in the absence of information we see many foolish theories from aliens to super weapons when standard reasoning applies..(such as an unreported accidental release from a nuke plant causing the readings in this case)..
    Thanks for posting my comment!

  10. Robert says:

    Hi mvb,
    Thank you Hadia for the kind comment!
    Your additional information about troop movements is very valuable!
    I just read today that NATO is basically admitting to preparing for war with Russia and the 1997 treaty (can not remember the name) is essentially broken.
    The story was on Zerohedge today (5-18-2016) and i have no idea how to post a link on this iPad so sorry. :(
    The idea that there may be some military activity is not by itself confirmation but i do wonder more and more as new informations appear to indicate possible motives.
    Nonetheless, if detectors can be fooled i am sure the efforts to do so are being used.
    That said, maybe a higher background radiation level may have no effect thus negating my theory..
    So i am back to square one again as guessing in the dark is all we citizens are left with….
    Thanks again mvb

  11. MVB says:

    link you referred to:

    On May 18th, Britain’s Guardian headlined “West and Russia on course for war, says ex-Nato deputy commander” and reported that the former deputy commander of NATO, the former British general Sir Alexander Richard Shirreff (who was Supreme Allied Commander in Europe from 2011-2014), expressed outrage that Britain isn’t urgently preparing for war against Russia, and also reported that “He describes Russia as now the west’s most dangerous adversary and says Putin’s course can only be stopped if the west wakes up to the real possibility of war and takes urgent action.” … In a chilling scenario, he predicts that Russia, in order to escape what it believes to be encirclement by Nato, will seize territory in eastern Ukraine.” […] ”

    First published at Washington’s Blog @

  12. MVB says:

    Also, this from–Russia_relations :

    “On 27 May 1997, at the NATO summit in Paris, Nato and Russia signed the Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security,[7] a road map for would-be NATO-Russia cooperation. The parties stated they did not see each other as adversaries, and, ″based on an enduring political commitment undertaken at the highest political level, will build together a lasting and inclusive peace in the Euro-Atlantic area on the principles of democracy and cooperative security″.”

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