A Year in Central France & Other Graphed Radiation Pieces (Germany, Switzerland, Slovania,…)

Crestone, Colorado (USA) – May 13, 2016

Via EURDEP, 16 months of gamma graphed for Moulins, France:


Just to pick a monitor…  starting in Feb. 2015, 3 months per line, with the most recent at the end:


Smack in the middle of that data gap, the largest detection of Telurium-132 (SINCE CHERNOBYL!)  was detected downwind in Northern Germany, on April 26, 2016.   There is some suggestive data from elsewhere in Europe and the United States that that may come from afar, but this is far from certain.    But that there was a MAJOR nuclear incident the past month, likely a full-on meltdown, one that not one mainstream media outlet has said even one word about, that much is pretty clear.

Fallout appears to be coming down all over the place. 

Record data gaps amidst record spikes.

Just check “standard deviation” on Eurdep’s pubic “Advanced Map” for the past few days, then look at Nullschool to see the jet stream slow down zone correlating with the upticks.  Trace it.  Tell me what your #1 suspect is.   Tools found on my page with Online Radiation Monitors.

Couple more examples:



Come on, Europe, figure out what happened where and publish your findings.  Drop me a link with what you find.  I’m just some guy with a laptop, sipping coffee in a hippie town in the Colorado Rockies using every bit of spare time I can find to do this.  (Hideous nuclear cover-ups drive me nuts!)

A major nuclear accident getting covered-up is plenty of reason to drop everything and get researching.   

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