5 µSv/hr Radiation Spike @ Berus, Germany – w/ Nullschool (+ Dutch & Belgian data)

EURDEP / Nullschool data.

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When I wrote the previous post (May 13), “A Year in Central France & Other Graphed Radiation Pieces (Germany, Switzerland, Slovania,…)“, all part of an ongoing investigation into the obvious major nuclear accident that no mainstream media outlet has mentioned a word about, I also noticed a spike at the German-French border.  When clicking on the maroon dot, you get the monitor right next to it, which didn’t spike.  You have to zoom in all the way to get see both.  Location of the spike and a couple other monitors I’ll look at marked on this map:


A zoom in on the data from these couple monitors, marked on this map (for the map, I used a screenshot of EURDEP, see Online Radiation Monitors).  First the data:

Berus_Germany_1mo_May13_2016_spikeValidated BerusSPikeWithDataGaps

That massive VALIDATED spike occurred just after 9 am on May 10th.   

And just FYI:  5.86 µSv/hr is extreme!  –> You have to remember that when Finnish researchers went up in an airplane to fly through the thick of the Chernobyl cloud, the background level IN this cloud was 0.8 µSv/hr.

So, please forgive me for being a wee bit disturbed by the (so far) complete mainstream media blackout on what went down at some hitherto-to-be-confirmed nuclear power plant or lab, and is clearly still happening, especially in light of the validated detections, including the Te-132 @ 100x the European post-Fukushima levels @ Seehausen, Northern Germany. Then add the numerous recent spikes and data gaps all over the place and this absence of academic, media and political outcry quickly becomes “a true wtf situation”…

Some more data:

  • The monitor right next door, Überherrns-Berus, Germany, doesn’t show the spike, only an uptick:RghtNextToBerus_D
  • The glitch dot near the NPP in Vlissingen Haven, South Netherlands didn’t go as high, nor was it “validated”, but it occured 24 hours later, just after 9 am on May 11:


DoelNPP_1week_May13_2016-> I include that to show that whatever set off the Vlissingen monitor was unlikely “just an instrument error”.  Various disturbances can be found moving across the European radiological landscape.   It just takes too much time to map it to the extent that the original source, or various sources, can be figured out.   To find the original and main source looking at data gaps might be the most helpful, but the spikes, likely “less diluted” due to being more of a direct-downwind hit, can offer clues too.

So next, I’ll trace the Berus, Deutschland spike via Nullschool’s wind map, @ http://earth.nullschool.net/

9 am on May 10th @ 49.3 N, 6.7 E

just above the surface @ 1,000 hPa -> @ http://earth.nullschool.net/#2016/05/10/0900Z/wind/isobaric/500hPa/orthographic=4.95,49.10,2048/loc=6.700,49.600, you can see the area in a zone with almost no wind:


Just above, the wind is coming from the south and the monitor is located in the edge of a zone that’s also devoid of wind:


@ 700 hPa the wind is coming more from the southwest, and there’s wind coming roughly from the southeast out of the slow zone over the Alps.  Wind blow to the UK, where data gaps moved over…


Now, at jet stream altitude, at 250 hPa, there’s an interesting slow zone moving west to east, while the wind is moving  the other way (this is one of the aspects that makes figuring out a fallout pattern really complex: wind direction at different altitude is complex enough as it gets, but he slow-down zones within these air layers move differently than the wind.  This means that spikes, data gaps and glitch dots may appear to appear somewhere earlier, not because the fallout cloud reached over that zone first, but because a slow-down zone allowed fallout to come down there sooner.

So, here’s that (@ http://earth.nullschool.net/#2016/05/10/0000Z/wind/isobaric/250hPa/orthographic=4.95,49.10,2048/loc=6.700,49.600 ):


But if you start 3 x 3 hours before, @ http://earth.nullschool.net/#2016/05/10/0000Z/wind/isobaric/250hPa/orthographic=4.95,49.10,2048/loc=6.700,49.600, and then click forward the 3-hour snapshots, you can see that just in the hours before the spike, a slow-zone moved over:

2016:05:10:0600Z:wind:isobaric:250hPa:orthographic=4.95,49.10,2048:loc=6.700,49.600So… if the spike was caused by nuclear fallout delivered from above, then the windline to follow is likely one that, at 250 hPa, is just a bit east of the monitor itself, as wind below it would blow it slightly west…



Now, if I seize my bad “confirmation bias” habit of pointing at Fukushima, which this windline (at least without making adjustments for the couple days it takes for an airmass to move at that altitude) and continue… http://earth.nullschool.net/#2016/05/10/0600Z/wind/isobaric/250hPa/orthographic=-275.60,54.31,512/loc=6.700,49.600


… then, as you can see… there’s possibilities in North Korea, Israel, Turkey, Eastern Europe somewhere…    In other words: because of lack of monitors, the data being redacted from the few monitors we get to see, and wind + precipitation over thousands of miles causing extremely chaotic patterns (I guess that would fall under ‘fluid dynamics’ and generally sophisticated computer programs are used for this.)…  It’s not that it can’t be figured out by the public (you and I), but it’s a major challenge.

Are these “swirls hitting ground level” after more than one circulation around the globe?  Quite possible, since this mess has now been going for many weeks.

Just putting this out there in hopes others take it further and pin this spewing reactor down.  Previous such attempts (for example, from February: Unusually High Radiation Spikes in the Alps. A Close Look @ Spittal/Drau, Austria (EURDEP/Nullschool) has landed me at Fukushima-Daiichi’s Cauldrons of Hell, but the implications (especially of it still fissioning to the extent recent fission product can be detected on the other side of the planet!)  are rather heavy to accept that with just tracing a couple wind lines…    Got a better idea, WITH documentation?

You might also want to look into “Any Significance to Cobalt-60 in Fukushima Fallout?“, ’cause where those whiffs came from in Finland last year was never solved either…  (See, for an exaple of such high strangeness as recent as (Oct. 28, 2015) Detected in Helsinki Finland in October 2015: Cesium-134 & 137, Actinium-225 & 227, Cobalt-60. + Detected in Hamburg, Germany: Zirconium-97., among others…)

Anyone who dismissed this as just all just nonsensical “conspiracy bs”, SHOW ALL OF US who are wondering wth is going on YOUR analysis and documentation of where these radioisotopes are coming from.  Or shut up.  


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