A Spasm

Salida (Colorado, USA), 11 mei, 2016


Reality…  Maybe I’ll get over it.  

I might allow more cynicism to shine through,… darkly.

Or get a whole new line of “data art” going…

More cloud photos, interrupted with lots of static TV screens images (just imagine the white noise)…. 

A whole new art form…



Once upon a time, I graphed a long record for this location, below, see (Jan. 17, 2015) “Four years of Radiation Data: EURDEP @ ‘Vlissingen Haven’, The Netherlands – (Long Term Pattern Spotting – Part 1 of 4 )“.

This one just 24 hours:


You’d have to be SEDATED to not catch on…

And thís…  all “means nothings”.  You know my DISCLAIMER.  It’s funny, right?  Haha…

The wind blew in from…   “F.  …   um… Well…  I don’t really know…”  Everything it points at:  COINCIDENCE !

Make no mistake about it:     That’s right:  WHATEVER !


Seriously: NEVERMIND.  Go back to your TVs.


EURDEP’s freak’n “funny”, right?

Just 24 hours uit smurfenland:


It continued to blew over the UK, a land with greener pastures and lovely data gaps… 


Looking North in the San Luis Valley…  Love it here.

  • 4 months from some place in La Wallonie tegen de Franse grens aan:



PS:   For “context” see 5 years of previous blogposts.


Entertained yet?

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11 Responses to A Spasm

  1. Jebus says:

    Awesome, Yes, how I see I feel lately, MVB
    Your showing a unique perspective.
    I too know the songs are missing many in the forest.
    One’s eyes see’s what’s ionized…
    And the trophy does represent the image…
    Keep on…

  2. Andy says:

    The first four (4), at least, of your “cloud photos” above are of “seeded” clouds. They do not appear to be naturally occurring stratus or cirrus, but rather somewhat descended and rather irradiated nano-particulate vapor forms. Most of the photos display, to one degree or another, some very subtle indigo spectra, possibly given off by certain metallic particulates being disseminated, or “seeded”, if you will. Aluminum? Very likely. Cobalt?

      • Andy says:

        I refrained on purpose from remarking on that post when you first made it, realizing that you will just have to see with your very own eyes someday, when dozens of aircraft are playing tic tack toe up there, laying out massive grids from one horizon to another, doing solar radiation management ( SRM, among other sundry tasks…etc.)
        Though the term may still apply, I imagine you won’t quite be calling it “air traffic” after that.

        • MVB says:

          I still call it air traffic: https://www.flightradar24.com/

          and fallout. I don’t think they’re spraying barium, I think that’s coming down as the end product of the most prevalent radioactive pollution, radiocesium; for instance)

          and Krypton-85 changing the conductivity of air, thus possibly playing a role in cloud behavior.

          But ‘chemtrails’ is definitely a topic where good science and total bullshit are finding an audience that seems not particularly interested in sorting out one from the other. A bit like the manmade-CO2-causes-almos-all-global-warming zealot crowd, imo.

          But then again, as with everything: I could be wrong.

        • Dud says:

          Quote of MVB: “I don’t think they’re spraying barium, I think that’s coming down as the end product of the most prevalent radioactive pollution, radiocesium; for instance)”

          Seems noteworthy that greater than half of the radiocesium originally emitted by Chernobyl has decayed to Barium by now, if i have that right. Wondering what Terra’s albido is compared to years/decades ago.

          I’ve been seeing a lot of those whispy clouds too! They look like streams of plasma, though i infer it’s not plasma, yet they seem charged.
          It’s really rare for me to observe more than one contrail in the sky at a time. Am not discounting chemtrails, it is simply that i haven’t observed them (AFAIK) here in the Fraser Valley.
          Crazy rainbow in the sky late the other day. So much red and a little pink & orange too, yet so little blue. I could discern the outline of the indigo/blue bands together but not seperately as they seemed indistinguishable. A hat tip to Ontological & his “Cesium Sky” series.

          TV won’t show “Idiocracy” anymore. D’oh. No more TV for my bungholio!
          It’s more fun to fix rather than to watch, anyway.
          Am not a happy camper; looking for a crappy Ampere hamper stamper!

      • Andy says:

        I never used the term “chemtrail”. You did. You also choose to employ the generic term “air traffic”. For a highly credible discussion of “air traffic”, you will find one at around 7 minutes into the following video, which I hope you will find time to watch in full, from beginning to end. You have way too much time & effort invested in your own unique and priceless research to blow all your cred to shreds with such a cavalier attitude toward this issue. Here is a current May 19, 2016 remix of a previous interview of a very ‘down to earth’ & credible source, concerning your “air traffic”, (among other pertinent items, along with lots of excellent OT photography to boot…)-

  3. pure water says:

    May be it is the CSF pool. It is covered with something black and there are strange activities. I have not watched much recently and the thread was broken for months. May be others have seen more.
    There was information about sudden radiation jump in abandoned radioactive water storage. The company has this stupid habit to admit some problems when bigger one needs hiding.
    And one russian submarinewas burning somewhere near Kamchatka. Bellona reported it. Recently they seem to be in good relations with the nuclear lobby and the report is “nothing to worry about”. It was at the end of April – may be 27th.
    I will comment if something new comes out.

  4. hadia says:

    @Andy, absolutely right, it should be called “Eye-and nose-traffic”. even more than you described can be found in the lovely skies…

  5. hadia says:

    @Michael, I am sorry, but I would not call these fotos “Art”. I would rather call this foto: “Vaccination programe ” of our clouds. But with a future that includes only nuclear disaster, we could call it anything. https://youtu.be/BBTzX89cpoU Stay save.

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