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Added, May 10, 2016 – Blogging about all things nuclear has been suspended  for the time being.  I feel like I’ve taken this “information war” just about as far as I could take it.

Whatever happened… it’s got to be extremely bad…, evidence of which I documented and wondered out-loud about to this blog, is clearly not meant to become news any time soon. I get that.

So just “FYI”:

  • My email accounts appear to be…   I don’t know: something…  (hack attempts?)


Sometimes I can’t even get in myself… ;-/


My blog has received traffic from an untraceable IP:


The one I marked, blockOptions.cgi is explained at ‘TechZog’ as follows, with my emphasis added:


No idea where I’m now apparently “blacklisted”…  Just thought I’d mention this new development since publishing “some ramble amidst nature photos” @ PLANETARY Radiological RED ALERT Situation ONGOING.

Kind weird, no?   I would think one, let’s say a government, would “need to” block certain information from certain people only when they don’t have a better explanation…   Right?    (Doesn’t seem like complete nonsense is getting much blocking on the internet…, that much is clear.)



Hasta la vista.


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