!!!-> PLANETARY Radiological RED ALERT Situation ONGOING <-!!!

(+ pretty nature photos “:-)” ) — Colorado Rocky Mountains (USA) — May 9, 2016

DISCLAIMER:  They know.  And they know I know.  And I know they know that I know.   Now you know…
Full Disclaimer.

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As Southern Colorado spring winds blow sand around…


The tent I’ve called home, weakened by over a year of high-altitude UV light and shredding winds, is toast…


It’s been a journey alright…

Meanwhile, I’m still wandering around contemplating an ongoing nuclear nightmare…

Alternated by being in awe with my natural surroundings…


Zapata Falls, at their best before tourist season…


Looking towards Saguache


In the forest on Mount Blanca (Sangre de Cristo wilderness)

…every now and then I screen the online radiological landscape

On the tabloidesque news aggregator site ENEnews, which has an open commenting policy, there’s been troubling news from Hanford…  They quoted RT, accompanied by an EPA graph showing “a sharp spike in the radiation level had been registered in Richland on the morning of May 5“, of course suggesting that the one caused the other.

The situation at Hanford is véry serious, and has been for decades.  I’ve visited the area and written about it a few times.  !!!-> (May 30, 2013The Hanford Site, holding the Pacific Northwest at Nuclear Gunpoint

There’s no way for me to know if they do this on purpose, but I’ve seen it happen before, in an equally suspicious way:  RIGHT at the time when there’s obviously MAJOR releases happening, probably coming from Fukushima, and -poof- they run a story to explain a spike on a nearby monitor.   And, just like with RT, pointing this out to ENEnews in comments has never had any effect.   Tons of irrelevant comments are added and soon a comment simply disappears from view, as next pages of comments commence, the issue at hand burried in drivel…  (repeat ad nauseum for 5 years…)

Now, as I’ve been documenting for months on end: there’s more than just unusual spikes and data gaps on planet-wide monitors.  There’s even extremely suspect detections, such as of Ruthenium-103 and Tellurium-132 this year (2016):

!!!-> See (May 4, 2016)  HIGHEST SINCE 2011: Cesium-137, Ruthenium-103, Tellurium-132 (early 2016)

Before I point out that the Richland, WA spike ALSO fits into a much larger fallout pattern, the previous time ENEnews did this…  was (very coincidentally launched on Oct. 25, 2015 (a major fallout day that stands out in many monitoring records), in:


An ENEnews 2015 version of running “scary local stories” to mask MASSIVE fallout hitting the entire northern hemisphere…

EPA data shows radiation spike in major US city soon after explosions at nuclear waste facility nearby — AP: Drums of buried waste were blasted over site’s fence; Large crater reported — Emergency Official: US gov’t brought in “resources I’ve never even seen before, it was amazing” ” and ran it, also, just like they did with the Hanford leak story above, with an EPA Radnet graph.

!-> Back then, in my analysis on Nov. 2, 2015, ALERT – Major Radiological Disturbances in Northern Hemisphere. (October 2015), I pointed out that the reported spike fit into a much larger hemisphere-wide pattern:

“Now, far more undermining to the credibility of ENEnews, which for whatever reason tried to link that radiation spike (which upon network-wide scrutiniy turns out to be relatively minor compared to the other two major spike times in these past two weeks)  to that Nevada incident…: Spikes around that time were observed elsewhere as well, including in places not downwind from Southern Nevada during this time period whatsoever.  Even more convenient of an omission, in many areas the spike preceded the reported fire in Nevada.  A sampling of monitors suggests that the air mass that set off the Las Vegas monitor hit many parts of the West Coast earlierAlso gone un- or underreported is that at the time of the NYT’s reporting a far greater spike was setting off monitors across the Northern Hemishere, (Oct 24-25-26 particularly), even breaking many past-year or even all-time records.”

I suppose those stories are compelling if you haven’t developped a far advanced case of CMWD (compulsive monitor-watching disorder).   CMWD has the uncomfortable side-effect of spotting bullshit in monitoring claims.

Let’s look at some of this week’s US EPA Radnet data…  The first days of May are data-gapped away, so to show that, you have to look further back in time…

  • Here’s Richland, WA.  First of all, just like last time they pulled this card, the didn’t show that the spike occurred in a context of widespread upticks elsewhere (very apparent in Europe which has thousands of monitors more than North America; -> tons of examples found in previous blogposts), and especially data gaps (ditto).

No different at Richland:


Now allow me to “sketch some more context”…:

What made the monitor go into data-hiding mode?  I don’t know, but…

On April 27 @ 6:00 UTC a jetstream slow-down zone moves over the monitor…,42.80,1024/loc=-119.362,46.091

No stories were launched for Nevada this time, although they had a couple opportunities in the past 10 days…  where you see the same:   spikes and data gaps:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada:


  • Portland, Oregon:


  • Tucson, Arizona:


  • Miami, Florida:


  • Juneau, Alaska:


I could keep going with this time-consuming hobby of mine, but I hope that suffices to put that little spike at Richland in a wider context.  I call BULLSHIT to the Hanford (underground) leak having caused the monitor spike.

Did Florida and Washington (state) @ ánd Alaska… have something in common on Cinco de Mayo?  Hmm… Rather broad geographical range…  (Not to mention what’s going on in Europe, or Russia for that matter…)    Very slow moving surface winds coming from entirely different directions?  Nope.  Maybe something higher up?   “:-)”   Have a peek at the jet stream…

Nullschool wind @ 250 hPa, for May 5, 2016 00:00 UTC,43.83,512

Screenshot with annotations:


This part is not that hard to figure out, folks:  It ain’t Florida, New York or Washington causing the spikes and (likely hiding far worse spikes at times of) data gaps. 

SOMETHING HAPPENED further upwind. 

Something só extremely serious… that certain (perhaps well-intentioned, but nevertheless clearly misguided) forces are doing everything they can (short of turning the internet off) to keep it under wraps.   Why?  Because you can’t say A without it implying B and C.

  • A = Fukushima-Daiichi’s molten coriums underground are still fissioning, possibly growing, with no way to address the challenges at hand in sight.  If not stopped, this will inevitable turn into a full-on Extinction Level Event, killing off most higher life forms in the centuries to come…
  • B = Then they had nuclear fuel geometries / configurations akin to a breeder reactor or some kind of major enrichment program, involving Plutonium in concentrations you would never use them in for just generating electricity…
  • C = Japan was most likely participating in a secret nuclear weapons program, with the IAEA infiltrated and in on the cover-up…

D.   Maybe I should just stick to nature photography…  “;-D”


Compared to the end of April… “the radiological scene”, bullshit stories meant to distract from far worse realities notwithstanding, seems to be quieting down a bit, with the oversight agencies pulling off their rather obvious intent of “perception management” through redacting the data (values lower than would be measured, even forced zero and negative dose rates (example from Luxembourg), and especially the widespread highly suspicious data gaps).

The record even changes over time (example shown below).  Sometimes massive spikes are completely erased from the record (example from Estonia), and as is evident from checking the same monitor, @ Oostende, België,  12 hours later: forced zeroes disappeared… Poof…  “Nothing to see here, move along…”


Anyhow… It’s going to take a lot more for thoroughly pro-nuclear-brainwashed nations like Belgium and France to bring out the pitchforks, though…


Across the Channel in the UK:AanDenOverkant

The question has not even been asked in ANY mainstream outlet on any continent that I know of:  WHERE was the very large nuclear leak “from an active reactor/corium”?   The evidence, documented on this blog like nowhere else, clearly indicates that something very serious happened.   (Click ‘Home’ and scroll down; things started to get unsettled in October 2015, and moved into a whole other category in 2016 with the HIGHEST detections since 2011 for Cesium-137, Ruthenium-103 and Tellurium-132, as well as record spikes amidst data gaps all over.

It’s not just Europe, as I showed, again, above.  And it cannot be explained away with ongoing underground leaks at Hanford in Washington, issues in New York or Florida, or the Alberta forest fires for that matter.  There are bits and pieces of clues, such as the fact that ALASKA Turned Off Beta Radiation Monitoring Amidst Major Gamma Uptick.

Noteworthy: Some of the radiation records from the Baltics have very distinct events also found elsewhere.  Comparing monitors very close to each other can reveal other patterns as obviously they’re not detecting the same decay energies.  See, for example, !-> (April 25, 2016), “4µSv/hr in Latvia“…   Very interesting, I’d say.  

When tracing the beginning of data gaps in very different locations (The Netherlands; Turkey; Juneau, Alaska), they strikingly have one thing in common: a jet stream wind pattern that also passed over Northern Japan.  How many times do I need to see that before I can call it “a revealing pattern”?   Monitors further upwind in Korea have not been detecting anything unusual recently, however.   Not that I’ve noticed, or seen documented.


Checking EURDEP in my car, from Southern Colorado’s Northern San Luis Valey…

Outside the few thousand blog visitors from all over the world this past month, most of the 7+ billion fellow Earthlings don’t have the slightest clue about the detection, nor significance, of (half-life: 3.2 days, volatile synthetic fission product) Tellurium-132, which was detected in Northern Germany on April 26, 2016, at a concentration 100 x higher than what was detected in post-Fukushima spring 2011 anywhere in Europe

Although a few fringe/alternative outlets spread the word on what was reported here first on, not a peep has been heard in the mainstream media. Two weeks have passed…

Still.  No statement from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), no rumors escaping the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO).  Nothing from any government.  No word from TEPCO.  No word from the NRC.  No comment from the European Commission.  Some scientists just simply did data entry on the EU’s Data Exchange Platform (EURDEP) about what they detected, and left it at that.  No press release.  Nothing.  The largest detection in Europe of this very short-lived health-hazardous radioisotope since Chernobyl in 1986, and not one journalist raised a finger.

They must know what’s up…  They probably don’t really know how to break the news…

Because, with the mindset and technologies we have right now…


…staring into space, speechless, from Mount Blanca, Colorado…


We have arrived in the dystopian future science-fiction writers warned against.

A lot of details are beginning to make sense…

Such as strange details in my very own savings-devouring independent research, about which I shared all details, exclusively on this Allegedly Apparent Blog:

I don’t know if I’ll keep writing about this, but  I should bring this up again:  Unique ongoing releases, as recent as 2015-2016 have included fission and/or activation products that make no sense coming from a normal meltdown, nor from medical or resource exploitation uses.  One that stood out for me was:

  • In May 2015, various locations, particularly several monitors in Finland, detected upticks in a most-interesting mixture of I-131, Nb-95, Co-60, Mn-54, Cs-137, and Ru-106, as (for a large extent) documented in (June 6, 2015), “Pink Unicorns beach themselves on the shores of Lake Dystopia” (-> I would not frame the LLD’s as possible detections anymore.  As it goes as an amateur, my understanding evolves with time.)  The Cobalt-60 detections are véry interesting in light of (Jan. 26, 2016), !!!->Any Significance to Cobalt-60 in Fukushima Fallout?”  Add the fact that those same upticks contained other activation-, as well as fingerprints of RECENT FISSION, and a possibility begins to emerge:

Maybe I’m not crazy…


… May you be spared the consequences of the misguided nuclear era ..


This blog posts is part of an ongoing series looking into widespread disturbances and data gaps on worldwide radiation monitors lately, coinciding with very unusual detections of various highly suspicious artifical fission-created radioisotopes. 

Signs point to a MAJOR nuclear accident is in the process of being completely covered-up by nuclear oversight agencies and so far hushed by all mainstream and the larger so-called alternative media alike.  Suggestive evidence points to the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Catastrophe Site as a plausible source

The implications of this, however, would be extremely serious and of the gravest concern for the entire planet’s biosphere.   

Everything I’ve pointed at can be independently verified via these three primary sources I’ve used:

!—> NOTE THEIR RESPECTIVE DISCLAIMERS as well: not all data I graph has been validated by the authorities that supplied the data.    <—!

Related Blog Posts:

(!!!- >  Click ‘Home’ and scroll down, or see my much more complete chronological list @ my soon-to-be-updated-again Nuclear Blog Posts ARCHIVE).


Why did I write this blogpost?    Dear CIA, you have this one guy to blame – hehe:

One of them darn active “pro-nuclear trolls”, known by names such as ‘diemos‘ (who you’ll find commenting on various forums of sites with news critical of the nuclear industry, bringing up various tricks from the disruption bag, spurred me to take something more serious than I already was.  Trolls will always try the waters by comparing Cs-137 to K-40, or make the stupidiest deceptive dose comparisons, and when all else fails, they’ll stop “trying to educate” and just claim their unfallible superiority by going all-out ad hominem.


I take that as a hint.

‘nough said.

— — — — — — —   — — — — — — —

— The time is now to end the misguided nuclear era —

— — — — — — —   — — — — — — —

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May All Discord Be Pacified

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11 Responses to PLANETARY Radiological RED ALERT Situation ONGOING

  1. diemos says:

    Tsk, Michael. Thanks for publishing my e-mail address.

    • MVB says:

      That was in error and has been promptly deleted. Apologies.

      (And it’s impressive you read my posts within minutes of publication… Does it pay well?)

  2. MVB says:

    —And annonymous message received by some means [truncated]:—

    Firstly, you are right about the lack of concern from any major media outlet which of course is driven by the government.
    I feel the motives center around keeping the public calm during what is simply a situation they can not affect in any way.
    Thus it seems decided that we are to go about our lives buying products and worrying about what the latest teevee drama will be while getting dusted with the products of the first uncontrolled open air mox reactor in the history of nuclear energy sitting aside two other uncontrolled uranium coriums all running wild in the ground below the destroyed power plant. I know they are holding the ground water back using the “ice wall” for the sole purpose of keeping the coriums covered in groundwater.
    Being as all commercial reactor designs are primarily for weapon manufacturing and just so happen to make electricity, the military and connected corporations are in the position to force everyone into silence as a national security measure.
    That fact does not help us as we get blasted by man made radiation but i think that is the game plan.
    Keep in mind the real effects will not manifest for some time and act slowly so it is easy to explain away any uptick in cancers and deaths as a natural situation.
    Unfortunately, there are so many who are unaware and many more who do not care and worse, some for whom nuclear death is a method to achieve alternative goals.
    I state the obvious so you may judge my own level of awareness. I am not involved with nuclear energy nor do i possess more than a passing familiarity on the topic but i lurk and read as much as i can and try to stay abreast of all current informations.
    I think you are a good envoy of truth. Diligent in your reporting. We need talent to help lead folks to understanding and i think you only need a wider audience to affect change.
    I know full well the doldrums of producing a solid intellectual product that is not getting the attention of the folks it was made to help.
    This area of reporting is a wasteland for the citizen scientist and in every corner lurks shills trolls agents both civilian and military making it seem only those contrary voices are getting attention but my personal experience is that those voices are only responses to folks who try to get out the truth. It is antithetical to produce their message beyond the forums they lurk in as they fear any real disclosure and i think they post only to blunt the message to those who come to the truth both old and new. I see so little information beyond the forums of the few sites actually reporting so that is a tell to me.
    In closing,
    Keep pushing, keep reporting, keep those other folk searching for the truth in the fight with community building, reach out knowing most of the shills are easy to discover and they are very afraid.
    This country would implode if folks knew what was being done to them and their children so expect the forces trying to silence you and all the others to use anything at their disposal as it is really a life or death for them.

  3. MVB says:

    Some people apparently do not feel comfortable being identified. This comment has been submitted anonimously through some means as well [truncated]:

    Thanks Michael for what you do. The nexus of a Japanese secret nuclear weapons program of some sort, and foreign sabotage as in Jim Stone’s version, or with more American involvement than Stone has offered, is in my opinion also a plausible possible reason for the rather bizarre extent of the global cover-up of Fukushima.
    In Canada, for example, one might assume that Dana Durnford would be lauded in mass media for having travelled 15000 plus difficult miles along the BC coast documenting the annihilation of plant and animal life in the tidal pools, and the dearth of insects and birds along the shoreline. But instead he has been ignored and harassed and derided. Very odd. Suggested is that the System of Power is very much at stake at Fukushima.
    I think that the whole nuclear delusion went irrevocably up in smoke at Fukushima. I mean look at these pictures!
    And the rather bizarre ‘we just can’t figure out and don’t know where the coriums are’ is in my opinion almost certainly a lie. I mean if technology can read a license plate from space, and probe the ground from space, how likely is it to be true that the existence even let alone the exact location of radiation spewing monstrosities in the ground below are unknown.
    Since the evidence for ongoing runaway fission at Fukushima Dai-ichi, or nearby, is strong, my hunch is that the System has freaked out. But the System is deception incorporated, with honesty as their nemesis, and the System relies not on reason but in your words on mere ‘perception management’,.That’s what they do. So of course they will lie, and pretend, maybe right to the end. But in the end, the universe demands integrity of any life form that develops nuclear technology. There is an inescapable logic at work. The alternative is a process that leads to sudden or slow death of our species. In other words, the currently hegemonic sick System is not only inherently incapable of mobilizing a full fledged, genuine global effort at some kind of real mitigation, the System is in effect on a suicide mission. The only prospect of hope for a ‘solution’ of sorts, in my opinion, lies in honesty about what is going on, and many more independent voices arising that are willing to engage in an informed and integrity based discourse.on Fukushima, and who receive growing media attention. Such independent voices can stoke public demand for an all out attempt at a real mitigation effort. Given both a dearth of such voices , and the media as purveyors of censorship, disinformation, and trivia, perhaps ‘trumping’ the system, if you’ll forgive the pun, seems a pretty slim hope. But in any case, you are an exemplary example of what we need.

  4. hadia says:

    Michael, YOU deserve ALL Nobel peace prizes.

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