Record Radiation Strikes Russian Federation


  • 6 months graphed, for context, @ Rostov-On-Don, Russian Federation (near Sea of Azov, 100 miles south of Luhansk, Eastern Ukraine):


  • Here’s also 6 months context for all the way north, @ Kandalaksha, Russian Federation (Western end of the White Sea):


This is just some more “snippets of radiation data”, part of increasing evidence of a MAJOR NUCLEAR ACCIDENT somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere, with the validated and very significant detection of Telurium-132 in Germany on April 26, 2016 as smoking gun evidence that it is an active (still fissioning) reactor core, clearly leaking unbelievably massive amounts of radioactive gasses and particles into the atmosphere.

There have been 3 detections of Te-132 in Europe in the past decades:

  • after the Chernobyl nucear disaster in spring 1986,
  • after the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe began in spring 2011,
  • and last week, in spring 2016.

Evidence of this has been documented on this Allegedly Apparent Blog like nowhere else.  Just click ‘Home’ and scroll down for mountains of data charts, or check my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive (sub-tab in the Nuclear tab in top banner), if you prefer not to see the other stuff I write about (like photos from this very pretty part of Colorado).

Now: Am I suggesting a major nuclear accident might have struck Russia?  Nope.  Not at all.  This has been going on for a few weeks now.  Maybe even just over five years, if you know what I mean…

Following massive upticks, disturbances and lots of data gaps all over the place, in the past few days a few other ‘Standard Deviation’ dots stand out on EURDEP’s Public “Advanced Map”, via their everything-dismissing disclaimer:

Looking at the jetstream @ 250 hPa shows that these places are all fed by a relatively narrow banc of the jet stream, leavingvarious possibilities for where the spewing source is.

some more blips on the fallout radar…:



If you know exactly  WHERE all this fallout of late is coming from, please leave a comment.   I’m curious.

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