Record radiation Strikes Italy

Southern Colorado (USA) – May 7, 2016

Still waiting for an announcement from the IAEA in Vienna?

…Alright… Maybe I’m reading too much into all this, right?  Must have been quite the nuclear waste package that opened in that Helsinki garage in the beginning of March. [sarc.]  …

  • 6 months graphed for Gressan, Northern Italy:


–> Note: the last 3 days are currently also “data gapped”.

It’s clearly not something that “just happened”.  It’s part of a larger pattern, apparent all over the Northern Hemisphere if you scrutinize the data.  And there’s signs it’s even affecting the Southern Hemisphere now too.  (One sign was the fact that France turned off its monitors in the Southern Hemisphere in February.  Another sign are apparent upticks also observed in Australia.)

I’ve been pointing at this increasingly disturbed radiation landscape since at least October 2015.  It’s apparent EVERYWHERE.  (ok, not everywhere: pretty much everywhere but Japan…   “Go figure…”).

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  1. Andy says:

    …thought it might now be somewhat of a relief for you to know that you’re no longer the sole unofficial ‘Chicken Little’ on the web who’s clucking under an already fallen sky to a brain-dead populace about Tellurium 132. Regardless of what your opinion may or may not be about Bob Nichols weekly rad reports or ‘Veterans Today’ in general, ( which venue does incidentally enjoy a rather wide exposure…) it appears from his own sources that he’s just made a bit of a squawk about the very same discovery of which heretofore only you, the redoubtable “MVB”, had ever been known to cluck.
    So considering his rather bizarre take on this alarming development, being previously your province alone, it simply occurred to me that you might get a bit of a charge out of it, (or maybe just see if you can make heads or tails of it for starters)….Ciao, Michael-
    (scroll down to “Te132- Something Nuclear in Europe just Detonated or Exploded”!!!?*#% )
    p.s. You should also be even more relieved to note that there doesn’t appear to be any plagiary of your own material involved.

  2. a well known Fukushima data collector says:

    I have been following your posts on Enenews and you are pretty on target about the site being a COIN OP or cointelpro calibrated leak site. Same goes for Whatreallyhappened and Blacklistednews, both are obviously government sponsored ‘limited hangout’ fake aggregators, as is Enenews. Matter of fact, nobody really knows who runs Enenews really, and the people who hang out there seem to be pretty solidly ‘brain dead’ when it comes to suggestions that the Hanford leak is being used by CIA as I believe it is, to obfuscate the seriousness of Fukushima and the death of the Pacific.

    Now, you don’t know me from ‘atom’ (adam) and I have no clue who you are, but I have a nuclear engineering background of sorts, not from ten years of working at a place like L.L.N.L. or L.A.N.L., but from spending five years on a nuclear powered ship, with collateral duties with the nuclear weapons that went beyond mere security. And as I was being groomed for officer material, I was getting an awful lot of information about nuclear physics beyond the layperson’s ability to absorb that. Does that mean I’m a nuclear expert. No. It means I am not too easily fooled, that’s all.

    Now, back to Hanford. I was in the area for a few months last year and observed something I had not seen anywhere before. I was driving into Richland area and saw a huge huge musroom cloud that looked like a nuclear detonation one morning. First thing I asked was; “god was that a strange thunderstorm” but it seemed much much more odd because as I could see the area closer in, it was directly over Hanford. The approximate time was just about 7:30 in the morning.
    Does that mean they had a major problem there? Perhaps, but when I looked for news about this, I saw nothing in any MSM channels about it. It was like it never happened. I would have thought that others who live in the area would have found it ‘odd’ that a mushroom cloud like a nuclear detonation rose to an estimated altitude of oh, maybe 55 or 60 thousand feet, or about 20k meters into the air. That kind of thing gets attention.

    You’ve seen now three postings by me and you failed to publish one of mine citing who Merkel is, and that’s fine, but to be honest, you don’t seem to be too willing to share information with others who have working GM devices and have been using them for survey work. I do not take daily measurements but I do surveys in my area which is W. WA. and the area down to Portland, OR.

    My observations have been astonishing. I have seen levels here where I live, at 3600 CPM back in 2012, mid year. I’ve seen massive plant burns, broad leaf trees burnt, thousands of dead birds inexplicably dead immediately after 3/11, and a dog of mine died recently of tumors. When I told you of the excising of a tumor I wasn’t joking. I don’t know where you live but we got dosed here on the west coast. That information is being suppressed, maybe even by you in your own way by calling attention to the Tellurium 132 in Europe. Fuck, the detection of many many other radionuclides globally cannot be that hard to see but nobody is posting numbers in very many places. I have verified real data that nobody wants to believe but I have videos of my readings which capture the date and time of them with voice annotations. We are fucked here on the west coast of the U.S.

    the Hanford disclosures may be real, but I think they are a CIA smoke screen. And, I believe that Enenews is a CIA operation.

    lastly, the people there are for the most part not reachable. they’re not. They think that site is going to tell the truth. But it only puts out shit that the CIA wants people to, on a limited basis, to know, so they can gauge the psychological aspects of the comments, when true, and then they put out information from Buesseler and that bitch Kachur about how potato chips are more harmful.

    You may not be real either, but I do want to have faith that you aren’t another fucking ENENEWS in European drag. Hanford is being used as a ‘bait and switch’ operation, but it cannot be overstated that it is a serious problem. Comparing it to Fukushima is not only a pathetic lie and joke, but it’s very indicative of the motive for fundamentally raising people’s awareness of those fucking tanks which have been oozing into the Columbia for decades.

    I have no thyroid due to my exposure, amigo. And I cut one tumor off my arm already. That was no fucking joke.

    best to you, but DO NOT trust Enenews. It’s not really who they’d like us to think they are. They are CIA.


    • MVB says:

      Hi “a well known Fukushima data collector”

      I have published all your previous comments thus far, including the one 5 days ago in which you didn’t reveal Merkels alleged real name, but wrote, “As for Merkel, her real name is not Merkel. She’s a polack jewess, my friend, and changed her name to avoid that being known. You knew that, right?”

      I didn’t know and still don’t just you alleged it. You got to include sources when you state stuff like that. Just my opinion. Anyhow.

      “the Hanford disclosures may be real, but I think they are a CIA smoke screen. And, I believe that Enenews is a CIA operation.”

      I think so as well. Or some high-level operation at least, for IP collection, psychological profiling, intel gathering, etc. Same deal at Cafe Rad Lab, imo.

      “You may not be real either, but I do want to have faith that you aren’t another fucking ENENEWS in European drag. ”

      ;-) I have my moments of thinking maybe I’m the only non-agent in this nuclear information war. I’m genuinely concerned. I don’t hide my name, and I don’t hide my location, and parts of my past life are public:

      In case you needed some documentation…

      “I don’t know where you live but we got dosed here on the west coast. That information is being suppressed, maybe even by you in your own way by calling attention to the Tellurium 132 in Europe.”

      I live in Crestone, Colorado (roughly between Alamosa and Salida), which should be evident by the beginning of many of my blog posts, as well as the photos I post of this beautiful region.

      If you go through my months of posts, I’ve documented the spikes and data gaps in North America off and on as well. And the Te-132 is part of a cloud that drifted over the US as well, at least that’s what the data gaps and upticks suggest. Europe just does a better job at monitoring, so for hemisphere-sized releases, clues can be found there at times.

      During spring 2011 I lived in Park City, Utah @ 8000 ft in the midst of the cloud. I worked as “Information Specialist” for the neoshamanic energy healing school The Four Winds Society (of Alberto Villoldo). After that I spent time on Vancouver Island, and then Boulder, all places that were heavily dosed. But it wasn’t until my visit to the Fukushima coast in Nov. 2013 that I’ve rather often felt ‘out of it’, likely in part due to what I did there.

      I believe your readings. Many have reported such insane readings. I have only seen that in rain events, which in this region can be loaded with radon from all the thorium and uranium in the rocks around here.

      ENEnews didn’t care that I found Cobalt-60 in one of my kelps from Japan, though. Nor were they interested in my finding of Sb124 in Colorado rainwater, and so on. Probably because everything I have found independently points at one or more reactor at Fukushima having been used for non-regular purposes, which is why it had a nuclear-type of explosion in the first week, caused massive neutron fluxes that altered many other elements and is likely still fissioning in an absolute worst case China Syndrome kind of nightmare that they want to keep under wraps at all cost.

      Hope your health will be spared further consequences. Keep up the good work. Include links to your documentations if you can.

      Be well,

      • a well known Fukushima data collector says:

        thanks for your very cogent and even handed reply, MVB. As we are experiencing, the situation at Fukushima does indeed suggest possible military tentacles in the case of at least one reactor there if not more, but also, as you may be aware, the nearly identical situation was unfolding at S.O.N.G.S. in So. Cal., which was blamed on a faulty heat exchanger when I believe the true cause was a melted core, again, CIA steps in for information control and makes it sound they decom’d a perfectly good plant for a mere faulty heat exchanger design which was ‘untested’ and ‘green’. If you believe that one, I haz some land in the Florida Everglades I would like to broker to you for a very good price.

        In any case, now we go to the Israeli connection to Fukushima. Again, as the CIA likes to seed stories with ripe bait, is there any surprise that right out of the starting gate we learn of ‘cameras’ that a DIMONA organization installed, as well as ‘Israeli security’ at Fukushima, which by the way were alleged to have left their posts before the quake struck. Now, that would immediately explain things, one year out from when Japan voted to support Palestine, meaning the CIA could get even more traction floating a b.s. story about Israeli complicity in this E.L.E. which I believe it is. Not that I don’t believe Israel is capable of such world rending crap, they are..but their ‘camera’ and ‘security’ involvement swiftly cut thru the fog of information war and was leaked to us very quickly.

        My theory is that as most do not know about MOX, it is highly unstable, it causes things inside of the fuel rods that during a reactor SCRAM, get very non-linear in the heat dissipation arena and hence then fuel rod failure, as was my assertion about San Onofre. San Onofre suffered a full blown core meltdown, based on the radiation levels some have measured in the coastal water before 3/11 plume had fully bathed the beaches in that from Japan.

        So, as you might have gathered, we have a CIA run world, and I don’t make that assertion lightly, they are the de-facto shadow government that runs the U.S.S.A. and Europe for their Rothschilds masters, their founding fathers were uber zionists such as was J.J. Angleton and both of the Dulles zio assholes…and it’s not a mere coincidence that it was morphed out of the O.S.S. in what year? Why, it was a total coincidence that it occurred in 1948, the same year that the British Monarchy decided to steal Palestine from it’s people for their Rothschilds masters. I don’t believe in coincidences, MVB. And neither should you. The relevance of CIA meddling in this Extinction Level Event is that they know that globally once the cat gets out of the proverbial bag here, the shit will indeed hit the rotating blades globally in unrest they won’t be able to stop nor control.

        Did the khazars do Fukushima? Well, a german made torpedo found in the hull of the Cheonan suggests that a Dolphin sub seen transiting the Suez Canal in precisely the right time to involve her, probably fired that torpedo to start a war in a FF event with N. Korea. My assessment about N. Korea is that they are the ‘standby enemy du jour’ of the West to be blamed for all sorts of things including ‘beri beri’ and ‘falling arches’ in everyone. Mindless morons want to link them to everything that keeps eyes off of Israeli war crimes elsewhere, for sure.

        Today we live in a post humanity environment, that meaning that mankind ‘lost’ it and no longer is in any way going to survive this game being played by the CIA and the Rothschilds. They must on some level think they can withstand the contamination of all food and water, and indeed the air we breathe too. I didn’t know that zeolite had those kinds of rejuvenating properties.

        Anyway, the obvious goal of ‘coin ops’ is to get in front of things and steer the opinion. So far, virtually all of the alternative media I see is co-opted and pwn’d and nothing more than an extension of the VOA globally…meaning The Voice of Rothschildslandia. We’re kinda screwed.

        Sorry to hear of your stint in Utah. I too did one recently in the S.L.C. valley and got egregiously screwed by those friggin mormons in more ways than I’d like to divulge here. In some ways they are more hideously nasty than are the khazarian fraudulent jooz as I call them. They’re all too benign and normal looking with a very deep ulterior motive to, in every way, financially enslave humankind with their cult religion.

        Keep up the good work and thank you for your excellent work. If you haven’t figured out who I am by now I think at least one YouTube show I did of many would answer your question. I don’t skulk behind anonymity much, but I do try not to give up the game so easy. I use my real name in those shows, and I pull absolutely no punches. And though I once worked in the intelligence community during my military service, I am first and foremost a real person, though I must confess that I will always be a ‘spook’ because you just don’t unplug that gift of being able to see what is really going on when you take off the uniform. They tested people like me to find that we were with exceptionally good instincts about what is not what it appears to be. And I am proud I am very wired to not just take things at face value in a world full of, as Edmund Burke once said; “Deceit” for sure.

        Episode 97 cuts to the quick on the Fukushima issues, Michael. We are in very very grave shit and the cat is coming out of the bag and hence, OWL CIA DUH as I call them, have to make Hanford the new devil in the details. Hanford may be bad, but nobody in their right mind can suggest that the mass death on the beaches as far away as Chile, is the fucking ‘warm blob’ as Woods Arsehole and others suggest. CIA is losing control of the dialogue and the world is slowly getting a grip. My guess is that in less than a year the wheels are going to come off due to not just financial collapse, but collapse in trust of all authority. And it is per the Protocols, so it’s by design not by accident. Having said that, at some point they will lose control. And yes, Katy bar the door then. That cat will not go back into the bag quietly.


        • Andy says:

          Mille Grazie, Dennis, for once again laying it right on the line, and “pulling absolutely no punches”.

          • a well known Fukushima data collector says:

            you’re very welcome! as you can imagine, the gravity of the situation is such that, nobody can misconstrue the heaviness in the information being imparted. we live in a world where monsters walk amongst us with obvious impunity. but that will change soon, and when it does, it’ll truly suck to be them. but as I said, how does one punish vermin who could not only cause this, but allowed the scumball candy assed moron puppet to jump on AF-1 and run to a very blindsided Brazil who had no clue he and the other sorry chickenshit bastards were coming. The term ‘cowardice’ doesn’t even touch the level of hubris demonstrated in that act of fleeing the plume while all of us were left to fend for ourselves. It’s at the least, ‘High Treason’ and worse, it’s crimes against all of mankind here.

            no action to try to contain it for five years? that’s murder one times 12 billion. very sad. very sad.

          • a well known Fukushima data collector says:

            here we go with ‘coincidences’ again, MVB ;)

            can we at least verify the real date this story really was up on that site? they have a predilection for setting up ‘beg for money’ pages for hoax shooting victims like 4 days in advance of the event of Sandy Hoax, so begs the question that if they blindsided the Brazilians as I indeed believe they did, how much advance notice did the Brazilian government really get?

            clearly I don’t trust any MSM to honestly and without chicanery report important information like this without monkey business, and I don’t think the sheeple are too bright when they can allow that the Sandy Hoax crap was published days in advance of an alleged mass shooting event, which in fact was a drill.

            if the Fukushima event was in fact a retaliatory strike by guess who, is it out of the question to go there with the; “they had foreknowledge possibly”, but then again, if you trust NYT stuff, home of Judyth Miller of the ‘Iraq has WMD’s’ fame, then I guess you’d be prone to believing that it was perfectly legitimate for the Sandy Hook ‘beg for money’ pages to be online four days in advance of the staged event and nobody blinks an eyeball at that.

            these two events are not related, except once again, a whole lot of either coincidence in the latter case, or jumping the gun in the former case had to apply.

            till someone can show me bona fide evidence that this visit was really planned well in advance as they always are, to adequately pre-stage security personnel, etc…then I’ll maybe buy it. But I’m not buying it, MVB. I think it happened with such inadequate preparation on the part of the U.S. Govt., that Brazil was in fact really caught like a deer in the landing lights of AF-1..

          • MVB says:

            “Those who control the present, control the past, and those who control the past, control the future.” I don’t know when the ‘upcoming planned Brazil visit’ was launched; I found it after the fact. The timing was a bit suspicious, though the bulk of fallout didn’t come until much later.

          • a well known Fukushima data collector says:

            If anyone’s read Orwell’s “1984” or seen the movie, people should know that nothing is sacrosanct here, and unfortunately, the moron sheeple are too tuned out and disinterested in everything but the clicker and texting to give a rat’s d*ck about what is going on. When presented with TRUTH, they scurry from it like it’s poisonous. This Fukushima is a very grave problem and if the people knew that instead of sending nuclear experts to Japan in the immediate aftermath, the miserble bastards sent a team of CIA jackasses instead, they’d probably, if they had any wherewithalls at all, be livid with rage.

            but, there is no rage. Only apathy and cognitive dissonance. In all honesty the sheeple are too stupid to be reasonably scared or concerned…and that’s very sad. As for the control of information, all organizations have CIA embeds in them. ALL OF THEM! Anderson Cooper, Mr. ‘Green Screen’ got caught so many times using that technology to stage fake interviews in the immediate aftermath of Sandy Hook. The repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act in 2013, tucked neatly into the National Defense Authorization Act that year, gives these bastards ‘carte blanche’ to openly and egregiously lie to us every step of the way. TRUTH? We can forget that, we’ve departed that station five and a half decades ago, and this train is not going back. It’s very sad they can openly lie to us and there is no penalty when jackasses like Barry Soetoro can use raw onion to get fake tears rolling about a shooting that was a staged hoax. That’s how far gone we are as a nation. Totally run by illegitimate CIA puppets at every stage. Having said all this, the Fukushima thing is going to kill them too, no matter how much food they have in their underground bunkers, hoarded. They cannot escape it, it will kill them too.

            it’s just sad that when the lights go out here, most of the sheep won’t even have a clue what the hell killed them, other than it was ‘the red blob’ or as Torah Kachur put it, they ate too many potato chips..

    • a well known Fukushima data collector says:

      now that I’ve gotten my spleen vented good, I wanted to say something about what I think is going on with the Hanford diversionary story, and other ‘stories’ about other Nuc plants in the U.S.S.A. being suddenly ‘in bad shape’ and ‘in trouble’ as they may indeed be, but suddenly MSM is talking about it and that is disquieting for sure. Anytime MSM hocs a loogie (story) at us, you know it’s a CIA propaganda script more than anything, and there is likely no exception here now with the radiation being suddenly discovered at WIPP and other places in the U.S.S.A., inclusive of N.Y. and Florida recently.

      In time, the radiation readings in the U.S.S.A. are going to be beyond explaining. Right now, where I live, we were, PRE FUKUSHIMA, at 7 and 8 CPM, maybe ‘9’ on a bad day. Today that number is 32 or higher CPM more than it is not. In my location it usually is more like 37-40 CPM if not higher and as you go closer to the shoreline, it goes up exponentially due to proximity to estuaries and the inlets from the Pacific Ocean here.

      Anyway, CIA knows this. They also know that some localities in the U.S.S.A. are with levels that are beyond explaining as there are no nuclear reactors anywhere nearby, and no nuclear facilities like WIPP where plutonium and kitty litter (sounds hokey to me) can mix and cause a major blown up drums issue. Now I am not saying I think what is going on at WIPP is crazy, I was just down there last year and saw warning signs posted on the freeway about radiation and to not ‘loiter’ there in that area around Amarillo and the TX panhandle, but I didn’t have my meter with me to validate it so I tried as best as I could not to be out in the frequent and sudden ‘sand storms’ that plague the area on some days. High winds here where I live mean radiation on the ground and topsoil is now carried airborne. I validate this by keeping my window closed, cracking one window about 3/4 inch, and waiting for the next gust, and ‘voila’ the meter went ballistic up to 790 to 900 CPM in mere seconds after the gust hit my vehicle. Needless to say, we can safely state it wasn’t mouse farts causing the anomalies. And, due to hot particle contamination of my vehicle, I ended up never floating back down to the pretty low nominal 9 to 12 CPM in my vehicle before cracking the window open that 3/4’s of an inch.

      Anyway, as the readings go up, the CIA is going to create ‘legs’ on the Hanford leaking, and yeah, you can bet MSM is going to cover the stuff in Florida and NYC area too. Why? Well, the PsyOp here is to sell the public on it being either ‘these’ other problems other than Fukushima, or maybe as Torah Kachur pointed out with her good friend and colleague, Kenny there in Woods Arsehole, that we are more likely to get more radiation from bags of potato chips than from anything in the sea.

      Hey, I think she could be right. After all, as oil companies lure you into buying their gasoline with more additives, maybe Frito Lay can go; “hey folks, get your heavily CS-137 fortified Dorito’s and other chips, helps promote strong bodies 12 ways (wonderdead bread). I see a future commercial role for both of these sellouts, working for the Potato Chip manufacturers. Hell, I found out not long ago that my favorite Ginger Ale had radiation in it, raising background in my home to 12 CPM higher with the stuff next to the meter. I think that the company could borrow Kachur and Buesseler and use them in some really good advertisements. As an added bonus, they could throw in; “Save energy with ‘glow in the dark’ radium sprinkled chips, yummmmmm!!!! Hell of a new marketing strategy if they’d only take Kachur’s lead here and run with it. :)

      Look for more shenanigans from MSM parroting clearly CIA stories about radiation coming suddenly out from FRACKING when they’ve been fracking for years and nobody said shit about it before now.

      Sure they use it to frack with. And yeah, it’s likely radioactive, but like WRH’s sysop has been trying to convince us that suddenly prozac and paxil and other S.S.R.I.’s cause people to pick up a gun and kill people after 30 year delay factor, because these drugs have been out there that long if not longer, that cause factor is absolute utter horse shit. Not saying these drugs are good for you, just that any links or nexus to gun murders is at best a hell of a stretch, and why ‘suddenly’ the big spike?

      CiA would like you to believe these shills. I’m telling you not to. Shilldom is just getting all too very common, and if you think Hanford is the reason for these spikes, sure, they could be with a new leak, but 40 years later, a leaky tank is a friggin leaky tank. The only way it could get to the point of forcing evacuations is if it blew up. Did it? No, it did not. Hey, CIA, maybe if you stage a nice Hanford FF and tell us about another Richland reactor scram, we might buy into that garbage.. :)

      ten ten, ten eight, we gone. till next episode of; “as the CIA fed stomach churns..and churns…..”

      • MVB says:

        background here at 8200 ft. for a 2 hour quick check in th early afternoon on May 10, 20116, 3 feet above the ground, horizontal, with beta window exposed downward, came in at 91 CPM average, a bit over 25% above what was what I considered the natural variability range last year…

        Nice spring day. Some lightning in rain cells moving through the area…

        • a well known Fukushima data collector says:

          thanks for the quick reply, MVB. this data exchange is good stuff, I have some observations I wanted to share too.

          first, when the first wave came ashore here about oh, 6 days from the Unit 3 detonation, which was in fact as Gunderson called it, a; “Prompt Uncontrolled Criticality” (nuclear detonation, kinda like the first one popped at JallaMeGordo in N.M. at Trinity, which by the way, I’ve been to when I worked at EMRETF there down range, just on the edge of the restricted area. but I digress.

          when the stuff came ashore, it was a drizzly rainy day, and I had just come home from a 25 mile north venture, in the rain, but I smelled ‘burnt metal’ kinda like burning brake rotors when the calipers stick. Only it was much more acrid. When I got out of my vehicle, water that dripped on my hand and leg, from the roof of my vehicle, or more accurately, the door seal area, actually blistered and burnt three days later. And, of course, I took picture of it. I had looked at the JET and thought;”seven days….probably..” but it came earlier. Needless to say when I got the contamination on my hand and leg, I didn’t strip right then and there in the yard, I wore my shit into the house. That was a very bad idea.

          In 2012, I started to make measurements locally after having watched the RADIATIONETWORK readings for a long time. before the plume arrived we were at very low nominal readings here, less than double digits as I stated earlier. In JUNE of 2012, I saw nominal downtown go to 45 CPM, from about 17 CPM, which is waterfront land, and then, amazingly, go to 1400, and then 4300 or 4400 CPM. Trees seemed to (evergreens) hang in there at 375 to 500 CPM, and broad leafed plants seemed to be a tad higher, but the most profound problem was all rainwater was pretty hot, just small amounts soaked into a paper towel from the indention on my hood usually got me 800 or better for something amounting to oh two tablespoon fulls of rainwater trapped in that one spot. A grille mesh that I use to keep bugs off my radiator, made of carbon mesh, really got pretty hot, so much so that I try to not mess with it much, and try not to stand with gonads exposed to it, not that I care because I’m not looking to make any more babies really. Needless to say, the one measurement I related I videotaped, and the astonishing thing was that when I surveyed the property at that location, which is a Veteran’s home on the waterfront overlooking the Rich Passage / Dyes Inlet, I found wooden structures (hydroscopic surfaces) were pretty hot, at 375 or hotter CPM. grass, same thing, sometimes a bit less. On some days the nominal 45 CPM went to 1300 CPM and forced RECIRC AIR use (no fresh air being brought in) which of course sucks but was better than breathing it all in.

          In 2012, I found radiation in food. 49 CPM or higher, in produce, and cheese, and milk, all the way up to levels exceeding 120 CPM, and hence I quit buying those items because of the probable saturation of Cs-137 in them, though without other methods, no way of knowing precisely what radionuclide was in the food. Dairy is really pretty hot now, so I avoid it as much as reasonably possible. In my radio shows I speak of a load of Salmon I picked up in Kent, WA, was supposed to be nearly a full load of 38k pounds or 14 tons of it, and because the fish was so bad at that rework site in Kent, when my truck left, we had not even 3 tons on board with a predominantly empty trailer holding essentially two pallets of salmon. My guess is that it was ‘hazmat’ if I had read it with my meter. Since then, an avid fisherman who lives north of me has taken his meter to salmon and declares it unsafe due to the levels. I trust him. He’s not taking any salmon home any longer, because it is ‘wormy’ and with lesions all over it. The shipper in Kent confirmed that the load I was supposed to take to COSTCO in Los Angeles, which is where the ‘much smaller’ load went, was in need of ‘serious rework’ when it came in. We did NOT discuss radiation but I got enough from him to tell you that the lesions weren’t from acne. :(

          anyway, in addition, food the V.A. served us in the Vet’s Cafeteria at the V.A. home where he lived, served us up some very ‘hot’ dish that wasn’t the plates or the trays. Potatoes and carrots mostly, but yeah, as I stated, we both looked at the meter after we confirmed it, and then just ate it. As stupid as that sounds, at my age, I felt like the loss of my thyroid (before the arm tumor appeared) was as bad as it could get. Not true. That arm tumor on my right shoulder was a wakeup call.

          Now, the radiation levels are way down, but they are not gone. Seems that low clouds seemed to be laced with it, higher ceilings where the stuff is trapped in the clouds a bit further away, than say a couple thousand A.G.L. (above ground level) seem to be lesser. And, as you might guess, all rain and clouds are not laced like they were in 2012. I take that as being good, but the ‘bad’ of this is that the sea water in the inlet is ‘hot’ now. and the sea life along the shore, particularly sea birds, is radically down. you don’t see minnows much in the shallows…or baby crabs. Dana Durnsford’s work is pretty much reinforced by what I see here.

          anyway, I have had good conversations with people in the Realty sector and I have told them point blank; “when people generally know that that scenic view by the water may not be too good due to this values will PLUMMET here and people will leave in droves..”

          I informed one of the State legislators about this issue and she cut off ALL communication with me after I provided her with information and offers to show her videos of the readings. Needless to say, in this shithole, the higher echelon jackasses like Jay Inslee and the Attorney Genital, probably aren’t going to be too hot to trot to tell the truth that HANFORD is far from the be all and end all of the problems we face here.

          we face real real dire problems. My well water is contaminated. It used to not be so. But, it shows an uptick of no less than 9 to 12 CPM above background. My guess is that a lot of the Cs 137 and other radionuclides which were on the ground on high turf, found ‘low’ turf and ended up in the water table and the aquifers. We have P.S.N.S. which routinely flushed Cobalt 60 into the inlet when they think nobody is looking, but I know people who’ve witnessed it and my ship did it often, got caught once off of S. America and was told; “shut the valves or we’ll open fire..” by the Brazilian Air Force years ago for flushing Co 60 into the sea. As you can imagine, the Navy is pretty sanguine and nonchalant about screwing the environment up here. That shipyard is an employer, but it is also just like Hanford, an ‘equal opportunity cancer provider’ as well, sadly. I don’t know if my well water is tritiated or what it is but it is now ‘hot’ with radiation. I try not to drink from it, but I do bathe in it.

          as you know, the tumor on my arm was my wake-up call to not be cavalier and just think; “oh, I’m old, who needs to live forever..”

          when you’re using end nippers to cut a tumor mass off your arm three times like I did, you get really pretty mentally prepared for the eventuality of internal turmors. I have one in my chest now that I obviously cannot excise using the same methods.

          will I die? sure I will. but we’re all dead men and women walking. I had a good life. My goal is to educate everyone about how bad it is, so they can take appropriate, as they see fit, measures to try to prolong their own lives and the lives of their children and pets.

          if I accomplish some of that, I’ve done my job. I call it, for lack of a better term; “Doing the bee dance” (where the scout bee finds a threat and comes back and wiggles its ass and shows the rest of the warrior bees where to fly to deal with the threat..)

          as a spook, my job was to provide accurate and timely threat assessment to the unit commanders, which I did. Today, I tried in Ep 97 to tell people that, as I stated somberly; “we really do NOT have much time..”

          and I meant it. We are, per my one VT article; :”Running Out of Time” and we indeed are, for a number of reasons, the primary one is Fukushima. And that’s pretty much it, isn’t it?

          thanks for listening.

          • MVB says:

            I wouldn’t make food choices based on Geiger Counter readings, as K40, which is in all Potassium, will make a GC go off just the same. Worst case scenario you’d simply be depriving yourself of Potassium, which is actually helpful in cancer prevention. I’ve used my GC to find the most nutricious kelps. ;-)

            My lab results of various Japanese kelps:

            And the Cs-137 vs. K40 comparison:

            Hope that’s useful info for you.

          • a well known Fukushima data collector says:

            thank you for the info, MVB. I will try to incorporate the data into my regimen of navigating the minefield I live in here in Western WA., if I indeed can do that in a meaningful way.

            the illusion of ‘normalcy’ is hard to shake off, because I see people who are oblivious to the problem of intensified radioactivity in the environment, and yet there are signs of it in people and I had to tell one kid I used to work with that, like him, I too had facial lesions that suddenly appeared
            and worsened, when that kind of thing was foreign to me. Looking at his face, was like seeing mine before I found that I had to use a combination of Vitamin E and topical rotational use of both antibiotics and hydrogen peroxide in almost a precise regimen to heal that on my own face. When I told him what he might try, it took a couple weeks and he seemed to improve so I asked him; “did you try what I suggested?”, and he had said; “oh, of course…”

            As you might have guessed, radiation is a particularly insidious system wide attack on your body that you just don’t put up a shield and stop it somehow. In a 24 hour period, I would be driving heavy trucks thru a corridor in S. California long enough to in the San Joachin Valley long enough to really be in the belly of the beast. When I came back from my stint driving across the worst of it, including the crap in the air around the Panhandle of Texas near Amarillo, I came home, turned on my meter, and found my own body now had a signature it did not have before I had left. That astonished me ad you can imagine.

            Now, I had been using GM devices for nuclear weapons handling since the 1970’s, and was no stranger to seeing abnormally high levels when the weapons were present on the flight deck not far from where the strikedown hatches were where they went into the missile magazine. Often, I would nonchalantly go over and turn on the meter, and get close to the brown banded weapons, which meant ‘nuke’ over the black banded ones which were conventional, and noted that though nobody ever said which were which, the meter did not lie. On some occasions I would have to get my face almost directly on top of the goddamned things before they got struck down into the coke machine as we called it (rotary racks) that held them. As I only did that now and then above and beyond my regular duties as a ‘spook’ I figured the exposure couldn’t be that bad. Oh, how contrare.

            So, needless to say, one of my finer moments was when I was in Reactor Control Room 1, next to the reactor vessel, one day, doing ‘fire watch’ duties, when one of the guys opened up an oval hatch covering heavily leaded glass, and let me take a look into the core. The warning on the dark glass said; “CAUTION : 35,000 VOLTS” or something like that, and I of course, ignored it and touched the glass. The static charge knocked me on my ass, but I got up and peered into the glass and looked at the blue glow of the ‘cherenkov’ effect inside the reactor. That was a sobering experience. Years later, a handful of us, including a gent named Bergquist, put out a fire in the ships laundry room, where an overloaded steam clothes dryer ‘exploded’ and caught that space on fire just behind the missile magazine and a lube oil tank. Standing in chest deep water using 9 minute OBA cannisters, we opted to stay in that sea water flooded space and put that fire out. This was in San Diego, breasted out from the U.S.S. Enterprise, who had ‘8’ reactors. At the time, 750,000 people in San Diego had no idea how close they came to sucking up plutonium and other shit from the loss of not just the ship’s missile magazine, but potentially ‘two’ reactors on my ship and the others on the carrier next door. The gravity of that situation wasn’t lost on anyone, MVB.

            All in all, Humankind dodged many bullets, perhaps more than most of us will ever know…but in my years on that ship, and the walking past ‘NO BUNKING OR LOITERING” and seeing the yellow and magenta warning signs all over the place, definitely reminded me that the genie in the bottles on that vessel was a nasty bitch. Many of us paid a price for our service, as you might imagine.

            In my case, the price was ‘due’ when I managed to get scores in my training courses that made it imperative that they send me not to just ‘any’ ship but the heavy hitter nuclear one I served on for five years. One of my fellow boot camp buddies took a full two years before he showed up on the same ship to serve aboard her. Needless to say, not that everyone talks about nuclear physics all day, I was indeed curious about the operational stuff. My ‘nuc’ buddies, the below decks crewmen who wore the TLD’s (thermoluminescent dosimiters) were only too happy to fill me in on the minutia of how those D2G’s worked. Essentially they’re just miniature Mk-1’s more or less.

            Memory says 350 Mw per plant we kicked out. Ten year (hahhahahhhaha!) core life (not true) and as you no doubt know, stainless steel does weird shit when bombarded by fast neutrons. It becomes very intolerant of temperature shock, but more importantly, it changes it’s physical properties as many text books about nuclear power will attest to. The service life of these things is at best, euphemistically and ‘russian roulette’ bat assed crazy.

            My hopes are that Rosatom has a clue about the fuel assemblies the U.S.S.A. has sent them, and either immediately gets them out of service, or buries them, or sends them to Soetoro in lunch boxes gift wrapped with his name on them. My one major fear is that we are one nuclear disaster away from another Fukushima in a place much more likely to cause mass death. Not that Japan isn’t that, it is. But for whatever the reason, the government has decided to sacrifice half of the country.

            We have currently about 27 of these MOX fueled MK-1’s in service here, and who knows how many of them are overseas. My best guess is that just like the U.S.S.A., the idiots in other countries put their plants right in areas that are bad choices for any number of reasons.

            I wonder what the Belgians are thinking today about this sword of damocles hanging over their heads on a thread? Is the threat hyped so as to reinforce a future FF attack being foisted on the globe with intent to blame it on ISIS, which is ISRAEL / CIA? Who the hell knows?

            My intent is not to bore people with my stuff, but to maybe get people to have meaningful discussions outside of merely blogging. As you might have guessed, my displeasure of how ENENEWS persons seemed mostly to pat the Sysop there on the back (CIA) and scold anyone who like you did, suggested they didn’t know who really was running the site, when in fact they all seemed like textbook cases of “Stockholm Syndrome” personified. They have some good folks in the comment section, and then they have a lot of brain dead morons too. And of course the obligatory shills. In the grand scheme of things, singing Cumbaya and expressing brothership while the world ‘burns’ in a nuclear fire, doesn’t strike me as too efficacious at all.

            Five years ago humankind stood a chance. Today, the outlook or prognosis is very bleak. What do we do with the 20 years or so we may or may not have? I wanted to ask that person from Washington State on the phone the other day, but I let her be. And that legislator who’s initials are Jan Angel, apparently was blinded by the nuclear light so badly she couldn’t read anymore.

            In the time we have left, we need to get people making more GM readings, and disseminating their findings, so the ‘minefield’ I navigate every day when I do carry my meter, isn’t a foreign concept.

            I go to the shops on the main drag here and now and then I sit on benches and think; “Geordy LaForge’s eyes could see multi bands of emissions” much in the way my awareness lets me know that all is not what it appears to be here. The similarity to Ray Milland in “The Man With the X Ray Eyes” comes to mind. In the end, he merely plucks them out.

            My meter is much easier to just set aside but I loathe the day when I get arrested or jailed for merely reading it here. The day will come when GM devices will be outlawed in this country.


          • MVB says:

   might be a good platform to plug into, if taking measurements is something you’d like to see more of. Check ’em out.

  3. the fool on the hill says:

    Hi Michael.

    I thought it was about time I came out from under my rock in the UK and stand here in the glare in order to publicly thank you for all the information you have put out via Allegedly Apparent.
    Because of your recent alerts and the way I have learned from you how to use data sites to forecast potential fallout (purely for entertainment of course), which is coming from ‘who knows where’ (as if we don’t really all know), I and several friends have been able to stay indoors and out of what looks like some reasonably hot rain and almost certainly flying particles today.
    By closely following the Eurdep monitors and our local wind and rain charts on the UK Meteorological Office site ( I have been able to track what appears to be a cloud of gamma emitting nastiness which has come over from mainland Europe overnight, passed from east to west across the UK into Ireland and is now heading south right through areas where my friends and I live, raining out as it has gone through.
    It’s scary as heck being able to know it’s right outside my window now as I watch, but at least I can choose to not be bathed in whatever it is.

    Profound thanks and respect for the magnificent work you have done.
    If the ‘mass-population-harming-through-their-negligence’ powers-that-be won’t warn us what is in our air, we can learn how to read and forecast it for ourselves.
    Life-saving entertainment – it doesn’t get any better.

    Bravo sir – humanity may not be finished yet if people like you still exist.
    Massive peace and respect,
    from a fool on a hill near Exeter.

    • a well known Fukushima data collector says:

      in the data you have been presenting, doing what the british do at any tube station in London, which is being mindful of the ‘gap’ or in this case, ‘gaps’ is maybe where we are missing the clue that even the absence of radiological data is, in and of itself, a piece of evidence, proof that they sure as hell didn’t lose data in so many instances because nobody put paper in the strip chart recorders they don’t use because it’s all digital now without need for paper as I used to calibrate old crap like that at WSMR to make sure it accurately tracked the input information faithfully.

      so we have in your blog, MVB, lots of ‘evidence’ in data gaps we should be minding. We can reasonably be assured that the ‘missing data’ is not ‘zero’ and though it is plausible they could have created some gaps as proverbial ‘red herrings’ to be misconstrued as something they are not, which was the case with 9/11 ACARS data gaps some of us with ACARS knowledge pored over with fine tooth combs for months, we were able to actually ascertain that the gaps really solely existed in places where the data was, uh, undesirable to display.

      when I first stumbled on your blog a long time ago, and distributed your work to others, I was astounded that they had the balls to just expunge raw data, and in some cases clearly let recording occur with a sensor channel from the source sensor either disconnected or with a dummy load on it, taking it down to just circuitry noise and nothing else. as you might have also been pretty amazed they would do that and not think people like yourself and others, might smell a ‘rat’ in that data. Similarly in the U.S.S.A., the EPA (environment proctological agency) went to great lengths to issue press releases explaining that sensors were ‘inop’ or ‘offline’ for ‘beta and gamma’ because they had malfunctioned strictly, not for any other reasons.

      in these odious gaps we know real data existed. we can probably rightfully presume the levels were such they absolutely had to suppress them. Given that your data was Eurocentric in nature, either we had to presume due to presumed higher than giraffe genitalia levels meant that the problem was maybe ‘local’ would be our presumption, not from a source half a planet away if you go the long way around versus over the top. I had a theory I wanted to float about the ‘over the top’ being much more prevalent because there is some evidence that in the aftermath of the quake in 2011, that the earth’s declination angle in orbit shifted significantly, and that there is some hysteresis involved more like schulering of a gyro when the platform passes over deep sea mountain ranges. If this is a good theory, my best guess about the interaction of air masses in both the north and southern hemisphere is far less predictable than it was due to that ‘wobble’ for lack of a better analogy.

      Over the top, and then we have the confluence of upper atmosphere ‘peaks’ due to there having been initially observed that the cyclical nature of the miasma of radionuclides going around the globe, seemed to make their way full revolution in 44 days in the earlier measurements people were making with logging capability on their monitoring on the radiation network reporting stations. In time that cycle may have changed due to the complex interaction of the weather systems in the atmosphere that alter air flows around the globe. If we had some way of modeling these air masses we could maybe do some good predictions about Fukushima radiation land falls in downwind areas due to decent computer models. Is anyone with good satellite images of data for the past five years from GEOS sats who’s primary purpose is merely weather monitoring and predictions?

      the one gent from Exeter looking out the window no doubt was on target thinking that nobody should go out in it, and of course, even before the plume made landfall here, some of us were discussing the transit time from the ejecta from Unit 3 to make it onshore here on the west coast, and our best guess was a full day off. That’s a big velocity change that we didn’t see in the jetstream winds aloft published by NOAA for aviation users…so how could we be so ‘wrong’ in our calculations?

      lots of stuff to ponder but I was thinking that if the release of data is real time which it most certainly can’t be if they’re altering it on us routinely, then what is the maximum ‘sample and hold’ period the EU can go with and not look like they’re purposely censoring raw data? Three hours? Do we know that interval in validated real time at all yet?

      Next, MVB, how do we globally get stations in place in places that are like in the U.S.S.A., not governmental at all but done by private citizens with logging meters? Or a logging data depiction display method? Is this feasible for us to do?

      just some thoughts. Mind the gaps, MVB. but we might want to build a genuine data repository we can share data in that is ‘intrusion free’ because the contributors are in some fashion, validated as sincere and not government agents injecting caca into the mix.

      • MVB says:

        “[…] how do we globally get stations in place […] a genuine data repository we can share data in that is ‘intrusion free’ […]”

        The cheapest route is probably: You underthrow the NWO (by inspiring them with Love & Light! [sarc.]) and simply erase the rigging from the data processing software currently in use on the existing networks, which would be perfectly working if intended to do so. Short of that kind of miracle, you could try to set up an alternative network, somehow magically manage it from getting infiltrated, corrupted, or sabotaged (a la NETC, Radmon, and the like, all of which seem to have a troubling lack of transparency and/or strangely data gap into oblivion at uncanny moments as well).

        Shorter answer: As long as the nuclear mafia runs the world to the point that actual meaningful democracy is de facto impossible, we stand about as much of a chance as Alexander Litvinenko, or Karen Silkwood…

        • a well known Fukushima data collector says:

          you know, I was just reading the Ann Coulter ‘cooking with Polonium 210’ Cookbook, and found an amazing quiche recipe in there that uses a side garnish of San Onofre deformed fuel pellets to brighten up the presentation and excite the palate. It worked wonders for her adam’s apple, made it a bit less gnarly, so one should never underestimate the advantages of ingesting properly prepared radionuclides. Though Litvinenko might disagree, I heard that Yassir Arafat truly dined well in his last days, and his exhumation was more of a ‘let’s say goodbye to him again’ thing moreso than for the purpose of forensics. Only a SICKO, demented conspiritard theorist would dare go there and blame anyone of lying about the benefits of Po 210, least that’s what SNOPES sez and they are the global authority per Barry Soetoro’s multitudinous plugs for them from the W.H. presser podium when discussing ‘conspiracy theories’ that are ‘fiction’ as he states!!! :)

          as for the obstacles you cited, yeah, the chances of us managing not to be either shut down altogether under an NSL, or maybe two NSL’s, is pretty great. Winston Smith would have been
          a very busy beaver ‘memory holing’ all of the incorrect and wrongly written stuff regarding Fukushima, wouldn’t he? When Amazon could expunge all comments and history about the Sandy Hook book and make it as if it never happened or existed, much less achieved 3rd most popular non fiction book about law enfarcement, you just know that our altruism ends just short of a Rod Serling narrative about something coming out of the surreal fog of “The Twilight Zone”

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  6. 'Horse' says:

    Allegedly Apparent Blog
    a well known Fukushima data collector says:
    May 8, 2016 at 4:45 AM
    “the Hanford disclosures may be real, but I think they are a CIA smoke screen. And, I believe that Enenews is a CIA operation.”
    MVB says:
    May 8, 2016 at 10:17 AM
    “I think so as well. Or some high-level operation at least, for IP collection, psychological profiling, intel gathering, etc. Same deal at Cafe Rad Lab, imo.”

    Hi guys, Horse here, a blogger at both ENENews and Café Rad Lab. I really hope I’m not an unpaid tool for CIA websites. Can’t speak for ENENews and in truth I’ve had some of my own doubts about that site when the webcam forum was left to go to rot. I can tell you what I know of CRL.
    Lucas Hixson owns and operates CRL and Pia Jensen is the admin. Lucas has his own website at Enformable.
    Pia Jensen blogged on ENENews as Obvious; now spends most of her time on her twitter feed.
    I have chosen to remain anonymous for the most part but I can be reached thru CRL email or if you know Stock, he has my email.
    CRL let me post pictures and gave me an edit function so I could fix my lousy typing. What I had to offer was 24/7 recordings of the tepcam feeds and a theory that the flashing sparks of light were a visible effect of the radiation on site.
    MVB, if you’re interested in finding a link between anomalous readings and Fukushima, maybe the webcam forum could help pinpoint cause and effect. The tepcams aren’t calibrated Geiger counters but they are crude, uncensored radiation detectors on site. I look to your data analysis for clues as to how the Fukushima radiation clouds move around the world ‘cause not much is being published. I would like to continue linking to your website with your permission. Thanks.

    (Deleted by request)

    • MVB says:

      Tx ‘Horse’ – my impression back then re CRL was based on seeing almost the same crowd as at Ene, which is why I stayed away. Ene itself remains suspect, though the open platform is ‘something’…; the commenters are a mixed bag. I don’t know who’s genuine and who’s not, bar none. CRL… I wouldn’t say anything about you guys nowadays, as I simply didn’t put in the time to get to know RadLab well. It was a first impression. “Controlling the opposition” would require some convincing characters in the mix. No way to tell, especially online.

      (My impression of VT (Veterans Today), however, is no longer positive.) Who to trust… That wondering has pretty much ran its course down to one (myself) or zero (nobody), leaving me de facto isolated. That’s probably the whole point of the psyop operation: divide, isolate, alienate, frustrate,… All with the underlying goal of keeping real nuclear investigative journalism a marginal sideshow, and the anti-nuclear movement toothless.

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