Another Whiff of Radiation Data… (WHERE (?!) did the MAJOR FALLOUT of late come from?)

Crestone, Colorado,  USA – May 6, 2016

(The “normal” background radiation I have observed here @ 8,000 to 8,200 feet elevation, with my Medcom Inspector Alert geiger counter, is around 65 CPM, or roughly “below 70 CPM”.  I left it outside last night, 3 feet above the ground, Beta window exposed, horizontal, and found:

the 12-hour average was 87 CPM, or about 24% above its normal fluctuation range.) 

The nearest US EPA Radnet monitor (1 week data), @ Colorado Springs, shows a return to relative quiet, with undisturbed & normal measurements, albeit slightly rising in the past few days:


Winding down this latest spate of data researching…  w/ some more data. ;-)

Quote and link, but: Please DO NOT repost in full.  DISCLAIMER

!-> For context, see the previous blog post, which links to my documentation of the highly unusual detections of Ru-103, Te-132 and the Cs-137 upticks, data gaps, as well as various related additional links (!-> @ (May 4, 2016) HIGHEST SINCE 2011: Cesium-137, Ruthenium-103, Tellurium-132 (!-> Period: Jan.-Apr., 2016) )

So, just a tiny bit more data before I “let it go” again…

  • Here’s 3 months from Poitiers, France:

Poitiers_86_AGG_CP_LaFrance_3mo_preMay5_2016How many examples would it take before it’s *obvious* that “something” is going on and ‘news media’ actually begin to report?  (Oh yes… I can still dream…)

  •  St.-Ciers-du-Taillon, France:


  • Remember Exeter, UK?  After it was setting records in February, the monitor was adjusted. A notable data gap shortly after the Te-132 spike was detected in Germany, though:Exeter_UK_3mo_preMay6_2016
  • The highest spike in over two years at Coimbra, Portugal, with a notable overall increase since just after April 24…:

Coimbra_Portugal_3mo_preMay6_2016And so forth.  You probably got the idea by now…

  • I tried to find some more Asian data, to see if there’s chances that the radioactivity is not coming from Japan but from China or Korea, but have had very little luck due to lack of monitors.    This monitor (via ) @ Chupei, Taiwan shows a rather uneventful past month:  a slight disturbance at the end of April 19, 2016, but that’s all.  Not clear to me (yet) how to view previous months on this allegedly independent network.


…but Hong Kong has elevated measurements (a steady 2 µSv/hr ?  That would be news-worthy all by itself as well…), and a disturbance, with the red dot indicating values of over 0.8 µSv have been reached. Odd…

Hong Kong is very close to the Daya NPP, which I’ve written about once in relation to major releases that must have happened ‘somewhere‘ in 2010.   (See (Nov. 7, 2015) “The Chinese Meltdown at Daya Bay NPP in May 2010“)

Like then, the Hong Kong Observatory doesn’t show anything unusual ( @ ):


–> Well…  surface wind @ Hong Kong is coming from the sea to the south, but jet stream wind begins to slow down there and is coming the west… from India and beyond…,21.18,512

Quite possible this is just the same mess spreading further, making it increasingly difficult where it began… :-/


Well, further downwind is a Radnet monitor @ Honolulu, Hawaii, same week… And it’s been véry quiet as well:

HonoluluHI_1week_May6_2016Same the week before.  To me, that suggests that the likelyhood that the radiation spewing source is in India, Vietnam or Southern China is pretty slim.  Northern Japan remains more likely… ;-/

(Not sure what to make of that red dot @ Hong Kong on that “your radiation at home” website, though.)  Would need to be able to view that monitor’s data in a much longer context.    My impression is that the radioactive cloud is predominantly blowing further north.

That’s was what I arrived at when tracing the beginning of data gaps in last week’s (April 29, 2016) “Planetary Emergency RED ALERT: Wind Patterns Trace Beginning of Major Radiological Disturbances in Europe to FUKUSHIMA: Plausibility of Still-Fissioning “Underground Breeder Reactor Gone Wild”

And as is often the case after I make such a claim, then I try to see if I can prove myself wrong.   (It’s a bit of an intellectual sport to try not to be attached to a conclusion.)   Unfortunately, while the picture has gotten quite complex in the past week, it remains my impression


The sites I liked where data was viewable for longer periods have either vanished, or I keep running into “unable to load” stuff

HelloJapan...Thus checking via,

  • First, in Fukushima’s coastal area near the F1 Catastrophe site the contamination is so high that likely small fluctuations get lost in the the background.  At first glance, it looks radiologically almost as quiet as Siberia there:

FukushmaNPParea-> But as you can see, there are no monitors within the first kilometer near the plant, so (speculated)  fast-rising hot bursts of radioactive gasses wouldn’t per se affect monitors in the area.  Radioactive clouds like that would rise quickly, and be transported fast across the Pacific by the jet stream, only to show suggestive evidence on monitors in the US and Europe…

A look all over Japan leaves me thinking, that the source of the major disturbances and peculiar radioisotope-specific detection is “probably not west of Japan”…

Okinawa-> from all the way south (above) to the north (below), a major storm system moved over (coincided with those strong quakes near the Sendai NPP on Kyushu),  all of which resulted in more-the-less typical precipitation-caused radiation upticks (likely mostly natural radon progeny, as the spikes aren’t that unusual).   On April 18, the largest spike in Hokkaido for the past month did not even reach 0.1 µSv/hr.


If the fallout clouds were coming from China, it would be visible, and much more pronounced on some monitors in Japan, I would think.   I’m not seeing that.

By the way, if you’re freaked out by the high radiation levels coming of kelp seaweeds, I like using my Geiger Counter to select those richest in Potassium.   Anything from Hokkaido that I didn’t send to a lab for analysis, I ATE.  Good nutritious delicious stuff!  ;-)   My grave concern about what is really happening at Fukushima has not stopped me from enjoying life thus far.  This just FYI.

  • Russia

The Russian monitoring “network” (Like that of the US, it isn’t much, Scandinavia has more monitors than the entire Russian Federation…), which includes some options not shared with EURDEP, @ shows that it’s been very quiet in Siberia.  (Although they only show averages, which can easily hide disturbances and small data gaps):


Near the Saint Petersburg NPP, you can see the minor uptick around April 26 (the day of the Te-132 detection in Germany), no different from what was seen all over Europe:


Some monitors, such as this one closer to Central Asia shows “forced zero” (a variation of the notorious data gap) in the past 24 hours.  We are now several weeks, to several months (depending on where you pick a possible beginning date), making this probably a later-stage phenomenon:


this is the past 3 month, pre-May 6, 2016:

BankokThailand_3month_PreMay6_2016This supposedly being an alternative network, it’s odd to see data gaps here.   The major uptick at the end of April is striking, though.    No idea how reliable this data record is, but… Anyhow.  I do think it can be figured out, but it will take some effort, drawing from every data set available, running various scenarios until a truly ‘best fit’ is found.  

The Bangkok data is a bit confusing to me for the overall picture, and looking at Nullschool data doesn’t bring clarity.  Could be erroneous.  Discard this data piece?  Anyhow, It’s mentioned.,29.61,274/loc=100.691,13.133

  • Graphing the data for Salaspils, Latvia again, but in week-segements, pasted together, here showing the past 6 weeks, for clues of when this might have begun:


-> This points at April 14 as a start day.  The jet stream slow-down is very apparent right then:,56.46,1024/loc=24.132,56.987


North Pole View:,89.69,274/loc=24.132,56.987


–> I went both upwind from Latvia, and downwind from Fukushima.  The band in which both are found very close together coincides with the jet stream, with the divergence not happening until around Iceland.   Further fan-outs of the southern part would happen over the Middle East, and thus possibly even affecting a monitor in Thailand  in that April 11-14 time window.

Someone might want to scrutinize the hell out of the signs of earliest abnormalities and the wind patterns around those times.    There are still other possibilities, ranging from something in the Ukraine or even eastern Europe, to something in the Middle East, to one of the NPPs in India (?).  

  • Cobalt-60?

For the following search, see my in-depth investigative blogpost into “a little detail” that might have far more significance than officially admitted, @ !-> (Jan. 26, 2016Any Significance to Cobalt-60 in Fukushima Fallout?

  • A quick search for when the last time was that Cobalt-60 got detected on EURDEP (via ) revealed that that was 9 months agao, at the beginning of September 2015, @ Kotka in Southern Finland(The reason Finland comes up so much is because they actually do some environmental monitoring, and share their findings with the public, which isn’t even the case for most nuclear countries.  It does not mean the source is in Finland):Last Co60detection_Kotka_Finland_Sept2015–> Also an unsolved mystery as to where that came from.  And jet stream patterns on Sept 5, 2015, leave possibilities wide open for that one as well…
  • a +4 µSv/hr mini spike in Ottenschlag, Austria this week. I guess someone was lucky that the hot particle hit the monitor, and thus probably didn’t get inhaled by someone…Ottenschlag_Ostenrijk_1week
    • Putting two peculiarities next to eachother.  See a few more examples in  (May 3, 2016), Data uit België & NederlandTerneuzenNL_Hoevenen_B_preMay5_2016Sorry for the repetition…
  • I guess you could call me naive or still not quite cynical enough, but do actually still find it odd that the largest validated measurement of Tellurium-132 since Chernobyl, precisely 30 years later, would not even be mentioned in ANY mainstream media outlet… not even in Germany where it was detected.  There are 3 times 132Te has been detected: right after Chernobyl, right after Fukushima, and last week.

Below, I’ll look at Nullschool wind data for the 3 times: low beta, beta spike, and the time the beta data gap began


I’ll look at wind for these 3 times at jetstream height (250 hPa), via

coordinates for Fairbanks are 64°50′37″N, 147°43′23″W.  The spot I marked on Nullschool is not spot-on, but close enough for this purpose.  Here’s the 3 jetstream wind maps, with my annotations added:

quiet time happened during a time of jet stream slow-down, which I’ve come to associate with upticks.  So this is an example of how that’s not always the case.  The higher-up wind blew over Hokkaido and eastern Russia:


I turned the globe a bit for a better view.  At the time of the spike… pretty much the same…

2016:04:24:0000Z:wind:isobaric:250hPa:orthographic=-205.71,57.30,512:loc=-147.322,64.624As well as for the time of the data gap:

2016:04:25:1500Z:wind:isobaric:250hPa:orthographic=-205.71,57.30,512:loc=-147.322,64.624In short: as far as this little Nullschool inquiry went:  As far as Fairbanks, AK goes, tracing the wind upwind does not make a strong case for pointing at Fukushima here, whatsoever.

However, it is still possible, as the cloud would widen as it travels; and a massive cloud would widen a lot….  One of the better candidates of a “direct hit” in that period would have been Salt Lake City, Utah (you can see the Great Salt Lake on the Nullschool maps above if you look closely.  It was in a slow-down zone as well, but much closer to the windline that had passed of F1. And it looks like it’s been in that “potential downwind-Fukushima  fallout zone” for some time now…

Swinging by the EPA…

SLC_past two weeksAnd the week before:

SLC_bDang.  More gap than data…  The week before that, from mid-March 2016:


One thing that ought to be done is graphing the past half year for EVERY Radnet monitor in the US.  Perhaps the time differences between the onset of data gaps in the US and Europe would show revealing patterns.  Maybe some other day… (Or another month altogether…   This wilderness-loving soul is getting data-saturated again…)

And then there’s this… I wonder if it fits into the puzzle somehow:

… ’cause IF (and, really, it remains a big if.  I don’t know what is going on, but there are just enough reasons to not dismiss the possibility) there are ongoing criticalities at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear catastrophe site, then… then it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the information war includes the planting of distracting stories…

Take, for instance, Benjamin Fulford,, and his alleged army of ninjas, for instance.  (Awesome ninjas, by the way:  no one has ever seen them! ;-) )   This author of colorful interpretations of geopolitical unfoldings is one of the various characters with a following on the one hand, and described as a PsyOp disinformation agent by others.  See, for instance, these selected sites:

Precisely on April 26, 2016, @ , he posts a claim that the 3 major quakes in the south of Japan were “artificially induced”, citing seismopgraph records and pointing out the similarity to the seismic signature (underground) nuclear explosions cause.   Just noting the timing of when a story was launched.

  • A month of gamma data from US EPA’s Radnet data from Corvalis, Oregon:

Corvalis_OregonI’m going to leave it at this, for now.


Remains pretty obvious that something major happened somewhere, but WHERE?   I’ve giving this puzzle “slightly more time than your average concerned citizen” and I still don’t know. 

A reactor in China? See, I think if that were the case bloggers in Japan would be all over it.

So… my #1 suspect remains the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Catastrophe site.  The wind generally blows out to sea.  You could be in Iwaki and not be able to tell if they were venting massive amounts of underground radioactive gasses.

If you’re sure it’s coming from somewhere else, well, then show the world where you think it’s coming from, with data and wind maps and make a compelling case.  Go at it.  Drop me a link with your blog post.  Thanks.

Alright…  For what it was worth agin… if anything.

— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


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Except for typos when I’ll spot then, Final – Last Updated: May 6, 2016 @ 2 pm Mountain Time.
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4 Responses to Another Whiff of Radiation Data… (WHERE (?!) did the MAJOR FALLOUT of late come from?)

  1. Dud says:

    I have no blog, no link, yet am aware of the fires in Northern Alberta which took away, amongst at least 1600 homes & other structures, a hospital. What radiological material might have been present? I don’t know.
    I have no idea if the timing matches at all, nor if the winds aligned properly.
    Also, there are many other fires in Alberta & NorthEastern BC which could have consumed equipment for the fossil industries, including substances for testing weldments (etc).

    Is that utterly irrelevant? I don’t know. You will, though, i believe.

    Anyway, i hope your weekend is good. (That includes you, the Reader, too!)

    • Dud says:

      Correction: Apparently 2400+ structures were consumed, thankfully their hospital survives intact though, according to TV news (FWIW). Same with the local radiological waste depository, if i have that correct (h/t to ENEnews commenter?) Ah … what radiological waste depository? Are there (or were there) more???

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