Data uit België & Nederland

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North America, May 3, 2016 – DISCLAIMER

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Was wondering if I could find anything unusual on the monitoring networks of The Netherland and Belgium (where there’s rarely ever anything to see, in part because of the low altitude, relatively flat geography near the sea (where air layers tend to not mix as much as further inland), and what appears to be monitor calibrations geared towards detecting as little of relevance as possible).  Neither of these nuclear countries monitor for specific radioisotopes on a regular basis.

Not much to see, but thought I’d just put a couple examples together for of what I found in the region I grew up in.  Individual countries’ interfaces often suck, but the same data is generally better viewable via the European Comission’s Data Exchange Platform, whose disclaimer is a bit Orwellian, ’cause it boils down to “even if any measurements look elevated, it’s not because they’re elevated” @

Some of this data I already touched upon, but here it is graphed for the past 3 months, with some annotations added:

  • Terneuzen, The Netherlands – A strikingly unusual amount of “glitch dots” (isolated high values that are rarely “validated”, and often dismissed by experts as “just errors”, but that I suspect hint of fallout clouds much higher up):


Less pronounced, but fitting an overall pattern, @

  • Vieux-Campenaire, Belgium:



  • Maasband, The Netherlands – A “glitch dot”, not per se related to the uptick in April, precedes the beginning of a long data gap.


I traced the data gap’s onset with the jet stream to Fukushima, in (April 29, 2016), “Planetary Emergency RED ALERT: Wind Patterns Trace Beginning of Major Radiological Disturbances in Europe to FUKUSHIMA: Plausibility of Still-Fissioning “Underground Breeder Reactor Gone Wild””  It is far from certain that Fukushima is the source of these major disturbances, but it can’t be ruled out just because Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe declared “cold shutdown” in December 2011.  That’s my opinion.   (Have a look at my Cobalt-60 findings if you’re interested in finding out “how deep this corium-dug rabbit hole” goes…)

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