ALASKA Turned Off Beta Radiation Monitoring Amidst Major Gamma Uptick (+Twitter & Gmail Communications Interference)

Radiological RED ALERT Situation is ongoing.

!!!-> No media attention yet:  COVER-UP of MAJOR NUCLEAR RIGHT NOW <-!!!

DISCLAIMER / Even if if I plaster disclaimers all over the place,  doesn’t mean I’m not onto something.  The data screams, “major meltdown accident!”  but WHERE?!

Southern Rocky Mountains, Colorado (USA) – May 2, 2016

I’ll start of with yet another radiation data chart, this one from the US EPA Radnet chart:

Past 2 weeks @ Fairbanks, Alaska:


This obviously massive radioactive cloud has been affecting radiation monitors all across the Northern Hemisphere.

!!!- > The concentration of Tellurium-132 detected in Northern Germany on April 26, 2016 in the midst of these disturbances measured 100x higher than what was detected in Europe after the Fukushima disaster began!

!!!-> It is part of increasing abnormalities observed this year:   “Request for Investigative Assistance! WANTED: Verification of MAJOR Nuclear Accident(s) in 2016: WHEN, WHERE, HOW BAD, and WHO is covering it up?” for what has me very concerned, and explore my just-updated Nuclear Blog Posts Archive (or click Home and scroll down) for mountains of documentaion about widespread radiation abnormalities.

Just FYI, I did notify various organizations via Twitter, including the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) and even the Tokyo Electric Company (TEPCO), which created the mess at Fukushima-Daiichi, and which I suspect may be where this is coming from (the implications of which would be enormous).  If not thére, then they better have a good answer quickly, ’cause this is so big that even the rigged radiation monitoring networks are apparently incapable of hiding it.


(So far zero responses, zero acknowledgement, zero media attention.  May I say, “WTF!”?)

TwitterFollowingDisabledNotice:  Possible communications interference:  Twitter has dropped some of the people I ‘followed’, thus disabled direct communication.  When I re-added those who had been dropped without me doing so, I saw them dropping away again within seconds.  Very strange.

I tried to ‘follow’ anyone who already ‘follows’ me, and found that was not possible for 12 out of 18 people.  An annotated screenshot of who was either never dropped or could be added effortlessly, and those (red empahis) whom I for some bizarre reason can no longer ‘follow’, [see right insert]:

NoVirusSCannerAvailableSurrrr_May1.2016Also:  VirusScan is “temporarily out of order” on my gmail (so DO NOT send me attachments!), and replying to or sending email messages there has stopped  working there for the past few days…


(And blog traffic from Japan is not even in my top 10 this past week. 1 week,  USA: 1700 views /  Germany: 720 views  / Japan: 71 views /  Malta: 61 views  / “European Union”: 16 views.)Just in case my blog gets taken down, feel free to make some copies of the blogposts you find important (just for your records; Please do not repost, though), unless my blog disappears.  I have no intentions to do so again.


On the coast, where turbulance has not yet mixed air layers as much, the Anchorage, AK record shows merely a sprinkling of short data gaps (this actually fits with my hypothesis that the bulk of the fallout moves higher up with the jet stream…):


You can check out the wind by clicking back in time via Nullschool:,63.42,512

Gotta go.  Maybe more later.

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