Spring (SLV – May 1 2016 Photos)

That makes ‘spring’ official as far as I’m concerned:  The hummingbirds are back. ;-)

Otherwise, on this first day of May 2016, it’s just another casual spring weather day for the Colorado Rockies…

Had to be in Salida; This is on the descend after Poncha Pass.  (Tempting to slam on my breaks for the most annoying tailgater of the month, but I moved aside to let him pass.   The only time in my life I’ve gotten a traffic ticket was when I sped up (to 74 mph in a rural 55 zone, middle of nowhere) to get away from a tailgater who just would not pass me and kept his brights on the whole time; and just so happened that the one car in the other direction was a cop… ;-/)   Anyhow, this one went on to do the same to the next car…  and did not get down the mountain any faster (hehe):


On the way back through a very mellow snow storm (maybe 10 cm of fresh snow, if that; roads stayed open):  Taken while driving, through the windshield, without flash:


And with flash:

DSCN1399;-) Kinda like it.

And here’s May 1, 2016 @ 8,200 ft on the slopes of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range (between the friendly and artsy “free range insane asylum” town of Crestone and the majestic Great Sand Dunes National Park) in the Northern San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado:


That’s when I think, “Six months before winter starts back up…”

Gotta love Colorado. ;-)

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