Request for Investigative Assistance! WANTED: Verification of MAJOR Nuclear Accident(s) in 2016: WHEN, WHERE, HOW BAD, and WHO is covering it up?

DISCLAIMER – Crestone, Colorado (USA) – May 1, 2016


Any specific information leading to the indentification of the source(s) of these 3 events, all this year, would be greatly appreciated.

The 3 events I refer to, ALL of which where not documented, nor even mentioned anywhere outside my blog, until I brought it up, are:

Ruthenium-103, mid-January 2016, Southern Norway
Cesium-137, early/mid-March 2016, Far-Northern Finland
Tellurium-103, late April 2016, Northern Germany

Documentation, respectively:

Ru-103 !-> @

Cs-137 uptick !-> @

(See also Was Helsinki’s Cs-137 “Localized Garage Waste Leak” A Decoy For Hemisphere-Wide Fallout Upticks? Fukushima? EURDEP/Nullschool DATA + (Some Nuclear Occult Links)

Te-132 !-> @


Some curious detections in 2015 also remain unresolved as to where-oh-where it may have come from:

Co-60 !-> Any Significance to Cobalt-60 in Fukushima Fallout?

+ Much more documentation of widespread abnormalties, including widespread data gaps, can be found in my just-updated Nuclear Blog Posts Archive.

(I suspect Fukushima, but the implications are so dire that this situation demands additional and ongoing investigation by far more people than just an amateur as myself.)

Assistance to get to the bottom of the very obviously in-process-of-being-covered-up by nuclear oversight agencies (+ ZERO mainstream or major alternative media attention so far) of what appears to have been one or more MAJOR radiological accident(s) / incident(s) / and/or deterioration of Fukushima coriums would be greatly appreciated, especially by people directly downwind, who are currently being kept in the dark about what’s happening. 

Verification of data found in the blog posts is possible via these 3 main data sources I’ve used (and it should be noted that not all the data found there was verified by the authorities that supplied that data):


Kind Regards,

– Michaël Van Broekhoven (” MVB “)

   sole writer & administrator of this Allegedly Apparent Blog

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