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Shhh… (The Sound of 10,000 Thunderbolts Clapping)

North America, May 31, 2016 Interesting lightning show that was over Europe, eh?  (So I heard…) Seemed to have a rather high concentration of “radon progeny” in it…  [sarc.]  (Lightning map screenshot is from couple days ago (didn’t write down … Continue reading

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Another Look @ the 2016 Ru-103 & Te-132 Detections: Some Interesting Findings. + An Afterthought…

Colorado Rocky Mountains… – Saturday May 28, 2016 [With a two US EPA Radnet graphs added on May 29] Taking yet another look at the “peculiar radioisotope-specific detections” of this past half year, in particular the Ru-103 in Norway (sample … Continue reading

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Finland, U still there? *

You know I love to watch what happens to blog stats… Have I been “too critical” of that “Helsinki garage leak” the Finnish authorities explained the highest Cesium-137 levels since Chernobyl away with?   Is it inconvenient that I point out … Continue reading

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WAKE UP! “Peer Deep into Pandora’s Box…” (Must-See VIDEO!)

Take some TRUTH from a Japanese artist, will you…: If the link doesn’t work, find “FRYING DUTCHMAN “humanERROR”” on YouTube (@ https:// [delete this space] ) H/T to PlowboyGrownUp  (comment @ ENEnews @, and acknowledged by fellow Fuku-researcher Dr. … Continue reading

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Fukshima Full-On China Syndrome, Still Fissioning! Just Another Opinion-Ramble, Sprinkled with Data (+ Possible Correction on Recent German Spikes; & Obama in Hiroshima – 2)

DISCLAIMER – Colorado Rocky Mountains (USA) – May 26-28, 2016 I know it’s overkill by now… I’ve long established the obviousness that the official radiation networks are rigged to hide much of the data when it matters most.  But at … Continue reading

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Entire Western North America now “Fallout Blind”

May 26, 2016 Like a countdown to full-on nuclear war-like fallout conditions, the Western United States’ BETA radiation monitors have been steadily dropping away. Just a week ago, in (May 20, 2016) “US Radiation Monitoring Network Becoming “FALLOUT BLIND”“, I reported that … Continue reading

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+24 µSv/hr Spike in Hungary, Data Gaps Amidst Spikes & Peculiar Detections

Just data: The +24 µSv/hr “glitch dot” @ Taborfalva, Hungary, was ‘not validated’, but in my non-expert opinion that doesn’t mean much when they don’t bother to validate anything at this monitoring site: In a 3 month context, with the … Continue reading

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