Czech Republic’s Radiation Monitoring Network goes Offline Too, while Belgium Now Hides Data Closest to their NPPs…..

“… Claimed he was a terrorist
Claimed to avert a catastrophe
Someone should’a told him
That the buck stops here
No one ever said
That he was involved with thieves
And they’re blind, blind … “

Blind – by The Talking Heads

Can’t they just admit it’s game over for the nuclear industry and begin the long journey out of the madness?

After all all monitors in Iceland were taken down one by one in the past year (See: 4 years of data compiled in early 2015 for ‘Raufalhöfn, Iceland for some data from before the data freeze.), and after France’s monitors in the Southern Hemisphere were taken offline in February 2016 (see here), the recent data gap in Serbia and Slovakia (see here) now has company: Czech Republic has also made its measurmenets invisible to the public, for what is now over 48 hours, as well:


To add a little nuance: It’s not that uncommon.  I just find the timing striking.  It’s all just adding to what I’ve been saying for many years: the official radiation monitoring networks are rigged to hide data when it matters most.  Usually they (the algorithms, I suspect, embedded in the data processing software) only take down some monitors, not all, though.  Here’s two monitors less than 20 km from each other, showing the same 3-month peiod:


Praha… beautiful city, but their cops can be a wee bit torturous….


Have a look at the wind higher up:,59.12,608

Screenshot excerpt (April 29, 2016, 15:00 UTC, 250 hPa):


Absurdistan’s meteorological service: “Glitch dots may continue to strike various parts of western Europe.  Data Gaps are to be expected in the Baltics.  Serbia will likely come back online first.”

Not going to hold my breath, but I hope the Finnish (STUK) will test air samples extra-vigorously in Central Finland the coming months.  (Even just a strange pinch of Mn-54, Nb-95, Sb-124 and/or Co-60 in the mix would be a very disturbing confirmation of my hypothesis…)

DOel_Tigange_In other news, Belgium will distribute Potassium Iodine pills to its entire population.  Supposedly due to some new risk assessment having to do with “the terrorist threat.”  It’s more like THEY’re the terrorists and will need someone to blame when there’s a major nuclear accident.  They’re just going for the gamble:

(Nov. 8, 2014):   Nuclear Power Company ELECTRABEL chooses to gamble… Belgium and surroundings

… and because its beginning to sink in that that’s actually insane, I guess these pro-nuclear authorities want to at least give the impression that they give a shit about the population, while in all actuality, they’re just laughing their way to the bank while saddling future generations up with the mounting nuclear waste problem (to which Belgium does not have a solution yet!)

Luxembourg did the same 2 years ago.  Has nothing to do with “the threat of terrorism”:  (The Independent, Oct. 17, 2014) Luxembourg hands out iodine pills over fears of French nuclear mishap.

Everything is as safe as can be, but here’s some pills for WHEN there’s a major nuclear accident.  That should make everyone feel safe again…   ;-)

And it looks like Belgium’s “watchdog” (very neutral, merely headed by the former director of the Doel NPP…) is suddenly no longer capable of transfering data from monitors closest to the nuclear power plants to their internet interface with the public.  “Due to technical difficulties”.   It’s a trend.


Or in other words: they guarantee the safety of the nuclear power plants, but they can’t even figure out anymore how to stream data online?  I don’t buy it.   I think transparancy and providing important radiation in real time to the public is simply being deprioritized.    Or to put it differently:   They’re not going to prevent the next accident.  They’re getting ready to cover up how bad it was after it happened.   And they’ve already created the storyline to “blame it on the terorists…”

“Here’s some pills.  Now shut up.”

Though… speaking of terrorists, check out, “Erdogan Is The Father Of ISIS” – New Documentary Outlines Turkey’s Support Of The Islamic State.

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7 Responses to Czech Republic’s Radiation Monitoring Network goes Offline Too, while Belgium Now Hides Data Closest to their NPPs…..

  1. hadia says:

    Michael, please do not believe that Finland will tell us any correct measured datas. Finland is ruled by the SUPO and they are best friends with nuclear lobby. And cero points go to Finlandia!
    what a great nuclear contest,hh. Belgium will render iodine pills to their citizens. And there it goes: 12 points for Belgium!! Germany will dance on the ice, here the voting comes for Deutsches Land: 10 points, bravo for supporting the NPP mafia, ehm – and a super bravo for Mrs Merkelchen to stop them in disguise.
    Fuku´s spirit has overcome us all! ask your nuclear chiefs to visit Fukushima. Golden sky.

    I am sorry what you had to go through in CZ at that time. Praha is still one of my favourite places to visit.

    • MVB says:

      Oh yes, the Suojelupoliisi… But that’s true everywhere: There’s the government, which in some cases will resemble a democracy, and then there’s the secret service and various “national security interests” that somehow are to be not determined by ‘the people’, but are decided in secret by a small group, the socalled “shadow government”. They’re the ones that pushed nuclear and deceived the public masterfully to have them/us accept it. But that does not take away from the fact that scientists in both Germany and Finland have validated and published some very strange detections over the years, for which they haven’t made up stories to explain it all away. Likewise, the people I know who work inside the nuclear industry, or other industries I consider “rather messed up” are definitely NOT part of some sinister plot. They just work there and many of these good people will still dutifully report when they find something odd. Good scientists can think for themselves and many DO have a conscience. But now that the cat is getting out of the bag and it’s meowing like a mutating Gozilla that is wrecking the Pacific Ocean… Yeah… it’s possible the publication of “odd detections” will get capped.

      Yeah, Praha… Would be nice to return some day, when there isn’t a giant anti-IMF protest -ha, and have a Pilsner with the cops that beat me up instead. ;-)

      • hadia says:

        Yeah, maybe we should bring the policeguys, who once hit you in Praha into the Laterna magica, where they can be disenchanted and learn more about the truth.
        Michael, of course, everyone is “just doing his job”. But especially the good scientists working in the nuclear industry should step out there, BECAUSE they got the more %entage of brain or? They should prove courage and guide others as an example. But how true, its not that easy, of course.
        But as the saying goes in the Christian bible: “The balm ones will be spewed out of my mouth” or something like that. plz kindly correct my translation, since I never ever use translating machines, only vocabulary machines.

        • MVB says:

          @ Hadia – Wenn Ihre Mutter langue ist Deutsch, feel free um die schwierige Teile in Deutsch zu schreiben. Ich habe ein bischen Deutsch gelernt in high school in Belgien, die meisten vergessen , aber Deutsch ist besser als schlechte maschinelle Übersetzungen, denke ich.

  2. hadia says:

    oh, ja, meine Muttersprache ist Deutsch. So here we go: “Kein Klein Kind kann Kirschkern
    knacken” a tongue breaker! just to brighten up your day a little and let you know that I do appreciate your constant and intensive work on that everlasting horror scenario at FUKUSHIMA and even – as pointed out by you- other lately worsened nuclear developments.
    Imo the situation in Japan has been painted as a conflict between TEPCO and Japan herself.
    But TEPCO and the worldwide nuclear lobby just seek to oust the rest of the world (we dumm sheeple) from any position of influence in this nuclear destructive world. Don´t believe the nuclear lobby one word!

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