Planetary Emergency RED ALERT: Wind Patterns Trace Beginning of Major Radiological Disturbances in Europe to FUKUSHIMA: Plausibility of Still-Fissioning “Underground Breeder Reactor Gone Wild”

DISCLAIMER: Noncompliance is virtue.  Think for yourself — April 29, 2016

This post builds upon many previous blog posts, all part of an attempt to figure out where the radioactive spewing source is that has lead to major disturbances, upticks, data gaps, and even pollution with fingerprints of smoking gun evidence of VERY RECENT FISSION, on European radiation monitors:

And many more in my (soon to be updated again) Nuclear Blog Posts Archive.

As of April 29, 2016, ALL mainstream and the larger “alternative” media outlets remain completely silent on the matter.  I hope, as every now and then is the case, that I’m completely wrong.

Suggestive evidence is mounting, unfortunately, that the Fukushima nuclear crisis has just moved into its next phase:  Japan has truly become “the land of the Sinking Sun”…

( !!!->   For some clues, see also:  (May 29, 2015Land of the Sinking Sun…, and (Jan. 26, 2016) “Any Significance to Cobalt-60 in Fukushima Fallout?“, and (Nov. 20, 2015) “Debunking the ‘Impossibility’ of Ongoing Criticalities at Fukushima-Daiichi“)

I was doing my best to approach this latest investigation as objectively as posisble and find the radiation spewing culprit ‘in Europe’, not letting my “confirmation bias get in the way”… ;-/    No such “luck”…

So…, sadly following similar impressions (such as (June 7, 2015):  “Yup… Fukushima is Still Fissioning – A Nullschool Wind Data Analysis of May 2015 EURDEP-Finland/Germany Radioactive Air Samples.”, when Zirconium-97 was detected in Germany; and I guess I was right when I predicted, (Feb. 16, 2016) in “Absurdistan Calls on Nordic Alliance in Response to *Record Radiation Spike in Northern Sweden* (EURDEP/Nullschool)” that:

Spring’s coming.  Wind patterns will be in place for “curious detections” shortly.  Investigating countries will “ask their neighbors”, express some bafflement, and with no clue, will again “let it go”    Repeat ad nauseum for 5 years…

Radiological disturbances and various monitoring weirdness has been going on for over half a year (see my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive), but very recently, it’s moved into off-the-charts “red alert” territory again:

Coming within months of these unexplained peculiarities:

!-> A relatively extreme validated measurement of Tellurium-132 in Northern Germany at concentrations 100 times higher than what was measured in Europe in spring 2011 after the Fukushima-Daiichi multiple meltdown nuclear catastrophe began.

Now, my search today has been to find “a starting point” from which to trace wind back to a most likely source.  I spotted an uncanny time-correlation between a monitor in The Netherlands and a monitor in Western Turkey, both showing a data gap in April 2016:


-> In Turkey, there’s a major shift right when the Cesium-137 spike is detected in Finland, which I’ve raised some questions about in, (April 22, 2016) “Was Helsinki’s Cs-137 “Localized Garage Waste Leak” A Decoy For Hemisphere-Wide Fallout Upticks? Fukushima? EURDEP/Nullschool DATA + (Some Nuclear Occult Links)“.

But what the two very far-from-each-other locations have in common is April 11, when both go into “data gap mode”Since surface winds could never explain this, I went looking at the wind at jet stream altitude to see …


And lo and behold, both monitors were in relative slow-down zones (especially the one in Turkey,  and both came from a relatively narrow jet stream band that arrived from across the Atlantic.  Annotated screenshot excerpt:


To reduce the errors at least a little bit (due to the time it takes for the wind to move half-way around the planet, including changes in the position of the jet stream), I’ve backracked 24 hours from the Atlantic perspective for this Pacific  jets stream map, to April 10th:,49.25,512


There’s a couple options in the USA, but…

-> I marked Sendai NPP on the map, but the 6.5 quake that rattled that “monument to insanity” restarted NPP happened later (April 15 news: Japan Rattled by Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake near Sendai and Genkai Nuclear Plants), so that’s obviously NOT it.

Near the Great Lakes (Chicago area), you see where I marked the shift in the jet stream, and then continued to track the April 11 line as well as the April 10th wind line.  The southern (April 11 line) could have come from Southern California.  But, going with the not-perfect-but more correct adjustment…     I know I could keep going to the Koreas, China and so on, but…

Alright, if it’s from Fukushima, then it would be the more northern jet stream part of the branching… Let’s see if Juneau, in Southern Alaska on the coast gives any more clues…

Via US EPA Radnet’s


You got to be freak’n kidding me… SO, clearly this isn’t somewhere in the US… THUS the chances are real that I haven’t been off my rocker delusional this whole time… and the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear site REALLY has turned into the absolute worst nuclear nightmare possible:

 … a breeder reactor gone wild, underground …

Last mention of Tellurium-132 in the news, since Fukushima (and before that the last such significant detection was after Chernobyl), was… :

November 5, 2015

Screenshot excerpts:



Excuse me, I need to go for a walk…

The cover-up must end.


– April 30, 2016 – Added after posting: (and mentioned before, here):   The possibility, or even plausibility, of the molten corium(s) under Fukushima-Daiichi having turned into some kind of ‘breeder reactor’ (which produces its own fuel and can theoretically maintain fission reactions forever) has been brought up before, not in those words, but still mentioning, “something going on outside the tanks, some radioactive fission is occurring, like an open air reactor, if you like, under the ground.” (quoted repeated further below), found in an Op-ed @ RT, Sept. 2, 2013, by Chris Busby:

From which this excerpt, my emphasis added:

[…] CB: “Today there was another leak found at 1.7 Sieverts per hour in more or less the same place. This huge radiation increase, in my mind means something going on outside the tanks, some radioactive fission is occurring, like an open air reactor, if you like, under the ground.

RT: What impact will this have on the clean-up operation and those who are involved in that operation?

CB: First of all it is clearly out of control and secondly no one can go anywhere near it. […]


May Sanity Prevail On Earth.

earth— — — — — — —   — — — — — — —

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20 Responses to Planetary Emergency RED ALERT: Wind Patterns Trace Beginning of Major Radiological Disturbances in Europe to FUKUSHIMA: Plausibility of Still-Fissioning “Underground Breeder Reactor Gone Wild”

  1. Jack Schick says:

    Nice work! It is good to know this is all real.
    We are foretold of this time since old testament days.
    Jeremiah 9, verse 15: “Wormwood” equals Chernobyl in translation.
    check it out.
    All your Good Work and presentation is noted for the Next Life,
    because it seems that none care but us knowledgeable ones, in the choir,
    about this impending Doom!
    Did you know Edgar Cayce predicted the destruction of Japan?
    We must be Sure of our Spiritual selves, knowing that this delusional world
    is our stage to act upon, carrying out our Roles! Tra-La!
    Let us Call upon our Heavenly Father in the Name of Jesus Christ!
    This is about the Wheat and the Chaff, or “tares”.
    Learn the parable of the Fig Tree. Amen.
    Your GIS data, and presentation, are good. Real Science,
    not Gubmint horseshit, showing causality of what will soon be expressed
    in radiation exposure cases, worldwide.
    This sinister control of Germany’s Free Speech has caused: Anti-Nuclear
    activism to be accused of Nazi sympathies, or commie sympathies.
    Definitely nobody dares call it a plague of Satanic false-“Jews” controlling
    the evil nuclear and financial mafia, just as stated in your Holy Bible.
    Nobody dares being arrested by the homosexually-correct Beast which
    denies the Christian European Culture.

    [Admin edit: “your” in front of “Holy Bible” was crossed-out. I didn’t write that. ;-) ]

  2. a well known Fukushima data collector says:

    Recently I took my GM on a 180 mile road trip on I-5 between Seattle and Portland, and saw some disturbing results. The meter was affixed to the steering wheel and in plain view, and I used a dash cam with integrated GPS to capture video and audio of the locations the measurements were being observed at. These are the general findings:

    First, the vehicle obviously is a radiation barrier or attenuation factor of ‘x’ and unknown. Secondarily, for the record, lowest ambient in the vehicle I drive is a ‘6 CPM’ level in this region.

    Anyway, the levels along Rt3 in WA all the way to Rt 101 and then onto I-5 and ultimately I-405, all were observed and voice annotated.

    Generally, areas of tree overgrowth or close proximity to trees (pines) along the road, showed higher levels upwards of 35 CPM as my vehicle went by them. Also, standing water in small rain filled ponds which I drove past also apparently had a pretty good uptick in ambient level, going up past 31 CPM. The Colombia River as I crossed it showed no above background uptick, though the large bridge further south and west, near downtown, showed a significant increase in radiation even though the water was way way below the bridge, meaning the structure itself was the likely cause more than the river flowing beneath it. In downtown portland, inside the vehicle, ambients were as high as 23 CPM average, a good increase over the 12-13 CPM levels I saw nominally.

    Amazingly, a very large uptick occurs when a large 53 foot trailer and tractor with a DAIRY COMPANY logo on it, passed me slowly in the outer lane. I was not able to rejoin it to confirm the reading but the levels exceeded 29 CPM when this vehicle slowly passed me. Either the rig itself was ‘hot’ or the cargo was, take your pick. There was no nearby roadside vegetation or standing pools of water on that portion of the trip. The truck passed just south of Centralia, WA.

    All in all, trips to the grocery store, a WINCO, and measurements of meat, and dairy products and produce bought there showed at the very least an 8-9 CPM uptick over room ambient without these items adjacent to the meter. The meter settled down to nominal 12 CPM ambient level within seconds after these items bought were removed. In prior trips I had seen levels as high as 49 CPM on produce.

    Needless to say, this was one hell of a ride. The only way it could have been done better is to have had more time to explore each ‘uptick’ location directly with the meter, not just drive by.

    As for the food, my conclusion is that it’s ‘impossible’ to buy food in any grocery store that does not have some elevated levels of radiation within the food itself. I won’t mention brands here because I don’t think that conclusively leads to one being better than the other, it’s all relative at this point, and probably rather variable.

    I had posted before but had no confirmation from the webmaster of this blog whether or not he published my findings, but that post was authentic and real.

    We have a problem that is not going to go away. We have a contaminated environment and our food production is also tainted. It’s a given that this is not good.

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  4. MVB says:

    Bizarre claim I stumbled up:
    on YouTube: /watch?v=iNcAsQh75rs

    On April 27, 2016 someone going by the YouTube name “MLordandGod” posted:

    ALERT: “Japan Quakes’ Irregular Signature of Underground Nuclear Blast, April 15 – 17″… Fulford

    Sourced from:

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  7. MVB says:

    Some breeder reactor aspects were also brought up in the post (Feb. 7, 2016) @

    including mention of Th-231 and Th-232.

    Thorium-232, which could be entirely natural, but perhaps it’s worth mentioning that it was detected in farthest-northern (and still snow-covered, I would think) Sodankyla, Finland on April 27, 2016… 67.4 N, 26.6 E

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  11. Dud says:

    From your link in the first comment, i scrolled down a ways …

    Quote of Sickputer: “I died on the cardiologist operating table last year, but was too damn mad about Fukushima so I came back.”

    :O Maybe a new survival mantra could be “I’m mad as hell, & i won’t take it any more!”
    Glad you’re back, SP!!!

  12. Jack Schick says:

    Interesting, MVB, that folks at enenews are questioning about the fuku cams,
    maybe a possible large-event blow-out,
    an event like a fuel-pool finally vaporizing or somethin’…possibly in correlation
    with your exceptional detections of the rarer nuclide indicators.
    Another question I’ve had is whether that Finnish guy working to expose
    the deep-waste fiasco has struck a homer. Also the Russki submarine fleet
    dumping grounds, but those wouldn’t make Tellurium, now would they?
    Would we have been better off without old Teller?
    Thanks again for your dedicated work, you flying Dutchman!

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