Carhiciveen, Remote Western Irish Coast: 6 Yrs of EURDEP Gamma Radiation Data

“Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.” – April 27, 2016

Artists statement:   Crazy.  No word in any media outlet…  So, I guess that rubs in in quite well: It doesn’t matter how much time I spent researching and documenting the radiological landscape found on public monitors: western media or whatever’s left of a free and independent investigative mainstream press anywhere apparently don’t actually even care when an independent blogger reports about smoking evidence of a major nuclear accident, such as happened in Germany yesterday (See April 26, 2016: TELLURIUM-132 Detected in Northern Germany!).

How many “coincidences” does it take?  For instance… I was wondering, besides what’s already documented in the dozens of blog posts of the past months, if there’s more evidence of a radioactive cloud blowing over Europe right now.   Well…

There’s a couple “glitch dots” (unusally unvalidated data with ridiculously high values.  They often come as part of a sprinkling of data gaps amidst somehow validated normal values.  I interpret them as a hot particle having struck the monitor directly with the bulk of the radioactive cloud blowing at much higher altitude:

Skopje, Macedonia:


Alright, cruising through some hand-picked European monitors, showing the latest month of gamma data.  In no particular order, just from all over (north, south, east west, central…).  Watch the y-axis to see how high some of these spikes / glitch dots go; and keep in mind this is just “data art”…   “Harmful rumors” if you will…


That data gap on the far-western coast of Ireland I found interesting.  Did the radioactive cloud come from across the Atlantic perhaps?   The psychopathic liar Obama and his partner in war crimes, Hillary, are surely not going to tell anyone if a nuclear power plant melted down in the US, would they?


Nevermind that distraction…

So… I started going back in time and this “data painting” was the result.   Art critics might some day refer to this as part of my “ongoing radiological emergency period” (which overlaps with a period in which I more often created more colorful paintings with acrylic on canvas), marked by digital collages of seemingly scientific data that, as per European Commission EURDEP Disclaimer, may actually not be used for scientific purposes.  So I just scribble annotations onto them and explore the emotional colors that arise as a result of what looks like evidence of widespread rigging to hide data…

DISCLAIMER:  Check with so-called authorities and ‘experts’for a more comforting dose of denial, and feel free consider everything I post ‘for entertainment purposes only’…

I originally picked this monitor just because I’m trying to find out if the radioactive cloud that is obviously blowing over Europe now might have come from across the Atlantic.  Since ‘THEY’ shut down all 4 Icelandic monitors, as well as Greenland’s most southern monitor, it is much harder to figure out where upticks in Europe might have their source.

Location on map:


The record goes back further in time, but I got tired of it (it happens…), so here showing the entire data-gapped record since Sept. 26, 2009:


Maybe someday this will be part of “solving the puzzle” of what the hell has been going on…

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