TELLURIUM-132 Detected in Northern Germany!

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Note:  This discovery is part of an investigation into major radiological disturbances that seemed to have become more pronounced in 2015 and have moved into new territory in 2016.   Click ‘Home‘ and scroll down for latest.  Or see my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive for a chronological listing of nuclear-topic-only posts in chronological order.  Further investigation showed this major uptick in a recent fission product fits into a very widespread pattern of radiological disturbances as far away as Alaska, suggesting it came from across the Pacific Ocean…

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This detection deserves an all hand on deck.  It just happened within less than 24 hours (on April 26, 2016) ago.   WHERE is this coming from!?!??

The sampling location, Seehausen, Deutschland (see map, below) is over 100 km from the nearest nuclear plant.  The wind was blowing in from the south, curving towards the monitor from the southwest, so the distance to the nearest Nuclear Powe Plant (NPP) upwind would be at the very least 200 km.  Wind maps below.  Please leave a comment if there’s something in the news about this.

The data was posted on the European Comission’s public Data Exchange Platform, EURDEP, accessible via Online Radiation Monitors –> EURDEP –> DISCLAIMER @   and was ‘VALIDATED’:  a whopping 1.25E-02 Bq/m^3 Te-132 (!!!)


That may not be much as far as the dose you’would receive walking around in a cloud of that, but its significance is not its immediate danger.

!!!-> Its significance is twofold: 1) It’s likely mixed with a variety of other radioisotopes not tested for at that location, and 2) Tellurium-132’s  is a major short-lived FISSION PRODUCT, with a half-life of only 3.2 days, making it a tell-tale sign of a leaking ACTIVE reactor.

!-> Magnitude of detection over 100x larger than after Fukushima !

I doubt this came from outside the European region.  Here’s why:  It isn’t tested for much to begin with, but where they test for it, a validated actual measurement of Te-132 in outside air is extremely rare.   Last time Tellurium-132 was detected (that I know of, may need to comb through 5 years of data to get more certainty on that one) was in the 2 months after the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear accident in March and April 2011.  The first (published / public) detection, for Europe back then, was registered in Rejkiavik, Iceland, and then others measurements with validated detections followed at various monitoring locations in Poland.

Here’s the thing: the detection at Seehausen just the other moment was 100 to 1000 times LARGER than the concentrations of Te-132 measured in Europe in 2011.    It’s got to be somewhere relatively nearby.

Iceland_te132After F1

Above Icelandic data from after the Fukushima triple meltdowns in spring 2011. And here, below, is the Te-132 detection @ Seehausen in Germany at the end of April 2016.  Note that I put the y-axis @ 100 times of that seen in the above graph:


The sampling period was just 2 hours.

Wind maps show that, if the major nuclear accident just happened in the past 1 or 2 days, then the most likely countries the major release came from includes Germany, The Netherlands or Sweden.   Less likely, but not impossible would include France, Belgium, the UK, as well maybe even some nuclear Baltic states such as Finland.  I know that quite the array of reactors, but I hope this blog post is at least helpful to get an investigation going ASAP.

Added: See various blog posts after this one.  Even Fukushima-Daiichi is a possibility, the implications of which would be extremely dire.  Click ‘Home‘ in the top banner and view other posts after this sticky, or search the Nuclear Blog Posts Archive.

When looking at the bigger picture, as found partially documented on this blog (click home and check out the blogpost pre- May 2016), then the possibilities widen to “just about anywhere”.  The further away, of course, the more massive this meltdown accident likely is.

WIND MAPS for April 26, 2016 @ 00:00 UTC, different altitudes:

Wind maps, starting at 1000 hPa, just above the surface:,52.94,1024/loc=11.862,52.584

2016:04:26:0000Z:wind:isobaric:1000hPa:orthographic=-7.60,52.94,1024:loc=11.862,52.584 .gif

At 850 hPa, you can see the low pressure over Denmark, circling the wind around, adding a possibility that the radioactive cloud blew in from the west, leaving a possilities from several nuclear power plants in Northern Germany, The Netherlands, as well as Southern Sweden and beyond:,52.94,1024/loc=11.862,52.584  Screenshot:


At 500 hPa, however, the bottom end of the jet stream…,52.94,1024/loc=11.862,52.584… 

Although the most likely culprits are most likely in North-Western Europe, a slight possibility opens up it came from outside Europe (although the concentration seems to high for that, in my opinion):


And at last, the jet stream itself, @ 250 hPa,52.94,1024/loc=11.862,52.584


North Pole view:  if it came from very far away, it cannot be ruled out it came from a serious nuclear accident in the United States, Japan, Korea, China, Russia, or even further upwind closer to Europe (in a go-around-way):,95.18,274/loc=11.862,52.584


If there’s any free press left in Merkel’s Germany, I guess I’ll read about the nuclear accident in the newspapers some time this week…

Drop me a comment if you know more.  Thanks.

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86 Responses to TELLURIUM-132 Detected in Northern Germany!

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  4. Paul says:

    Hey there!
    I had some bad feeling after reading that Belgium prepares for a possible meltdown and stores some iodine for their people arond their plants. They are old but theres also some concerns about ISIS….. Ive checked your blog as I know it from before and found this…..
    Im living in Cologne, damn…

  5. ISeePinkClouds says:

    Yes. MVB. Hello. I have noticed on that a station in Kaeltis in Lingenfeld, Germany using Indoor GK-Plus Counter with SBM-19 Tube, has had elevated readings. It is reading 96cpm now, and the chart shows spikes to 170cpm. The SB-19 is a gamma beta tube, and slightly larger than the SB-20 tube, which is the most popular tube on radmon. The SBM-19
    will read the same as the SBM-20, with only statistical differences. I noticed other stations in Germany reading 30-40 cps, which is an elevated count.

    Kaeltis in Lingenfeld, Germany using Indoor GK-Plus Counter with SBM-19 Tube – station
    96 CPM 0.110uSv/hr Conversion factor 0.001143
    Warning level 150 CPM Alert level 200 CPM

    One short video by Arto Lauri made in April has Arto taking Gamma readings at his home,nearby the Olkiluoto NPP, where he mentions that the count had doubled since his last reading. (2:30)


    • MVB says:

      ISeePinkClouds – Will check it out. One thing with Arto is that… well, I guess he’s with the nearby Olkiuoto NPP the way I’ve been with Fukushima for awhile: I’ll admit my “confirmation bias” on my end. Measurements went up all over the place, also in the Alps, Balkans, Turkey, etc…. I just found upticks in Northern Greenland. If I can rule out spring melts, there’a a chance it blow in from the north, possible the NPP in Siberia, or beyond. Been busy working, but hope to free up more time tonight and this weekend. Tx for the input! Much appreciated.

    • MVB says:

      Saw that ( “Wed Apr 27, 2016 | 9:02 AM EDT “German nuclear plant infected with computer viruses”). Not per se related at all, but could provide “a cover” if something were to go wrong there, I suppose. (As in “not our fault,…”); Will scrutinize some ata from around there soon and post it if I find anything unusual.

  6. hadia says:

    Michael, I just learned about the latest info regarding Tellurium 132 Germany? But where? You know, the nuclear lobby would not accept any free press or true speech if it came to NPPs in any country! April 26th there blew a terrible storm over parts of middle and southern Germany. And you know, German public rather watches “Bauer sucht Frau” and would not care that much about a NPP exploding as an example. Question: could it also be that something “nuclear” happened in Scandinavian countries?

    • MVB says:

      Sweden, Norway or Finland, or nearby Western Russia are definitely possibilities, although wind patterns make it a touch sell to affect monitors in the Mediterranean that way, I think. Looks like whatever happened happened about 2 weeks ago. I’m leaning towards further away, possibly even Eastern Russia or China, but at this point I simply don’t have much of a clue yet, except that something serious is being covered up and it’s worthwhile to get to the bottom of this one. It’s absolutely unacceptable that the nuclear lobby keeps portraying their insane technology as green and safe when most radioactive pollution events, perhaps even quite a number or partial meltdown, never even see the light of day. At this point I haven’t been able to narrow it down yet (due to so many data gaps, reduced radioisotope testing, lack of monitors, especially lack of radioisotope-specific monitors over vast land and ocean regions, as well as erratic wind & weather patterns over a 2+ week span in April…)

      We might need to comb to the more likely culprits NPP by NPP and run scenarios for where its fallout might have blown and see if it can be narrowed down. I’m not there yet (whatsoever).

      • hadia says:

        Since Mrs. Merkel, the German chancellor has called the spirits of nuclear cheap energy long ago and since actually the nuclear industry has to pay high amounts of fines for their non-support of the Merkel Government (exit of nuclear issues), one could consider an “insidersabottage” as kind of payback modus by the nuclear lobbyists? BUT:”A rogue is, who would think the wrong way”!

  7. flyingcuttlefish says:

    German Nuclear Plant Infected with Computer Viruses, Operator Says

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  9. I’ve been scouring the intertubes for any hint of any kind of release or NPP problem anywhere and I come up with absolutely nothing so far. I’m suspicious of the ‘everything is fine’ claims for Sendai, but there’s no way Japan could hide a release of this magnitude. You usually only get Te-132 by venting directly from primary containment or an accidental criticality in fairly fresh fuel bundles (in conjunction with burning/explosion – to be confirmed). Hard to dig up anything on Te-132 except for Chernobyl and Fuku. It’s the most prominent radionuclide by percentage early in a meltdown (first days) after the noble gasses. In fact, that’s the only two places it has ever been measured in the environment in quantity.

    Te-132 and its mother radionuclides are all fission products – there is no other source of Te-132 that I know of (exception mentioned below).

    Have you reached out to Chris Busby about this, Michael? He might have some additional insight about sources.

    As an aside, Te-132 sources *were* used in nuclear medicine years ago to generate I-132 on site for medical centers that use it regularly. The Te-132 comes from bombarding some other element/isotope in a particle accelerator (common) or was extracted directly from fission products (lab – experimental – rare). It’s embedded in a fine mesh that lines a metal container called a generator or cow. As the Te-132 decays, it turns to I-132, which was milked from the generator a few times a day by ammonia for use – as thyroid uptake tracer I think.

    A Te-132 cow was only good for a week or so after preparation, but it was more practical than creating I-132 in small quantities and rushing it across town a few times a day. The Te-132 is part of a chemical compound on the mesh and wouldn’t float around as a particle – only the liberated I-132 was washed out of the generator with ammonia.

    I-132 use in nuclear medicine has fallen because of its characteristics and issues with the generators. There are other iodine isotopes that are easier to handle. It’s unlikely that the tiny quantities of Te-132 ever used in nuclear medicine could ever produce those readings km away, and it’s not even used much at all anywhere AFIK.

  10. Norbert says:

    Hello Michael
    Thanks for the good work.Here in germany no news about any nuclear accident(of course).
    Interessting:Belgium wants to hand out iodine tablets,they say next year,Aachen(city in germany
    60 km away from Belgium) follows that plan.

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  13. Jet stream can travel over 400km/h.

    From Japan to Germany there is little over 9k kilometers.

    So in theory, the air can travel in 23 hours from Japan to Germany.

    Of course, the jet stream has many loops but it is possible that this Tellurium is from Fukushima.

    Since the 3 melted reactors still are leaking in the air..

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    • MVB says:

      Yow, I used Google translator to decode your Polish notes… Just FYI: Belgian NPPs are barely any more dangerous than the other 400+ NPPs around the globe. The Te-132 is a tell-tale sign of a LEAKING ACTIVE NPP. Stop posting stuff that is not helping figure out WHERE exactly this is coming from. Yes, DOel or Tihange could blow up at any time and the authorities will act EXACTLY like the Japanese did after 3/11, but nothing points at this Te132 having come from Belgium. Not yet. Not this time.

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    • MVB says:

      Eventually there will be a massive nuclear accident in Europe. It’s pretty cynical that’s the route they’re taking, but given psychopaths are in charge, the fact that they at least want to do some “preventative damage control” is better than waiting until complete chaos ensues. The coming accident could occur anywhere (UK, France, The Netherlands, Germany hasn’t yet turned all its nukes off either, Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, etc…..) Or Belgium, of course. Luxembourg did the same not so long ago (handing out KI pills that is).

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  20. some guy says:

    I don’t think that it’s a stretch to say that it’s from Japan, but then there’s stuff happening in New York, Florida(? I think), and others I don’t remember right now. Then there is always the possibility
    of some other ‘unknown’ (at this time) source. (aliens, time travelers, zombie-bankers, etc.)
    -Sorry for the sarcastic humor, there…I realize this is serious stuff.

    • MVB says:

      Hey, yeah, there’s LOTS of possibilities for an NPP getting in serous trouble, but the radiation rada combined with wind patterns exclude the grand majority. The interestingly timed data gaps and obvious disturbances @ Juneau and Fairbank, AK do give the impression its coming from “across the Pacific”. These been nothing odd to be seen at the Hong Kong Observatory, nor at the NPP in Siberia, leaving pretty much locations in Japan, Korea and China as the primary suspects. But it just so happens that the jet stream, the times I’ve traced it back from a spike or start of a data gap, passed perfectly over Fukushima. That’s why that’s my #1 suspect. But the implications of massive amounts of Te-132 escaping from the molten coriums in the ground there… is extremely dire, as touched upon in posts after this one.

      • a well known Fukushima data collector says:

        nobody cannot count out the ongoing fissioning in the coriums, they’re ‘underground’ chain reactions nobody can control.
        the problem with this is that unlike the ‘elephants foot’ at Chernobyl, these coriums if not encapsulated and contained, pose a grave threat to every living thing except perhaps organisms like melanized mold and other things that use radiation as a ‘pump’ pushing nutrients thru them.

        thanks for the info. it’s good to know someone in Europe cares.

        As for Merkel, her real name is not Merkel. She’s a polack jewess, my friend, and changed her name to avoid that being known. You knew that, right?

        • MVB says:

          I don’t “know that”, and unsubstantiated ad hominem stuff that is entirely besides the point of the blog post will be deleted in the future [just FYI} – See also my DISCLAIMER.

          PS: I grew up in Europe (near Leuven, Belgium), but am acually based out of the Colorado Rockies in the United States. I think most people care, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to sort through piles of data to get an idea of what’s really happening.

          Tx for caring too. Greetings to the rest of Switzerland. ;-)

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  24. Still nothing in the news about a release. There was an issue at a nuke plant in India last month, but they are being very guarded with any information. Workers were contaminated. They said it wasn’t a serious release, but the plant was reportedly shut down since then.

    Anecdotal evidence of something at Fukushima: the winds were inland near the plant the last couple of days and radiation readings shown on netc were elevated. Radiation readings over NYC and New Jersey were really high yesterday as a line of convergence moved in from offshore. If this was jetstream deposition, then Northern Europe should be next today or tomorrow. Just a heads-up in case this is a second ‘wave’ of something from Fuku.

    The ice wall could be blocking the aquifer from cooling the cores (if they’re that deep). If a re-criticality was going to happen at all, it will happen when they try the ice donut scheme.

    • MVB says:

      Thanks, Paveway Mk IV — Meanwhile I’ve combed gone through EURDEP’s entire Tellurium-132 data record and can found that after Fukushima it was only detected (or checked for) in Iceland and Poland, and all measurements were 100x lower then than last week’s detection in Germany, making this the highest detection in Europe since Chernobyl.

      • And just a note of support, you are right to observe the insanity of you and your blog being the only one seemingly worried about this.

        This should be setting alarm bells off everywhere – it’s no less serious (and arguably even MORE serious) that detecting any substantial presence of I-131. It doesn’t matter if it’s actually Fukushima or not – it’s damn well coming from fissioning uranium somewhere venting refractory radionuclides into the atmosphere. This shouldn’t be happening ANYWHERE – it’s a serious risk to life and health.

        Worse yet,Te-132 is usually detected venting at the beginning of a serious release – it means much more and much worse have been/are/will be venting into the air we breathe. Considering the censorship of radiation monitoring data, you have to wonder what is leaking and how big – and if we’ll ever find out the truth. That deception is both horrifying and infuriating – a true sign of psychopathy by the powers that run this show.

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  38. MVB says:

    A good addition to this post is: Another Look @ the 2016 Ru-103 & Te-132 Detections: Some Interesting Findings. + An Afterthought…

    !-> @

    That one, together with various other documentations inbetween shows evidence of wider geographical patterns in which the Te-132 detection occured. I was NOT an isolated event. It coincded with data gaps, as well as upticks in Ce-137 and possibly even I-131.

    My #1 suspect remain Fukushima-Daiichi in Japan. Anyone who has a better suspect, please provide your documentation. Mainstream media has COMPLETELY ignored the extremely unusual dtection of this year.

    ANd they even include Cobalt-60 now too:

    !-> @

    To understand the significance, see also:
    -> as that adds weight to the suspicion that the fallout clouds are coming from Fukushima.

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