Past 9 months Radiation Data @ JRC Station 5 in Northern Italy + some Lublin, Poland Data

I think the record speaks for itself:  Supposedly isolated local detections, data gaps, odd spikes, etc., are only bits and pieces of a radiological puzzle that’s been leaving its mark all over Europe.   Bottom line remains: there’s been a very serious nuclear accident in the past half year and I want to know WHERE EXACTLY this occurred.

WHERE, WHEN, and HOW BAD is it?  And precisely WHO decided that people directly downwind don’t even need to be informed?  Arrest them.


Everything can be verified (although it must be noted that the data is often “not validated” (yet) by the authorities that supplied them) via the options @ Online Radiation Monitors (also a subtab in the above ‘Nuclear’ tab in to top banner / menu).

Reference for the annotations added to the above graphs:

!-> Much more graphed data can be found by clicking ‘Home’ and scrolling back in time.  Every now and then I update my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive.

Added:  3.5 months of gamma data graphed for LUBLIN, Poland:  Isn’t that curious: a completely different part of Europe, yet again, striking correlations with sampling periods during which specific manmade radioisotopes were detected elsewhere in Europe…:


Whether these events are connected is hard to say. but if they are, then whatever is leaking is still active…

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