4µSv/hr in Latvia

Salaspils, Latvia – Location on map, in Northern Europe’s Baltic region:


DISCLAIMER – April 25, 2016

  • Last 12 days in 2 lines, each with 3 x 48 hours pasted together, for Salaspils, Latvia:


With the above-shown 12 days included, here’s the past month graphed:

Salaspils_1month_preApril26_2016.gifto show the spiking seen this first quarter of 2016 in a past year context (vertical scale left the same for all graphs)- Also note the data gaps:



(FYI  -> The mega-spikes seen above in the week Feb. 14-21, 2016 correspond with the timing of monitors being turned off in the Southern Hemisphere (Feb 11 & Feb 21).

It gets “interesting” when comparing this above 1 year at Salaspils to other monitors nearby, such as this one, shown below , a monitor just a stone’s throw away:

@ Rupniecibas Street in Riga, same 1 year, same region, same official Lavian monitoring network:


Confused yet?  LOL

oneofoursSee, I’m showing this to point out that there’s quite the variety in what these monitors detect.  Different radioisotopes emit different very specific decay energies.  Top notch detectors, such as only government agencies and establishment labs have access to, can be dialed in to detect specific gamma ranges, for instance.

The Cesium-137 upticks in Finland in the first week of March only correspond with minor upticks at Riga, Latvia, and didn’t correlate with anything unusual at the Salaspils monitor.  And as you can see above, the spikes seen in the past week as well as in mid- to late February in Salaspils are strangely absent in Riga.  And the massive disturbace in January @ Riga didn’t show as such on the Salaspils monitor…  That January disturbance DOES correspond with the timing of the Ruthenium-103 detection in Southern Norway, however, which also corresponded with a (smaller than the one that got all the media attention, see previous posts for details) Cesium-137 uptick in Finland.

Just passing this along.  At some point someone, or a team of students perhaps, scrutinizing the redacted public data we do have available, will figure it out: Which reactor, where!?, had a major meltdown in the past half year?   Or it will be confirmed that Fukushima is still fissioning.  That remains a possibility.  Or that nuclear bomb tests are being conducted in secret somewhere, and the CTBTO, like the IAEA and bunch of nuclear mafioso all working in cahoots, covering for each other, is remaining silent even then.  Can’t even rule that out anymore either.  After all, Saudi Arabia said they were going do a test soon.  And Eurdep no longer has public monitors in the Southern Hemisphere now that France turned the data flow off for the last two in February…

Feel free to connect some dots and let me know where you end up…   ;-)

All I say is this:  I suspect most radioactive pollution events are being covered up.  I’m under the impression that some very significant radioactive clouds have drifted around the planet in the past few years.  If it’s not related to Fukushima, then one or more other very significant meltdown accidents occured since 2011.

It is imperative that the truth about how the nuclear industry truly operates is uncovered.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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