France Turned Off Both Its Public Radiation Monitors in the Southern Hemisphere (EURDEP, Feb. 2016)…

Colorado Rocky Mountains (USA) — April 23, 2016 – DISCLAIMER

APril21_2016_MVBOf its four very-far-from-mainland-France public radiation monitors, two are in the Southern Hemisphere (you have to zoom out on EURDEP to see ’em), one in the Southern Pacific, the other in the Indian Ocean.  It’s those two, marked on the right side of the below map, that both stopped reporting in the second half of February 2016:


Gamma radiation Data graphs of their last/latest data further down…

Via Online Radiation Monitors –> EURDEP (Advanced Public Map -> Disclaimer -> mostly unvalidated data and settings to toy around with).

For those two in the Southern Hemisphere, here’s 3 months of data pasted together, prior to Feb. 29, 23:55 UTC:

  • Noumea-Nouvelle-Caledonie, French-claimed island in in Southern Pacific:


And then 2 weeks later…:

  • St.-Clothilde-La-Reunion, French-claimed island Southern Indian Ocean:

St_Clotilde_La_Reunion_974_AGG_CP_LaFrance–> as you can see both data freezes came shortly after minor and more significant radiological disturbaces were being detected in an otherwise extremely tranquil radiation data record.

As documented again in the previous post:  The Ruthenium-103 spike detected in Southern Norway occured in January 11-17, 2016.  The Cesium-137 spike and upticks detected in Finland occurred March 4-8, 2016.  These two French monitors on the other side of the planet were turned off roughly in between those two events.

That’s all.  Noticed it, thought I pass it along. 

—- —- —- —- —- —- —- —- —- —–


Impossible for me to tell if there’s a connection between these two very uniquely positioned monitors being turned off, the fact that this apparent fact was preceded by a couple weeks of minor but increasingly unusual disturbances, and I don’t have a clue whether or not all that may be tied to the very strange radiation detections, upticks and widespread data gaps in many locations of the Northern Hemisphere the past half year.

That the radiological weirdness isn’t over yet, is obvious if you study the radiation monitors, but you’ll only notice it if you do it monitor by monitor and get an idea of the longer-term evolution.

—- —- —- —- —- —- —- —- —- —–

The rest of this blog posts is just some more “random” radiation data.  Filler. “Move along, nothing to see here” stuff…

Starting out with the past half year data from the other remote French monitors:

  • Saint Pierre et Miquelon, France, off the Eastern Canada / Atlantic Coast:

St_Pierre_Et_Miquelon_France_Canada_3mo_B St_Pierre_Et_Miquelon_France_Canada_3mo_April24_2016

  • Cayenne, French Guyana, South America:

Cayenne_french_Guyana_SouthAmerica_BCayenne_french_Guyana_SouthAmerica_April24_2016_Ano comment about the last week…

By the way…

  • Some more high strangeness this past week on some monitors in Turkey:  Konya Huyuk, Turkey

KonyaHuyuk_Turkije_3monthsBefore3months_EURDEPgamma_April23_206 KonyaHuyuk_Turkije_3months_EURDEPgamma_April23_206

  • Also found elsewhere, like here at Ratten, Austria:

3more before_dreimonatenRats_Ostenreich_April23_2016EURDEPgamma


  • And thís radiation record from Acireale, Southern Italy, would that still be considered “environmental monitoring,” or does it perhaps constitute a new abstract art form, centered around omissions?


A swing by US EPA Radnet…

Here’s two months of data from Juneau, AlaskaJuneau_March1ThroughApril_23_2016_radnet

Ugh… such an annoying interface…  Back to EUrdep…

Oh Latvia‘s lovely-calibrated monitors…  What the hell is going on, man…?  Seriously…  Spikes going up to 4 µSv/hr in February, and up to 0.7 µSv/hr this past week?  And this with all the data gaps?  How bad is it really?   Any connection with so many people dropping dead, or with the so many folks struggling with strangely long-lasting flu-like respiratory issues???

Do I need to remind anyone that right after the Chernobyl accident, 30 years ago, when Finnish researchers took measurements flying straight through the radioactive cloud, the dose rate in the thick of that was just 0.8 µSv/hr?  (!!!–> See (Jan. 15, 2015), “Gaging Recent Radiation Spikes: How do the Recent Gamma Upticks Compare to those Observed after Chernobyl?“)…

Salaspils_Latvia_3months_April24_2016–> Anyhow, you see those weird little shifts?   Some monitors have these bizarre “baseline jumps”.  (yeah, add it to the list of negative dose rates, data gaps, capped maximum values, forced-down-to-zero moments, and so forth…).

I’ll zoom in on two…

First, here’s a “zoom-in” on some weirndness right around the time of the Helsinki Cs-137 spike (see previous post of why I’m skeptical that that was merely a leak in their garage….  Latvia was upwind, not downwinds from Helsinki, so… Yeah, just use your freak’n brain, please…)    Here’s that one:

ChartImg-17.axd–> It’s as if some time on March 4th, 2016, the sensors detected something, perhaps a decay energy level corresponding with a specific anthropogenic radionuclide (?), and switched to a higher baseline in an (I think automated, ’cause after all the IAEA was involved in writing the data-processing software…)  … in an effort to camouflage otherwise even more unusual data.

Another example from the same monitor, just last week: the reverse:

ChartImg-18.axd–> Was there was ‘something’ in the disturbances on April 14 that triggered a switch to a lower baseline?   The record after that is flat-lined at first, except for them “glitch dots” that go sky-high.  What’s up with that?

Anyhow.  SO much for radiation monitoring…    …. Rigged to its rotten core.  We’re being dosed with radioactive pollution, and all too many clowns in politics continue to push for more nuclear power generators…

444 large fission reactors have yet to be turned off.   At least 60 are ‘under construction’…  Thousands of nuclear bombs have yet to be taken off hair-trigger alert, meaning they can be launched on just a few minutes’ notice.

Thank goodness it’s só pretty here… 

I don’t think I could give this so much of my time otherwise…

DSCN1363Make it an awesome weekend LIFE, everyone!   

Peace –

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